Ask You Once Again

The Beatles
Ask You Once Again - Front cover Ask You Once Again - The C.D.
Ask You Once Again - Front Cover Ask You Once Again - The Actual C.D.
Label Holoview
Catalogue No. 3D 002
Release date June 1993
Total time 14:32
Detail : This is a C.D. single, with simple single packaging (seen above), and only running to 14 minutes.

The first 8:29 was recorded in the dressing room at the Gaumont Theatre, Doncaster on Tuesday 10th December 1963. The interviewer was Dibbs Mather (a British domiciled Australian broadcaster). The interview was recorded for overseas distribution by the BBC's Transcription Service and was not actually for domestic broadcast. Some extracts from the interview were included in the 61st edition of "Dateline London" and also in the 453rd edition of "Calling Australia" (sent to any radio station in Australia that paid the BBC's nominal subscription fee).
The Beatles can be heard talking of their backgrounds, where there name comes from and what they hope to do next, and John's "Goon" type humour (?). John also reads "The Neville Club".

Dibbs Mather with The Beatles
A picture of Dibbs Mather doing the interview above.

The remaining 6 minutes (after a pause) is a separate recording. It has an American interviewer, but who and where ?
John describes the word "cheeky", then Ringo and John discuss marriage rumours, followed by families.

Shown above is the actual C.D. which has a silver hologram on it (it just looks blue from the scanner).

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