The Beatles AND Solo - Singles
(in Date Order)

Standard re-issues NOT listed separately, they will be mentioned in the detail of the original release.

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5/01/62Beatles7"PolydorNH 66833My Bonnie
5/10/62Beatles7"ParlophoneR 4949Love Me Do
11/01/63Beatles7"ParlophoneR 4983Please Please Me
12/04/63Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5015From Me To You
23/08/63Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5055She Loves You
29/11/63Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5084I Want To Hold Your Hand
6/12/63Beatles7"LyntoneLYN 492The Beatles Christmas Record
31/01/64Beatles7"PolydorNH 52906Sweet Georgia Brown
28/02/64Beatles7"PolydorNH 52275Cry For A Shadow
20/03/64Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5114Can't Buy Me Love
29/05/64Beatles7"PolydorNH 52317Ain't She Sweet
10/07/64Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5160Hard Day's Night
27/11/64Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5200I Feel Fine
4/12/64Beatles7"ParlophoneDP 562If I Fell
18/12/64Beatles7"LyntoneLYN 757Another Beatles Christmas Record
9/04/65Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5265Ticket To Ride
23/07/65Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5305Help !
3/12/65Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5389Day Tripper
17/12/65Beatles7"LyntoneLYN 948The Beatles Third Christmas Record
10/06/66Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5452Paperback Writer
5/08/66Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5493Eleanor Rigby
16/12/66Beatles7"LyntoneLYN 1145Pantomime: Everywhere It's Christmas
17/02/67Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5570Strawberry Fields Forever
7/07/67Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5620All You Need Is Love
24/11/67Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5655Hello, Goodbye
15/12/67Beatles7"LyntoneLYN 1360Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
15/03/68Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5675Lady Madonna
30/08/68Beatles7"AppleR 5722Hey Jude
20/12/68Beatles7"LyntoneLYN 1743/4The Beatles Sixth Christmas Record
11/04/69Beatles7"AppleR 5777Get Back
30/05/69Beatles7"AppleR 5786Ballad Of John And Yoko
4/07/69John Lennon7"AppleAPPLE 13Give Peace A Chance
24/10/69John Lennon7"AppleAPPLES 1001Cold Turkey
31/10/69Beatles7"AppleR 5814Something
12/69Beatles7"AppleAPPLES 1002You Know My Name/What's The New Mary Jane ... Unreleased !
19/12/69Beatles7"LyntoneLYN 1970/1The Beatles Seventh Christmas Record
6/02/70John Lennon7"AppleAPPLES 1003Instant Karma
6/03/70Beatles7"AppleR 5833Let It Be
15/01/71George Harrison7"AppleR 5884My Sweet Lord
19/02/71Paul McCartney7"AppleR 5889Another Day
12/03/71John Lennon7"AppleR 5892Power To The People
9/04/71Ringo Starr7"AppleR 5898It Don't Come Easy
30/07/71George Harrison7"AppleR 5912Bangla-desh
13/08/71Paul McCartney7"AppleR 5914Back Seat Of My Car
1972Paul McCartney7"AppleR 5932Love Is Strange
25/02/72Paul McCartney7"AppleR 5936Give Ireland Back To The Irish
17/03/72Ringo Starr7"AppleR 5944Back Off Boogaloo
12/05/72Paul McCartney7"AppleR 5949Mary Had A Little Lamb
10/72John Lennon7"AppleR 5953Woman Is The Nigger Of The World ... Unreleased.
