The Beatles AND Solo - Albums
(in Date Order)

Standard re-issues NOT listed separately, they will be mentioned in the detail of the original release.

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22/03/63BeatlesLPParlophonePMC 1202Please Please Me (Mono)
26/04/63BeatlesLPParlophonePCS 3042Please Please Me (Stereo)
22/11/63BeatlesLPParlophonePCS 3045With the Beatles
19/06/64BeatlesLPPolydor236 201The Beatles First
10/07/64BeatlesLPParlophonePCS 3058A Hard Day's Night
4/12/64BeatlesLPParlophonePCS 3062Beatles For Sale
6/08/65BeatlesLPParlophonePCS 3071Help !
3/12/65BeatlesLPParlophonePCS 3075Rubber Soul
5/08/66BeatlesLPParlophonePCS 7009Revolver
10/12/66BeatlesLPParlophonePCS 7016A Collection of Beatles Oldies
1/06/67BeatlesLPParlophonePCS 7027Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
1/11/68George HarrisonLPAppleSAPCOR 1Wonderwall Music
22/11/68BeatlesLPApplePCS 7067/8The Beatles (a.k.a. The White Album)
29/11/68John LennonLPAppleSAPCOR 2Unfinished Music No.1 - Two Virgins
17/01/69BeatlesLPParlophonePCS 7070Yellow Submarine
9/05/69George HarrisonLPAppleZAPPLE 02Electronic Sound
9/05/69John LennonLPAppleZAPPLE 01Unfinished Music No.2 - Life With The Lions
26/09/69BeatlesLPApplePCS 7088Abbey Road
7/11/69John LennonLPAppleSAPCOR 11The Wedding Album
12/12/69John LennonLPAppleCORE 2001Live Peace in Toronto 1969
27/03/70Ringo StarrLPApplePCS 7101Sentimental Journey
17/04/70Paul McCartneyLPApplePCS 7102McCartney
8/05/70BeatlesLPApplePXS 1Let it Be (Box Set)
25/09/70Ringo StarrLPApplePAS 10002Beaucoups Of Blues
6/11/70BeatlesLPApplePCS 7096Let it Be
30/11/70George HarrisonLPAppleSTCH 639All Things Must Pass
11/12/70John LennonLPApplePCS 7124John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band
18/12/70BeatlesLPLyntoneLYN 2154From Then To You
21/05/71Paul McCartneyLPApplePAS 10003Ram
8/10/71John LennonLPApplePAS 10004Imagine
7/12/71Paul McCartneyLPApplePCS 7142Wild Life
10/01/72George HarrisonLPAppleSTCX 3385Concert For Bangla Desh
15/09/72John LennonLPApplePCSP 716Some Time in New York City
19/04/73BeatlesLPParlophonePCSP 7171962-1966 (The "Red" Album)
19/04/73BeatlesLPParlophonePCSP 7181967-1970 (The "Blue" Album)
4/05/73Paul McCartneyLPApplePCTC 251Red Rose Speedway
22/06/73George HarrisonLPApplePAS 10006Living in the Material World
16/11/73John LennonLPApplePCS 7165Mind Games
23/11/73Ringo StarrLPApplePCTC 252Ringo
7/12/73Paul McCartneyLPApplePAS 10007Band On The Run
4/10/74John LennonLPApplePCTC 253Walls and Bridges
15/11/74Ringo StarrLPApplePCS 7168Goodnight Vienna
20/12/74George HarrisonLPApplePAS 10008Dark Horse
21/02/75John LennonLPApplePCS 7169Rock 'n' Roll
30/05/75Paul McCartneyLPCapitolPCTC 254Venus and Mars
3/10/75George HarrisonLPApplePAS 10009Extra Texture - Read All About It
24/10/75John LennonLPApplePCS 7173Shaved Fish
12/12/75Ringo StarrLPApplePCS 7170Blast from your Past
9/04/76Paul McCartneyLPParlophonePAS 10010Wings At The Speed of Sound
10/06/76BeatlesLPParlophonePCSP 719Rock 'n' Roll Music
30/07/76Beatles (Int.)LPPolydor2683 068 The Beatle Tapes (David Wigg Interviews)
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17/09/76Ringo StarrLPPolydor2302 040Rotogravure
19/11/76BeatlesLPParlophonePCTC 255Magical Mystery Tour
19/11/76George HarrisonLPDark HorseK 56319Thirty Three & 1/3
20/11/76George HarrisonLPParlophonePAS 10011Best of George Harrison
10/12/76Paul McCartneyLPParlophonePCSP 720Wings Over America
2/05/77BeatlesLPLingasongLNL 1 Live! At the Star-Club in Hamburg, Germany
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6/05/77BeatlesLPParlophoneEMTV 4Live at the Hollywood Bowl
20/09/77Ringo StarrLPPolydor2310 556Ringo The 4th
19/11/77BeatlesLPParlophonePCSP 721Love Songs
9/12/77Ringo StarrLPPolydor2480 429Scouse The Mouse
31/03/78Paul McCartneyLPParlophonePAS 10012London Town
21/04/78Ringo StarrLPPolydor2310 599Bad Boy
30/09/78BeatlesLPParlophonePCSPR 7171962-1966 ("Red" Vinyl)
30/09/78BeatlesLPParlophonePCSPR 7181967-1970 ("Blue" Vinyl)
1/12/78Paul McCartneyLPParlophonePCTC 256Wings Greatest
