The Beatles - Full Discography
(in Date Order)

Standard re-issues NOT listed separately, they will be mentioned in the detail of the original release.

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5/01/627"PolydorNH 66833My Bonnie
5/10/627"ParlophoneR 4949Love Me Do
11/01/637"ParlophoneR 4983Please Please Me
22/03/63LPParlophonePMC 1202Please Please Me (Mono)
12/04/637"ParlophoneR 5015From Me To You
26/04/63LPParlophonePCS 3042Please Please Me (Stereo)
12/07/63EPPolydorEPH 21610My Bonnie
12/07/63EPParlophoneGEP 8882Twist and Shout
23/08/637"ParlophoneR 5055She Loves You
6/09/63EPParlophoneGEP 8880The Beatles Hits
1/11/63EPParlophoneGEP 8883The Beatles No.1
22/11/63LPParlophonePCS 3045With the Beatles
29/11/637"ParlophoneR 5084I Want To Hold Your Hand
6/12/637"LyntoneLYN 492The Beatles Christmas Record
31/01/647"PolydorNH 52906Sweet Georgia Brown
7/02/64EPParlophoneGEP 8891All My Loving
1964EPParlophoneGEP 8899Golden Discs
28/02/647"PolydorNH 52275Cry For A Shadow
20/03/647"ParlophoneR 5114Can't Buy Me Love
29/05/647"PolydorNH 52317Ain't She Sweet
19/06/64LPPolydor236 201The Beatles First
19/06/64EPParlophoneGEP 8913Long Tall Sally
10/07/64LPParlophonePCS 3058A Hard Day's Night
10/07/647"ParlophoneR 5160A Hard Day's Night
4/11/64EPParlophoneGEP 8920A Hard Day's Night (Extracts from the Film)
6/11/64EPParlophoneGEP 8924A Hard Day's Night (Extracts from the Album)
27/11/647"ParlophoneR 5200I Feel Fine
4/12/647"ParlophoneDP 562If I Fell
4/12/64LPParlophonePCS 3062Beatles For Sale
18/12/647"LyntoneLYN 757Another Beatles Christmas Record
6/04/65EPParlophoneGEP 8931Beatles For Sale
9/04/657"ParlophoneR 5265Ticket To Ride
4/06/65EPParlophoneGEP 8938Beatles For Sale No.2
23/07/657"ParlophoneR 5305Help !
6/08/65LPParlophonePCS 3071Help !
3/12/657"ParlophoneR 5389Day Tripper
3/12/65LPParlophonePCS 3075Rubber Soul
6/12/65EPParlophoneGEP 8946The Beatles Million Sellers
17/12/657"LyntoneLYN 948The Beatles Third Christmas Record
4/03/66EPParlophoneGEP 8948Yesterday
10/06/667"ParlophoneR 5452Paperback Writer
8/07/66EPParlophoneGEP 8952Nowhere Man
5/08/66LPParlophonePCS 7009Revolver
5/08/667"ParlophoneR 5493Eleanor Rigby
10/12/66LPParlophonePCS 7016A Collection of Beatles Oldies
16/12/667"LyntoneLYN 1145Pantomime: Everywhere It's Christmas
17/02/677"ParlophoneR 5570Strawberry Fields Forever
1/06/67LPParlophonePCS 7027Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
7/07/677"ParlophoneR 5620All You Need Is Love
24/11/677"ParlophoneR 5655Hello, Goodbye
8/12/67EPParlophoneSMMT 1Magical Mystery Tour
15/12/677"LyntoneLYN 1360Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
15/03/687"ParlophoneR 5675Lady Madonna
30/08/687"AppleR 5722Hey Jude
22/11/68LPParlophonePCS 7067/8The Beatles (a.k.a. The White Album)
20/12/687"LyntoneLYN 1743/4The Beatles Sixth Christmas Record
17/01/69LPParlophonePCS 7070Yellow Submarine
11/04/697"AppleR 5777Get Back
30/05/697"AppleR 5786Ballad Of John And Yoko
26/09/69LPParlophonePCS 7088Abbey Road
31/10/697"AppleR 5814Something
12/697"AppleAPPLES 1002You Know My Name/What's The New Mary Jane ... Unreleased !