24/11/72John Lennon7"AppleR 5970Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
1/12/72Paul McCartney7"AppleR 5973Hi Hi Hi
23/03/73Paul McCartney7"AppleR 5985My Love
25/05/73George Harrison7"AppleR 5988Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
1/06/73Paul McCartney7"AppleR 5987Live And Let Die
19/10/73Ringo Starr7"AppleR 5992Photograph
26/10/73Paul McCartney7"AppleR 5993Helen Wheels
16/11/73John Lennon7"AppleR 5994Mind Games
8/02/74Ringo Starr7"AppleR 5995You're Sixteen
15/02/74Paul McCartney7"AppleR 5996Jet
28/06/74Paul McCartney7"AppleR 5997Band On The Run
4/10/74John Lennon7"AppleR 5998Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
18/10/74Paul McCartney7"E.M.I.EMI 2220Walking In The Park With Eloise
25/10/74Paul McCartney7"AppleR 5999Junior's Farm
15/11/74Ringo Starr7"AppleR 6000Only You
6/12/74George Harrison7"AppleR 6002Ding Dong
31/01/75John Lennon7"AppleR 6003No.9 Dream
21/02/75Ringo Starr7"AppleR 6004Snookeroo
28/02/75George Harrison7"AppleR 6001Dark Horse
18/04/75John Lennon7"AppleR 6005Stand By Me
16/05/75Paul McCartney7"CapitolR 6006Listen To What The Man Said
5/09/75Paul McCartney7"CapitolR 6008Letting Go
12/09/75George Harrison7"AppleR 6007You
24/10/75John Lennon7"AppleR 6009Imagine
28/11/75Paul McCartney7"CapitolR 6010Venus And Mars/Rock Show
9/01/76Ringo Starr7"AppleR 6011Oh My My
6/02/76George Harrison7"AppleR 6012This Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying)
6/03/76Beatles7"E.M.I.BS 24Complete Singles Collection reissued
8/03/76Beatles7"ParlophoneR 6013Yesterday
30/04/76Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6014Silly Love Songs
17/05/76Beatles7"ParlophoneSPSR 401Medley : "Rock'n'Roll Music"
25/06/76Beatles7"ParlophoneR 6016Back In The U.S.S.R.
23/07/76Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6015Let 'em In
10/76George Harrison7"Dark Horse* none !Acetate of a Promotion Record for 33 1/3
15/10/76Ringo Starr7"Polydor2001 694A Dose Of Rock'n'Roll
19/11/76George Harrison7"Dark HorseK 16856This Song
29/11/76Ringo Starr7"Polydor2001 699Hey Baby
4/02/77Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6017Maybe I'm Amazed
11/02/77George Harrison7"Dark HorseK 16896True Love
4/77Paul McCartney7"Regal ZonophoneEMI 2594Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
31/05/77George Harrison7"Dark HorseK 16967It's What You Value
24/06/77Beatles7"LingasongNB 1Twist And Shout
16/09/77Ringo Starr7"Polydor2001 734Drowning In The Sea Of Love
11/11/77Paul McCartney7"CapitolR 6018Mull Of Kintyre
23/03/78Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6019With A Little Luck
1/06/78Ringo Starr7"Polydor2001 782Lipstick Traces
16/06/78Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6020I've Had Enough
21/07/78Ringo Starr7"Polydor2001 795Tonight
26/08/78Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6021London Town
30/09/78Beatles7"ParlophoneR 6022Sgt.Pepper's/With A Little Help
16/02/79George Harrison7"Dark HorseK 17327Blow Away
23/03/79Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6023Goodnight Tonight
20/04/79George Harrison7"Dark HorseK 17284Love Comes to Everyone
1/06/79Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6026Old Siam Sir
30/07/79George Harrison7"Dark HorseK 17423 PFaster
16/08/79Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6027Getting Closer
16/11/79Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6029Wonderful Christmastime
11/04/80Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6035Coming Up
13/06/80Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6037Waterfalls
19/09/80Paul McCartney12"Parlophone12 R 6039Temporary Secretary (Not on 7")
24/10/80John Lennon7"GeffenK 79186Starting Over (Just Like)
16/01/81John Lennon7"GeffenK 79195Woman
27/03/81John Lennon7"GeffenK 79207Watching The Wheels
15/05/81George Harrison7"Dark HorseK 17807All Those Years Ago
31/07/81George Harrison7"Dark HorseK 17837Teardrops
13/11/81Ringo Starr7"RCARCA 166Wrack My Brain
29/03/82Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6054Ebony And Ivory
24/05/82Beatles7"ParlophoneR 6055Movie Medley (7 Segue'd Excerpts)
21/06/82Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6056Take It Away