2/12/78BeatlesLPEMIBC-13The Beatles Collection
2/12/78BeatlesLPParlophonePSLP 261Rarities
16/01/79BeatlesLPParlophonePHO 7027Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (PD)
16/01/79BeatlesLPParlophonePHO 7088Abbey Road (Picture Disc)
16/02/79George HarrisonLPDark HorseK 56562George Harrison
11/05/79BeatlesLPParlophonePCS 7184Hey Jude
8/06/79Paul McCartneyLPParlophonePCTC 257Back to the Egg
12/10/79BeatlesLPParlophonePCM 1001Rarities
16/05/80Paul McCartneyLPParlophonePCTC 258McCartney II
13/10/80BeatlesLPParlophonePCS 7214Beatles Ballads, The
24/10/80BeatlesLPMusic For PleasureMFP 50506Rock 'n' Roll Music Vol. 1
24/10/80BeatlesLPMusic For PleasureMFP 50507Rock 'n' Roll Music Vol. 2
3/11/80BeatlesLPWorld RecordsSM 701/8Beatles Box, The
17/11/80John LennonLPGeffenK 99131Double Fantasy
27/11/80Ringo StarrLPMusic For PleasureMFP 50508Ringo
20/02/81Beatles (Int.)LPCharlyCRU 202Hear The Beatles Tell All (1964)
23/02/81Paul McCartneyLPParlophoneCHAT 1The McCartney Interview
5/06/81George HarrisonLPDark HorseK 56870Somewhere In England
15/06/81John LennonLPParlophoneJLB 8John Lennon (Boxed Set)
20/11/81Ringo StarrLPRCARCALP 6022Stop And Smell The Roses
25/11/81Ringo StarrLPMusic For PleasureMFP 50524Blast from your Past
29/03/82BeatlesLPParlophonePCS 7218Reel Music
26/04/82Paul McCartneyLPParlophonePCTC 259Tug of War
1/05/82Beatles (Int.)LPGoughsoundGP 5001Beatles Talk Downunder (1964)
25/06/82Beatles (Int.)LPEverestCBR 1008Beatles Interviews (1964/1966)
10/09/82BeatlesLPAudioFidelityAFELP 1047 Silver Beatles (The Complete)
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10/82BeatlesLPEMIBMC 13The Beatles Mono Collection
18/10/82BeatlesLPParlophonePCTC 26020 Greatest Hits
8/11/82George HarrisonLPDark Horse923734-1Gone Troppo
1/11/82John LennonLPParlophoneEMTV 37The John Lennon Collection
16/06/83Ringo StarrLPBellaphon260.16.029 Old Wave
17/10/83Paul McCartneyLPParlophonePCTC 1652301Pipes of Peace
16/12/83John LennonLPPolydor817238-1Heart Play - Unfinished Dialogue
23/01/84John LennonLPPolydorPOLH 5Milk and Honey
27/01/84John LennonCDPolydor8171 602Milk and Honey
29/02/84Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDP 7 46018 2Pipes Of Peace
6/84John LennonLPFame41 3102 1John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band
6/84John LennonLPSilhouetteSM 10014Reflections And Poetry
21/09/84John LennonLPPolydorPOLH 13Everyman Has A Woman
22/10/84Paul McCartneyLPParlophonePCTC 2Give my Regards to Broad Street
22/10/84Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDP 7 46043 2Give my Regards to Broad Street
16/11/84John LennonCDPolydor8234 902Everyman Has A Woman
4/02/85Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDP 7 46055 2Band On The Run
4/02/85Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDP 7 46056 2Wings Greatest Hits
4/02/85Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDP 7 46057 2Tug Of War
17/05/85BeatlesLPCambraCR 5149Words And Music
24/02/86John LennonLPParlophonePCS 7301Live In New York City
24/02/86John LennonCDParlophoneCDP 7 46196 2Live In New York City
1/09/86Paul McCartneyLPParlophonePCSD 103Press to Play
1/09/86Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCZ 28Press to Play
10/10/86John LennonCDGeffen299131Double Fantasy
3/11/86John LennonLPParlophonePCS 7308Menlove Avenue
01/87Paul McCartneyLPBaktabakBAK 2003Paul McCartney Interview
25/02/87BeatlesLPPremierCBR 1047Beatles Interviews Vol.2
26/02/87BeatlesCDParlophoneCDP 7 46435 2Please Please Me
26/02/87BeatlesCDParlophoneCDP 7 46436 2With The Beatles
26/02/87BeatlesCDParlophoneCDP 7 46437 2A Hard Day's Night
26/02/87BeatlesCDParlophoneCDP 7 46438 2Beatles For Sale
26/02/87BeatlesCDH.M.V.BEA CD254 CD Box Set (First 4 Albums)
13/04/87John LennonCDParlophoneCDPCS 7308Menlove Avenue
27/04/87Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDP 7 46611 2McCartney
27/04/87Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCZ 29Ram
30/04/87BeatlesCDParlophoneCDP 7 46439 2Help !