19/12/697"LyntoneLYN 1970/1The Beatles Seventh Christmas Record
6/03/707"AppleR 5833Let It Be
8/05/70LPApplePXS 1Let it Be (Box Set)
6/11/70LPApplePCS 7096Let it Be
18/12/70LPAppleLYN 2154From Then To You
19/04/73LPParlophonePCSP 7171962-1966 (The "Red" Album)
19/04/73LPParlophonePCSP 7181967-1970 (The "Blue" Album)
6/03/767"E.M.I.BS 24Complete Singles Collection reissued
8/03/767"ParlophoneR 6013Yesterday
17/05/767"ParlophoneSPSR 401Medley : "Rock'n'Roll Music"
10/06/76LPParlophonePCSP 719Rock 'n' Roll Music
25/06/767"ParlophoneR 6016Back In The U.S.S.R.
30/07/76LPPolydor2683 068 The Beatle Tapes (David Wigg Interviews)
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19/11/76LPParlophonePCTC 255Magical Mystery Tour
2/05/77LPLingasongLNL 1 Live! At the Star-Club in Hamburg, Germany
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6/05/77LPParlophoneEMTV 4Live at the Hollywood Bowl
24/06/777"LingasongNB 1Twist And Shout
19/11/77LPParlophonePCSP 721Love Songs
30/09/78LPParlophonePCSPR 7171962-1966 ("Red" Vinyl)
30/09/78LPParlophonePCSPR 7181967-1970 ("Blue" Vinyl)
30/09/787"ParlophoneR 6022Sgt.Pepper's/With A Little Help
2/12/78LPEMIBC-13The Beatles Collection
2/12/78LPParlophonePSLP 261Rarities
16/01/79LPParlophonePHO 7027Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (PD)
16/01/79LPParlophonePHO 7088Abbey Road (Picture Disc)
11/05/79LPParlophonePCS 7184Hey Jude
12/10/79LPParlophonePCM 1001Rarities
13/10/80LPParlophonePCS 7214Beatles Ballads, The
24/10/80LPMusic For PleasureMFP 50506Rock 'n' Roll Music Vol. 1
24/10/80LPMusic For PleasureMFP 50507Rock 'n' Roll Music Vol. 2
3/11/80LPWorld RecordsSM 701/8Beatles Box, The
20/02/81LPCharlyCRV 202Hear The Beatles Tell All (1964)
7/12/81EPParlophoneBEP 14Presentation Boxset of Complete E.P. Collection
7/12/81EPParlophoneSGE 1Rarities
29/03/82LPParlophonePCS 7218Reel Music
1/05/82LPGoughsoundGP 5001Beatles Talk Downunder (1964)
24/05/827"ParlophoneR 6055Movie Medley (7 Segue'd Excerpts)
25/06/82LPEverestCBR 1008Beatles Interviews (1964/1966)
10/09/82LPAudioFidelityAFELP 1047 Silver Beatles (The Complete)
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10/82LPEMIBMC 13The Beatles Mono Collection
4/10/827"ParlophoneRP 4949Love Me Do
18/10/82LPParlophonePCTC 26020 Greatest Hits
29/10/827"Audio FidelityAFS 1Searchin'
1/11/8212"Parlophone12 R 4949Love Me Do
6/12/827"World RecordsBSC 1The Beatles Singles Collection (26 Singles)
10/01/837"ParlophoneRP 4983Please Please Me
11/04/837"ParlophoneRP 5015From Me To You
22/08/837"ParlophoneRP 5055She Loves You
28/11/837"ParlophoneRP 5084I Want To Hold Your Hand
19/03/847"ParlophoneRP 5114Can't Buy Me Love
9/07/847"ParlophoneRP 5160Hard Day's Night
26/11/847"ParlophoneRP 5200I Feel Fine
9/04/857"ParlophoneRP 5265Ticket To Ride
17/05/85LPCambraCR 5149Words And Music
23/07/857"ParlophoneRP 5305Help !
2/12/857"ParlophoneRP 5389Day Tripper
9/06/867"ParlophoneRP 5452Paperback Writer
5/08/867"ParlophoneRP 5493Eleanor Rigby
16/02/877"ParlophoneRP 5570Strawberry Fields Forever
25/02/87LPPremierCBR 1047Beatles Interviews Vol.2
26/02/87CDParlophoneCDP 7 46435 2Please Please Me
26/02/87CDParlophoneCDP 7 46436 2With The Beatles
26/02/87CDParlophoneCDP 7 46437 2A Hard Day's Night
26/02/87CDParlophoneCDP 7 46438 2Beatles For Sale
26/02/87CDH.M.V.BEA CD254 CD Box Set (First 4 Albums)
30/04/87CDParlophoneCDP 7 46439 2Help !
