The Fireman

Fluid - Tasteful Nude Fluid - Hologram Label
Fluid - Tasteful Nude
(with three added Firemen to hide the young lady`s modesty !)
Fluid - Hologram Label

Label Hydra
Catalogue No. HYDRA 12007
Release date 21st September 1998
U.K. Singles Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail : A single from Paul`s second experimental project with Youth.

There were two 12" singles with tracks from Rushes that have appeared, both contain "Fluid", but are released in different years.
See Nitin Sawhney Remixes for details of the second.

At the same time as the Rushes album in 1998 a VERY RARE (I have one, of course) three track 12" vinyl disc was issued, with catalogue number HYPRO 12007.

This has a 3-D holographic 'Fireman' effect label on one side (pictured above), and a red label on the other side which includes the track information. Two of the tracks are the same as the album, "Fluid" and "Appletree Cinnabar Amber". The third track is an extended version of Bison running to 7:55 entitled "Bison (long one)".
The real bonus of this 12" is the packaging ! ....
It comes in a 12" clear plastic sleeve with a cover that actually opens to reveal a MASSIVE Five foot square version of the "tasteful nude" (yes, it`s 60" x 60" !!) ... this is on very thick card.

The Tasteful Nude
The name of the nude girl is Julie Lewis.
The photo was taken by Bunny Yeager, who is famous for her Bettie Page photos.
I have a scan of the original picture above plus another picture of Julie from the same photo session.
This is what Bunny Yeager has to say about her : "Quiet and shy, but with a burning desire to model, Julie Lewis came to me inexperienced, having never posed for a photographer before. Working for me, she quickly became a favorite with readers of men's magazines because of her full-figured beauty."
(Yes, I can see how that works)

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