30/04/87BeatlesCDParlophoneCDP 7 46440 2Rubber Soul
30/04/87BeatlesCDParlophoneCDP 7 46441 2Revolver
30/04/87BeatlesCDH.M.V.BEA CD25/23 CD Box Set (albums 5-7)
18/05/87George HarrisonCDAppleCDS 7 46688 2All Things Must Pass
18/05/87George HarrisonCDParlophoneCDPAS 10011Best of George Harrison
26/05/87John LennonCDAppleCDP 7 46641 2Imagine
26/05/87John LennonCDParlophoneCDP 7 46707 2Rock 'n' Roll
26/05/87John LennonCDParlophoneCDP 7 46642 2Shaved Fish
26/05/87Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPCSP 720Wings Over America
26/05/87Ringo StarrCDParlophoneCDP 7 46663 2Blast from your Past
1/06/87BeatlesCDParlophoneCDP 7 46442 2Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
1/06/87BeatlesCDH.M.V.BEA CD25/3Sgt. Pepper's Box Set
20/07/87John LennonCDParlophoneCDP 7 46768 2Walls And Bridges
3/08/87John LennonCDParlophoneCDP 7 46769 2Mind Games
10/08/87John LennonCDParlophoneCDP 7 46782 8Some Time in New York City
10/08/87John LennonCDParlophoneCDP 7 46783 2Live Jam
24/08/87BeatlesCDAppleCDP 7 46443 8The Beatles (a.k.a. The White Album)
24/08/87BeatlesCDParlophoneCDP 7 46445 8Yellow Submarine
24/08/87BeatlesCDH.M.V.BEA CD25/4The Beatles (a.k.a. The White Album) Box Set
24/08/87BeatlesCDH.M.V.BEA CD25/5Yellow Submarine Box Set
21/09/87BeatlesCDAppleCDP 7 48062 2Magical Mystery Tour
21/09/87BeatlesCDH.M.V.BEA CD25/6Magical Mystery Tour Box Set
5/10/87Paul McCartneyCDFameCD-FA 3101Wild Life
5/10/87Paul McCartneyCDFameCD-FA 3191McCartney II
5/10/87Paul McCartneyCDFameCD-FA 3193Red Rose Speedway
12/10/87Beatles (Int.)LPRavenRVLP 1012Downunder Vol.1
12/10/87Beatles (Int.)LPRavenRVLP 1013Downunder Vol.2
19/10/87BeatlesCDAppleCDP 7 46446 8Abbey Road
19/10/87BeatlesCDAppleCDP 7 46447 8Let It Be
19/10/87BeatlesCDH.M.V.BEA CD25/7Abbey Road Box Set
19/10/87BeatlesCDH.M.V.BEA CD25/8Let It Be Box Set
19/10/87Paul McCartneyCDFameCD-FA 3213Venus And Mars
2/11/87George HarrisonLPDark HorseWX 123Cloud Nine
2/11/87George HarrisonCDDark Horse9 25643-2Cloud Nine
2/11/87Paul McCartneyLPParlophonePMTV 1All The Best
2/11/87Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPMTV 1All The Best
6/02/88BeatlesCDBaktabakCBAK 4001Interview Picture Disc
8/03/88BeatlesCDParlophoneCD-BPM 1Past Masters Vol. 1
8/03/88BeatlesCDParlophoneCD-BPM 2Past Masters Vol. 2
9/03/88BeatlesCDH.M.V.BEA CD25/9Past Masters Vol. 1 Box Set
9/03/88BeatlesCDH.M.V.BEA CD25/10Past Masters Vol. 2 Box Set
5/04/88John LennonCDParlophoneCDP 7 46770 2John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band
14/04/88BeatlesCDBaktabakCBAK 4009Interview Picture Disc Vol. 2
11/07/88John LennonLPBaktabakBAK 2096The Last Word
16/07/88BeatlesLPMastersMA 1412851960-1962
4/08/88BeatlesLPBaktabakBAK 2108The Gospel According to .... (1964-1966)
10/10/88John LennonLPParlophonePCSP 722Imagine : John Lennon (Music from the Film)
10/10/88John LennonCDParlophoneCDPCSP 722Imagine : John Lennon (Music from the Film)
24/10/88BeatlesLPParlophoneBPM 1Past Masters Volumes One & Two
24/10/88George (+)LPWilbury RecordsWX 224Travelling Wilburys
24/10/88George (+)CDWilbury Records9 25796-2Travelling Wilburys
31/10/88BeatlesLPEMIBBX 1The Beatles (Wooden Boxed Set)
13/11/88Beatles (Int.)LPBaktabakBAK 2114Beatles Conquer The U.S.A.
