The Beatles Talk Downunder (1964)

The Beatles
Talk Downunder - Front cover Talk Downunder - Rear Cover
Beatles Talk Downunder - Front Cover Beatles Talk Downunder - Rear Cover
Label Goughsound
Catalogue No. GP 5001
Release date 1st May 1982
Total time 69:15
Detail : Over 60 minutes long, this album was more a document of the Beatles 1964 antipodean tour.
The album captures the words of the Fab Four as they made their way through the madness of a continent obsessed with all they had to offer.
From the sharp cockiness of the early press conferences to the fatigued boredom of later interviews.
Originally released on Raven Records in Australia in 1981, at that time was available on Import here.

Also contains "Message From England" actually recorded in Abbey Road September 1963 for Australian radio stations.

The sleeve is very informative, with a full tour schedule for June 1964 and photographs from "The Beatles Downunder" book by Glenn A. Baker.
Artwork is by Pamela Collocott.

Dedicated to Dr. Winston O'Boogie.

Side 1

Title Sleeve Information Time
Message From England Recorded in Abbey Road September 1963 for Australian radio stations.
This was a copy sent to D.J. Barry Ferber, March 1964.
George sends greetings from a train carriage during filming of "A Hard Day's Night".
Hong Kong 10th June 1964
Interview at President Hotel by Bob Rogers.
Darwin 11th June 1964
First interview on Australian soil at Darwin airport, by John Edwards.
Sydney 11th June 1964
Description of arrival at Mascot airport by Kevin O'Donohue.
First Sydney press conference at Sheraton Hotel.
Adelaide 12/13th June 1964
Interview on plane from Sydney by Bob Rogers.
Appearance on balcony of South Australia hotel, described by Bob Francis
Hotel room interviews by Bob Rogers.
Sydney 14th June 1964
Ringo interviewed by Garvin Rutherford en route to Melbourne to join rest of group.
Melbourne 15/17th June 1964
Appearance on balcony of Southern Cross Hotel.
Hotel interviews by Allan Lappin and Bob Rogers.
Concert announcements at Festival Hall.
Sydney 18th/21st June 1964
Paul's birthday party at Sheraton Hotel
"Good guy" Mike Walsh gives Ringo a kazoo lesson
Interview on plane to Wellington by Bob Rogers.

Side 2

Title Sleeve Information Time
Wellington 22nd/23rd June 1964
Interviews at St. George Hotel by Bob Rogers
Auckland/Dunedin 24/25th June 1964
Interviews at Royal International Hotel and the New City Hotel by Bob Rogers
Brisbane 29/30th June 1964
Interviews at Lennon's Hotel by Tony McArthur
Sydney 1st July 1964
Farewell airport interviews by Bob Rogers and Garvin Rutherford.

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