20/09/82Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6057Tug Of War
4/10/82Beatles7"ParlophoneRP 4949Love Me Do
29/10/82Beatles7"Audio-FidelityAFS 1Searchin'
29/10/82Paul McCartney7"EpicEPC A2729The Girl Is Mine
8/11/82George Harrison7"Dark Horse929864-7Wake Up My Love
15/11/82John Lennon7"ParlophoneR 6059Love
6/12/82Beatles7"World RecordsBSC 1The Beatles Singles Collection (26 Singles)
10/01/83Beatles7"ParlophoneRP 4983Please Please Me
11/04/83Beatles7"ParlophoneRP 5015From Me To You
22/08/83Beatles7"ParlophoneRP 5055She Loves You
3/10/83Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6062Say Say Say
28/11/83Beatles7"ParlophoneRP 5084I Want To Hold Your Hand
5/12/83Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6064Pipes Of Peace
1984Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6066The Man
9/01/84John Lennon7"PolydorPOSP 700Nobody Told Me
9/03/84John Lennon7"PolydorPOSP 701Borrowed Time
19/03/84Beatles7"ParlophoneRP 5114Can't Buy Me Love
9/07/84Beatles7"ParlophoneRP 5160Hard Day's Night
15/07/84John Lennon7"PolydorPOSP 702I'm Stepping Out
24/09/84Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6080No More Lonely Nights (Ballad)
12/11/84Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6086We All Stand Together
16/11/84John Lennon7"PolydorPOSP 712Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him
26/11/84Beatles7"ParlophoneRP 5200I Feel Fine
1985Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6089Ballroom Dancing
9/04/85Beatles7"ParlophoneRP 5265Ticket To Ride
23/07/85Beatles7"ParlophoneRP 5305Help !
18/11/85John Lennon7"ParlophoneR 6117Jealous Guy
18/11/85Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6118Spies Like Us
2/12/85Beatles7"ParlophoneRP 5389Day Tripper
9/06/86Beatles7"ParlophoneRP 5452Paperback Writer
14/07/86Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6133Press
5/08/86Beatles7"ParlophoneRP 5493Eleanor Rigby
27/10/86Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6145Pretty Little Head
1/12/86Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6148Only Love Remains
16/02/87Beatles7"ParlophoneRP 5570Strawberry Fields Forever
24/04/87Paul McCartney7"A & MFREE 21Long Tall Sally
6/07/87Beatles7"ParlophoneRP 5620All You Need Is Love
12/10/87George Harrison7"Dark HorseW 8178Got My Mind Set On You
16/11/87Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6170Once Upon A Long Ago
23/11/87Beatles7"ParlophoneRP 5655Hello, Goodbye
25/01/88George Harrison7"Dark HorseW 8131When We Was Fab
29/01/88Beatles7"BaktabakBAKPAK 1004A Rare Interview With The beatles (four 7" picture discs)
1/02/88George Harrison7"Dark HorseW 8131When We Was Fab (Box Set Edition)
14/03/88Beatles7"ParlophoneRP 5675Lady Madonna
13/06/88George Harrison7"Dark HorseW 7913This Is Love
30/08/88Beatles7"AppleRP 5722Hey Jude
17/10/88George (+)7"Wilbury RecordsW 7732WHandle With Care
28/11/88John Lennon7"ParlophoneR 6199Imagine
20/02/89George (+)7"Wilbury RecordsW 7637End Of The Line
10/04/89Beatles7"AppleRP 5722Get Back
8/05/89Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6213My Brave Face
30/05/89Beatles7"AppleRP 5786Ballad Of John And Yoko
17/07/89Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6223This One
30/10/89Beatles7"AppleRP 5814Something
6/11/89BeatlesCDEMICD BSC 1Presentation Boxset of Complete Singles Collection on 3" CD singles
13/11/89Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6235Figure Of Eight
23/11/89Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6238Party Party
27/11/89George Harrison7"Dark HorseW 2696Cheer Down
5/02/90Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6246Put It There
5/03/90Beatles7"AppleRP 5833Let It Be
18/06/90George (+)7"Wilbury RecordsW 9773Nobody's Child
8/10/90Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6271Birthday
5/11/90George (+)7"Wilbury RecordsW 9523She's My Baby
26/11/90Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6278All My Trials
25/03/91George (+)7"Wilbury RecordsW 0018WWilbury Twist
4/05/92Ringo Starr7"Private Music115 392Weight Of The World
2/11/92BeatlesCDParlophoneCD BSCP 1Presentation Boxset of Complete Singles Collection on 5" CD singles.