12/12/88Beatles (Int.)CDABCDABCD 005The Conversation Disc Series (1963-1965)
30/01/89John LennonCDCapitolCDP 7 91425 2Double Fantasy
14/02/89Ringo StarrLPRhinoR1 70135Starr Struck: Best of Ringo Starr Vol. 2
06/89John LennonCDAppleCDP 7 90428 2Live Peace in Toronto 1969
5/06/89Paul McCartneyLPParlophonePCSD 106Flowers in the Dirt
5/06/89Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPCSD 106Flowers in the Dirt
10/07/89Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPAS 10010Wings At The Speed Of Sound
24/07/89Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPCTC 257Back To The Egg
29/08/89Paul McCartneyCDFameCD-FA 3223London Town
7/10/89Beatles (Int.)LPBaktabakVBAK 3004Beatles Talk Downunder Vol.1
23/10/89John LennonCDParlophoneCDP 7 91516 2The John Lennon Collection
23/10/89George HarrisonLPDark HorseWX 312The Best of Dark Horse: 1976-1989
23/10/89George HarrisonCDDark Horse9 25726-2The Best of Dark Horse: 1976-1989
17/11/89Beatles (Int.)LPBaktabakVBAK 3006Beatles Talk Downunder Vol.2
23/11/89Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPCSDX 106Flowers in the Dirt (World Tour Pack)
22/01/90Paul McCartneyCDWaxBANDONTHE 1London and Rome Press Conferences
07/90Paul McCartneyLPWaxTUGA 4Press Conferences: Los Angeles and Madrid (and Detroit)
6/08/90Beatles (Int.)LPDiscussionSTUD 10George Martin Talks about The Beatles
08/90Paul McCartneyLPWaxPM 10Rotterdam Press Conference
8/10/90Ringo StarrLPE.M.I.EMS 1375Ringo and His All-Starr Band
8/10/90Ringo StarrCDE.M.I.CZ 353Ringo and His All-Starr Band
29/10/90George (+)LPWilbury RecordsWX 384Travelling Wilburys Volume 3
29/10/90George (+)CDWilbury Records7599 26324-2Travelling Wilburys Volume 3
30/10/90John LennonCDParlophoneCDS 7 95220 2Lennon (4CD Box Set)
5/11/90Paul McCartneyLPParlophonePCST 7346Tripping the Live Fantastic
5/11/90Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPCST 73461Tripping the Live Fantastic
12/11/90John LennonCDBBCBBCCD 6002John and Yoko - The Interview
19/11/90Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPCSD 114Tripping the Live Fantastic (Highlights)
14/12/90John LennonCDThunderboltCDTB 095Testimony
14/12/90Paul McCartneyLPWaxFORNO 1Liverpool Press Conference
4/03/91Ringo StarrCDE.M.I.CDEMS 1386Ringo
11/03/91George/RingoCDDiscussionYOURE 016George and Ringo - 1980's Interviews
20/05/91Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPCSD 116Unplugged - The Official Bootleg
19/08/91George HarrisonCDEpic468835-2Concert For Bangla Desh
26/08/91Beatles (Int.)LPBaktabakLINT 5004Introspective
30/09/91Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPCSD 117Choba B CCCP
7/10/91Paul McCartneyLPEMI ClassicsPAUL 1Liverpool Oratorio
11/11/91Beatles (Int.)LPDiscussionREVOL 4Press Conferences (1964-1966)
12/91Paul McCartneyLPDiscussionLMW 281FPress Conferences: Tokyo/Chicago 1990
27/01/92George HarrisonCDAppleCDPAS 10006Living in the Material World
27/01/92George HarrisonCDAppleCDPAS 10008Dark Horse
27/01/92George HarrisonCDAppleCDPAS 10009Extra Texture - Read All About It
22/05/92Ringo StarrCDPrivate Music262 902Time Takes Time
29/06/92George HarrisonCDAppleCDSAPCOR 1Wonderwall Music
7/92Paul McCartneyCDDiscussionBROADS 003Press Conferences: London and New York
13/07/92George HarrisonCDDark Horse7599 2 69642Live In Japan
10/92Paul McCartneyCDEMI ClassicsCDC 7 54642 2Selections from Liverpool Oratorio
