E.P. - Nowhere Man

The Beatles
Nowhere Man - Front Cover Nowhere Man - Rear Cover
Nowhere Man - Front Cover Nowhere Man - Rear Cover

Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. GEP 8952
Matrix No.'s
 A-side B-Side
First Issue :7TCE 904-1 7TCE 905-1
     (Plus Tax code of KT on both sides)
Release Date 8th July 1966
U.K. E.P. Chart Detail : 
Entry Date :16th July 1966
Highest Position :4
Weeks in Chart :18 Weeks
The Tracks :
Side 1    Side 2
Nowhere Man     Michelle
Drive My Car     You Won't See Me
Detail : The Beatles twelfth official E.P.
This E.P. included four tracks all from Side 1 of "Rubber Soul" (was a second E.P. planned ?).

Once again the main selling point was the excellent cover photo, which was taken from the session for the "Paperback Writer" promo. And yet again it was taken by Robert Whitaker.

First pressings had around the edge of the label, the words stating the rights of the publishers starting with "The Gramophone Co. Ltd." and across the press-out centre the words, "sold in U.K. subject to resale price conditions, see price lists" are present.
Re-pressings were also made early in the 1970's, which do NOT have "Sold in the U.K. ...".
And a further pressing was made in 1973, which added a boxed EMI logo.

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