2/11/92BeatlesCDParlophoneCDR 4949Love Me Do
2/11/92BeatlesCDParlophoneCDR 4983Please Please Me
2/11/92BeatlesCDParlophoneCDR 5015From Me To You
2/11/92BeatlesCDParlophoneCDR 5055She Loves You
2/11/92BeatlesCDParlophoneCDR 5084I Want To Hold Your Hand
2/11/92BeatlesCDParlophoneCDR 5114Can't Buy Me Love
2/11/92BeatlesCDParlophoneCDR 5160A Hard Day's Night
2/11/92BeatlesCDParlophoneCDR 5200I Feel Fine
2/11/92BeatlesCDParlophoneCDR 5265Ticket To Ride
2/11/92BeatlesCDParlophoneCDR 5305Help !
2/11/92BeatlesCDParlophoneCDR 5389Day Tripper
2/11/92BeatlesCDParlophoneCDR 5452Paperback Writer
2/11/92BeatlesCDParlophoneCDR 5493Eleanor Rigby
2/11/92BeatlesCDParlophoneCDR 5570Strawberry Fields Forever
2/11/92BeatlesCDParlophoneCDR 5620All You Need Is Love
2/11/92BeatlesCDParlophoneCDR 5655Hello, Goodbye
2/11/92BeatlesCDParlophoneCDR 5675Lady Madonna
2/11/92BeatlesCDAppleCDR 5722Hey Jude
2/11/92BeatlesCDAppleCDR 5722Get Back
2/11/92BeatlesCDAppleCDR 5786Ballad Of John And Yoko
2/11/92BeatlesCDAppleCDR 5814Something
2/11/92BeatlesCDAppleCDR 5833Let It Be
28/12/92Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6330Hope Of Deliverance
28/02/93Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6338C'mon People
6/03/95Beatles7"AppleR 6406Baby It's You (E.P. ?)
4/12/95Beatles7"AppleR 6422Free As A Bird
4/03/96Beatles7"AppleR 6425Real Love
28/04/97Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneRP 6462Young Boy
7/07/97Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneRP 6472The World Tonight
15/12/97Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneRP 6489Beautiful Night
24/10/99Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6527No Other Baby
23/12/99John LennonCDParlophoneCDR 6534Imagine
25/12/99Paul McCartney8x7"Parlophone523 2291Run Devil Run (7" Boxset)
29/10/01Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6567From A Lover To A Friend
5/11/01Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneRS 6567Freedom / From A Lover To A Friend
14/01/02George HarrisonCDParlophoneCDR 6571My Sweet Lord
12/05/03George Harrison7"ParlophoneR 6601Any Road
8/12/03John LennonCDAppleCDR 6627Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
20/09/04Paul McCartney7"E.M.I.R 6649Tropic Island Hum
29/08/05Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6673Fine Line
21/11/05Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6678Jenny Wren
18/06/07Paul McCartneyPDHearmusic723 0384Dance Tonight
5/11/07Paul McCartneyCDHearmusic723 0620Ever Present Past
7/01/08Ringo StarrCD SingleCapitolCDLIV 8Liverpool 8
12/01/15Paul McCartney12"HearmusicHRM 36718-01Hope For The Future
3/06/16Paul McCartney12"Virgin479 09181985 (Wings Vs Timo Maas + James Teej)
23/11/18Paul McCartney7"Capitol675 4502I Don't Know
29/11/19Paul McCartney7"Capitol082 2353Home Tonight
6/11/20Paul McCartney7"UMC0711674We All Stand Together
3/11/23Beatles7"AppleR 4814586Now And Then

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