12/92Ringo StarrCDE.M.I.CDEMS 1467Goodnight Vienna
1/93John LennonCDRock ClassicsSSI 9999Unfinished Music No.1 - Two Virgins
2/02/93Paul McCartneyLPParlophonePCSD 125Off the Ground
2/02/93Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPCSD 125Off the Ground
04/93Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPMCOL 1McCartney
04/93Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPMCOL 2Ram
04/93Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPMCOL 3Wild Life
04/93Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPMCOL 4Red Rose Speedway
7/06/93Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPMCOL 5Band On The Run
04/93Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPMCOL 6Venus And Mars
04/93Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPMCOL 7Wings At The Speed Of Sound
04/93Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPMCOL 8London Town
7/06/93Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPMCOL 9Wings Greatest
7/06/93Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPMCOL 10Back To The Egg
7/06/93Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPMCOL 11McCartney II
7/06/93Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPMCOL 12Tug Of War
7/06/93Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPMCOL 13Pipes Of Peace
7/06/93Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPMCOL 14Give My Regards To Broad Street
7/06/93Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPMCOL 15Press To Play
7/06/93Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPMCOL 16Flowers In The Dirt
14/09/93Ringo StarrCDRykodiscRCD 20264Ringo and His All-Starr Band Volume 2 - Live From Montreux
15/11/93Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPCSD 145Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest
15/11/93Paul McCartneyLPParlophonePCSD 147Paul Is Live
15/11/93Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPCSD 147Paul Is Live
4/09/94BeatlesCDCharlyCDCD 1185Hear The Beatles Tell All
11/94John LennonCDFameCDFA 3310John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band
30/11/94BeatlesLPApplePCSP 726Live at the BBC
5/95John LennonCDAppleCDP 7 90428 2Live Peace in Toronto 1969
1/05/95Ringo StarrCDParlophoneCDPCS 7101Sentimental Journey
1/05/95Ringo StarrCDAppleCDPAS 10002Beaucoups Of Blues
21/11/95BeatlesLPApplePCSP 727Anthology 1
4/12/95BeatlesCDLaserlight15968Rockumentary - In Their Own Words (5 CD Boxset)
4/12/95BeatlesCDLaserlight12591Rockumentary No.1 - The Lost Beatles Interviews
4/12/95BeatlesCDLaserlight12592Rockumentary No.2 - Things We Said Today
4/03/96BeatlesCDLaserlight15981Inside Interviews
4/03/96BeatlesCDLaserlight12676In My Life
4/03/96BeatlesCDLaserlight12677All Together Now
4/03/96BeatlesCDLaserlight12679Beatles Talk Downunder Vol.1
4/03/96BeatlesCDLaserlight12680Beatles Talk Downunder Vol.2
18/03/96BeatlesLPApplePCSP 728Anthology 2
20/05/96BeatlesCDWaxBEAT 1Interview Disc 1
20/05/96BeatlesCDWaxBEAT 2Interview Disc 2
20/05/96BeatlesCDWaxBEAT 3Interview Disc 3
20/05/96BeatlesCDWaxBEAT 4Interview Disc 4
1/06/96John LennonLPUFOJOHN 1John Lennon Interview
1/06/96Paul McCartneyLPUFOPAUL 1Paul McCartney Interview
1/06/96George HarrisonLPUFOGEORGE 1George Harrison Interview
1/06/96Ringo StarrLPUFORINGO 1Ringo Starr Interview
28/10/96BeatlesLPApplePCSP 729Anthology 3
12/96George HarrisonCDAppleCDZAPPLE 02Electronic Sound
1997Ringo StarrCDWaxFAB FOUR 8Press Conference London 1992
1/01/97Paul McCartneyCDMPLOOBU #5Oobu Joobu - Ecology
5/05/97Paul McCartneyLPParlophonePCSD 171Flaming Pie
5/05/97Paul McCartneyCDParlophoneCDPCSD 171Flaming Pie
9/06/97John LennonCDRykodiscRCD 10411Unfinished Music No.1 - Two Virgins
9/06/97John LennonCDRykodiscRCD 10412Unfinished Music No.2 - Life With The Lions
9/06/97John LennonCDRykodiscRCD 10413The Wedding Album
12/08/97Ringo StarrCDBlockbuster52451Ringo and His Third All-Starr Band - Volume 1
29/09/97Paul McCartneyCDEMI ClassicsCDC 5 56484 2Standing Stone
27/10/97John LennonCDParlophone8219542Lennon Legend
3/08/98Ringo StarrCDMercury558 598-2Vertical Man
21/09/98Paul McCartneyLPHydraHYDRA 4 97055 1Rushes
19/10/98Ringo StarrCDMercury538 118-2VH1 Storytellers
2/11/98John LennonCDCapitol830 6142Anthology
3/11/98John LennonCDCapitol497 6392Wonsaponatime
22/03/99Paul McCartneyCDParlophone499 1762Band On The Run (25th Anniversary)
13/09/99BeatlesLPApple521 4811Yellow Submarine - Songtrack
13/09/99BeatlesCDApple521 4812Yellow Submarine - Songtrack
14/09/99John LennonCDDressed To KillDRESS 155Bedism ... (I now think this is a bootleg)
4/10/99Paul McCartneyCDParlophone523 3042Run Devil Run
19/10/99Ringo StarrCDMercury546 668-2I Wanna Be Santa Claus
2/11/99Paul McCartneyCDEMI ClassicsCDC 5 56897 2Working Classical
23/12/99John LennonCDParlophoneCDR 6534Imagine
25/12/99Paul McCartneyLPParlophone523 2291Run Devil Run (7" Boxset)
14/02/00John LennonCDParlophone7243 5 24858Imagine
14/02/00Paul McCartneyCDEMI ClassicsCDC 5 56961 2A Garland For Linda
21/08/00Paul McCartneyCDHydraHYDRA 5 28817 2Liverpool Sound Collage
9/10/00John LennonCDCapitol528 7392Double Fantasy
9/10/00John LennonCDE.M.I.528 7402John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band
13/11/00BeatlesCDApple529 97021
22/01/01George HarrisonCDGN Records530 4742All Things Must Pass (Remastered)
5/02/01Ringo StarrCDE.M.G.EMG 12003-2The Anthology ... So Far
7/05/01Paul McCartneyCDParlophone532 8762Wingspan
27/09/01John LennonCDE.M.I.535 9592Milk and Honey
12/11/01Paul McCartneyCDParlophone535 5102Driving Rain
28/01/02George HarrisonCDEpic468835-2Concert For Bangla Desh (Remastered)
1/02/02John Lennon3xCDTimeless17524Instant Karma: All-Time Greatest Hits - U.S. Budget release
6/08/02Ringo StarrCDKing BiscuitKBC CD 143Ringo and His New All-Starr Band (King Biscuit Flower Hour)
21/10/02John LennonCDE.M.I.542 4252Mind Games
18/11/02George HarrisonCDDark Horse/Parlophone543 2462Brainwashed
17/03/03Paul McCartneyCDParlophone583 0052Back In The World
25/03/03Ringo StarrCDKoch RecordsKOC CD 8429Ringo Rama
1/04/03Ringo StarrCDBMG46525Extended Versions
23/09/03Ringo StarrCDMercuryB0000070320th Century Masters: Best of Ringo Starr/Christmas Collection
27/10/03John LennonCDE.M.I.595 0672Lennon Legend
17/11/03BeatlesLPApple595 4380Let It Be... Naked
17/11/03George HarrisonCDW.S.M.8122 74546 2Concert For George
1/03/04George HarrisonCDDark Horse/ParlophoneGHBOX 1The Dark Horse Years 1976-1992 (Boxset)
1/03/04George HarrisonCDDark Horse/Parlophone594 0862Thirty Three & 1/3
1/03/04George HarrisonCDDark Horse/Parlophone594 0872George Harrison
1/03/04George HarrisonCDDark Horse/Parlophone594 0882Somewhere In England
1/03/04George HarrisonCDDark Horse/Parlophone594 0892Gone Troppo
1/03/04George HarrisonCDDark Horse/Parlophone594 0902Cloud Nine
1/03/04George HarrisonCDDark Horse/Parlophone594 6652Live In Japan
8/03/04John LennonCDVirginVTDCD 698John Lennon's Jukebox
23/03/04Ringo StarrCDKoch RecordsKOC CD 9549Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band - Tour 2003
14/06/04Paul McCartneyCDUncutUNCUT 2004 07Something For The Weekend
13/09/04John LennonCDE.M.I.EBX 23Double Fantasy/Milk and Honey
27/09/04John LennonCDCapitol874 3292Rock 'n' Roll
1/11/04John LennonCDCapitol874 4282Acoustic
15/11/04BeatlesCDE.M.I.875 3482Capitol Albums Vol.1, The
14/06/05Paul McCartneyLPParlophone311 3001Twin Freaks
25/07/05Ringo StarrCDCNR Records22 998798Choose Love
4/08/05John LennonCDE.M.I.332 5092Peace, Love & Truth - Asian and Australian markets only
12/09/05Paul McCartneyCDParlophone337 9612Chaos And Creation In The Backyard
3/10/05John LennonCDParlophone340 0802Working Class Hero - The Definitive Collection
15/08/06Ringo StarrCDDiskyGO 904143Ringo Starr And Friends
25/09/06George HarrisonSETParlophone366 9002Living in the Material World
25/09/06Paul McCartneyCDEMI Classics370 4242Ecce Cor Meum [Behold My Heart]
25/09/06John LennonCDCapitol374 9122The U.S. vs John Lennon (Soundtrack)
20/11/06BeatlesCDParlophone/Apple379 8082Love
4/06/07Paul McCartneyCDHearmusic723 0358Memory Almost Full
11/06/07George (+)SETWilbury RecordsR2 167804Traveling Wilburys Collection
27/08/07Ringo StarrCDCapitol504 9332Photograph: The Very Best Of Ringo
23/10/07Ringo StarrCDKoch RecordsKOC CD 4226Live At Soundstage
14/01/08Ringo StarrCDCapitol517 3882Liverpool 8
4/03/08Ringo StarrCD/DVDKoch RecordsKOC CD 4496Ringo 5.1 The Surround Sound Collection
2/06/08George (+)CDRhino8122799180Travelling Wilburys
2/06/08George (+)CDRhino8122799179Traveling Wilburys Volume 3
4/08/08Ringo StarrCDKoch RecordsKOC CD 4542Ringo & His All Starr Band Live 2006
24/11/08Paul McCartneyCDOne Little IndianTPLP1003CDElectric Arguments
18/01/09John LennonCDUpfrontUPJLENNO01John Lennon
15/06/09George HarrisonCDDark Horse/Parlophone965 0192Let It Roll
09/09/09BeatlesBoxParlophone/Apple699 4490The Beatles In Stereo
09/09/09BeatlesBoxParlophone/Apple699 4512The Beatles In Mono
14/12/09Paul McCartney4xCDMercury723 1884Good Evening New York City
12/01/10Ringo StarrCDUniversal272 7390Y Not
24/01/10Paul McCartneyCDUpfrontUPPMCMOS01Live In Los Angeles
27/07/10Ringo StarrCDHip-O/UMe274 4209Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band - Live at the Greek Theatre 2008
4/10/10John LennonCDCapitol905 9902Double Fantasy / Stripped Down (2 cd)
4/10/10John LennonCDE.M.I.909 5502Power To The People - The Hits (cd+dvd)
4/10/10John LennonCDE.M.I.906 6422Gimme Some Truth (4 c.d. set)
4/10/10John LennonCDE.M.I.906 5092Signature Box (11 c.d. set)
18/10/10BeatlesCDE.M.I.RED 62661962-1966 (The "Red" Album)
18/10/10BeatlesCDE.M.I.BLUE 67701967-1970 (The "Blue" Album)
18/10/10George Harrison3xCD/1xDVDDark Horse279 7921Collaborations - Ravi Shankar & George
1/11/10Paul McCartney3xCD/1xDVDHearmusicHRM 32565Archive Collection - Band On The Run
07/06/11Paul McCartney2xCD/1xDVDHearmusicHRM 32799Archive Collection - McCartney
07/06/11Paul McCartney3xCD/1xDVDHearmusicHRM 32800Archive Collection - McCartney II
3/10/11Paul McCartneyCDDecca723 3250Ocean's Kingdom
30/01/12Ringo StarrCDHip-O/UMe279 1802Ringo 2012
06/02/12Paul McCartneyCDHearmusicHRM 33596Kisses On The Bottom
1/05/12George HarrisonCDUniversal279 9042Early Takes - Volume 1
21/05/12Paul McCartney4xCD/1xDVDHearmusicHRM 33450Archive Collection - Ram
27/05/13Paul McCartney3xCD/1xDVDHearmusicHRM 34313Archive Collection - Wings Over America
14/10/13Paul McCartneyCDHearmusicHRM 34845New
11/11/13BeatlesCDx2Apple374 9153Live at the BBC (Remastered)
11/11/13BeatlesCDx2Apple374 9169Live at the BBC Vol.2 - "On Air"
11/11/13BeatlesCDx4Apple375 8447Live at the BBC - "The Collection"
17/12/13BeatlesCDx2Apple* none *Bootleg Recordings 1963
9/09/14John LennonCDCapitol379 8237Icon
9/09/14Ringo StarrCDUniversal379 7530Icon
22/09/14George Harrison7xCD/1xDVDApple379 1387The Apple Years 1968-75
27/10/14Paul McCartney2xCD/1xDVDHearmusicHRM 35971New (Collector's Edition)
3/11/14Paul McCartney2xCD/1xDVDHearmusicHRM 35652Archive Collection - Venus & Mars
3/11/14Paul McCartney2xCD/1xDVDHearmusicHRM 35673Archive Collection - Wings At The Speed Of Sound
30/03/15Ringo StarrCDUniversal472 3644Postcards From Paradise
2/10/15Paul McCartney3xCD/1xDVDHearmusicHRM 37287Archive Collection - Tug Of War
2/10/15Paul McCartney2xCD/1xDVDHearmusicHRM 37291Archive Collection - Pipes Of Peace
6/11/15BeatlesBoxApple475 67811+
10/06/16Paul McCartney4 C.D.HearmusicHRM 38699Pure
9/09/16BeatlesCDApple570 5497Live At The Hollywood Bowl
24/02/17George Harrison16 L.P.'sApple570 9027The Vinyl Collection
24/03/17Paul McCartney3xCD/1xDVDUMe/Capitol572 4423Archive Collection - Flowers In The Dirt
26/05/17BeatlesBoxApple574 5532Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition
15/09/17Ringo StarrCDUniversal578 0416Give More Love
17/11/17Paul McCartneyLPCapitol578 3676McCartney (Red Vinyl)
17/11/17Paul McCartneyLPCapitol578 3674Wings At The Speed of Sound (Orange Vinyl)
17/11/17Paul McCartneyLPCapitol578 3677McCartney II (Clear Vinyl)
17/11/17Paul McCartneyLPCapitol578 3680Tug Of War (Blue Vinyl)
17/11/17Paul McCartneyLPCapitol578 3678Pipes Of Peace (Silver Vinyl)
18/05/18Paul McCartneyCDCapitol673 7238Thrillington (Marbled Vinyl)
18/05/18Paul McCartneyCDCapitol673 7244Wings Greatest (Blue Vinyl)
18/05/18Paul McCartneyCDCapitol575 6767Chaos And Creation In The Backyard (Gold Vinyl)
18/05/18Paul McCartneyCDCapitol673 7203New (Pink Vinyl)
7/09/18Paul McCartneyCDCapitol779 7470Egypt Station
9/11/18BeatlesBoxApple675 7195The Beatles (a.k.a. The White Album) - 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition
7/12/18Paul McCartney3xCD/1xDVDCapitol677 2089Archive Collection - Wild Life
7/12/18Paul McCartney3xCD/2xDVDCapitol674 7400Archive Collection - Red Rose Speedway
7/12/18Paul McCartney11 Disc SetCapitol674 9288Paul McCartney and Wings 197173
12/07/19Paul McCartneyCDCapitol772 8976Amoeba Gig
27/09/19BeatlesBoxApple779 2112Abbey Road - 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition
25/10/19Ringo StarrCDUniversal824 3738What's My Name
31/07/20Paul McCartney5xCD/2xDVDCapitol086 1769Archive Collection - Flaming Pie
9/10/20John Lennon2xCD/Blu-RayUMG350 0208Gimme Some Truth (The Ultimate Mixes)
18/12/20Paul McCartneyCDCapitol351 3656McCartney III
23/04/21John Lennon6xCD/2xBlu-RayUMG073 5429John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band (The Ultimate Collection)
15/10/21BeatlesBoxApple071 3869Let It Be - 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition
28/10/22BeatlesBoxApple455 9941Revolver - Super Deluxe Edition
10/11/23BeatlesLPApple455 92051962-1966 ("The Red Album")
10/11/23BeatlesLPApple455 92081967-1970 ("The Blue Album")

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