30/04/87CDParlophoneCDP 7 46440 2Rubber Soul
30/04/87CDParlophoneCDP 7 46441 2Revolver
30/04/87CDH.M.V.BEA CD25/23 CD Box Set (albums 5-7)
1/06/87CDParlophoneCDP 7 46442 2Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
1/06/87CDH.M.V.BEA CD25/3Sgt. Pepper's Box Set
6/07/877"ParlophoneRP 5620All You Need Is Love
6/07/8712"Parlophone12 R 5620All You Need Is Love
24/08/87CDAppleCDP 7 46443 8The Beatles (a.k.a. The White Album)
24/08/87CDParlophoneCDP 7 46445 2Yellow Submarine
24/08/87CDH.M.V.BEA CD25/4The Beatles (a.k.a. The White Album) Box Set
24/08/87CDH.M.V.BEA CD25/5Yellow Submarine Box Set
21/09/87CDAppleCDP 7 48062 2Magical Mystery Tour
21/09/87CDH.M.V.BEA CD25/6Magical Mystery Tour Box Set
12/10/87LPRavenRVLP 1012Downunder Vol.1
12/10/87LPRavenRVLP 1013Downunder Vol.2
19/10/87CDAppleCDP 7 46446 2Abbey Road
19/10/87CDAppleCDP 7 46447 2Let It Be
19/10/87CDH.M.V.BEA CD25/7Abbey Road Box Set
19/10/87CDH.M.V.BEA CD25/8Let It Be Box Set
23/11/877"ParlophoneRP 5655Hello, Goodbye
29/01/887"BaktabakBAKPAK 1004A Rare Interview With The beatles (four 7" picture discs)
6/02/88CDBaktabakCBAK 4001Interview Picture Disc
8/03/88CDParlophoneCDBPM 1Past Masters Vol. 1
8/03/88CDParlophoneCDBPM 2Past Masters Vol. 2
9/03/88CDH.M.V.BEA CD25/9Past Masters Vol. 1 Box Set
9/03/88CDH.M.V.BEA CD25/10Past Masters Vol. 2 Box Set
14/03/887"ParlophoneRP 5675Lady Madonna
14/04/88CDBaktabakCBAK 4009Interview Picture Disc Vol. 2
16/07/88LPMastersMA 1412851960-1962
4/08/88LPBaktabakBAK 2108The Gospel According to .... (1964-1966)
30/08/887"AppleRP 5722Hey Jude
30/08/8812"Apple12 R 5722Hey Jude
24/10/88LPParlophoneBPM 1Past Masters Volumes One & Two
31/10/88LPEMIBBX 1The Beatles (Wooden Boxed Set)
13/11/88LPBaktabakBAK 2114Beatles Conquer The U.S.A.
12/12/88CDABCDABCD 005The Conversation Disc Series (1963-1965)
10/04/897"AppleRP 5722Get Back
30/05/897"AppleRP 5786Ballad Of John And Yoko
7/10/89LPBaktabakVBAK 3004Beatles Talk Downunder Vol.1
30/10/897"AppleRP 5814Something
6/11/89CDEMICD BSC 1Presentation Boxset of Complete Singles Collection on 3" CD singles
17/11/89LPBaktabakVBAK 3006Beatles Talk Downunder Vol.2
5/03/907"AppleRP 5833Let It Be
5/03/90EPWasFAB 7-1Adelaide Press Conference (1964)
4/06/90EPWasFAB 7-2Vancouver Press Conference/Interviews 64
6/08/90EPWasFAB 7-3Seattle Press Conference
6/08/90LPDiscussionSTUD 10George Martin Talks about The Beatles
10/09/90EPWasFAB 7-4Tokyo Interviews
29/10/90EPWasFAB 7-5Dallas Press Conference
26/08/91LPBaktabakLINT 5004Introspective
11/11/91LPDiscussionREVOL 4Press Conferences (1964-1966)
15/06/92CDParlophoneCDBEP 14Presentation Boxset of Complete EP Collection on CD.
2/11/92CDParlophoneCD BSCP 1Presentation Boxset of Complete Singles Collection on 5" CD singles.
4/09/94CDCharlyCDCD 1185Hear The Beatles Tell All
30/11/94LPApplePCSP 726Live at the BBC
6/03/95EPAppleR 6406Baby It's You
21/11/95LPApplePCSP 727Anthology 1
4/12/957"AppleR 6422Free As A Bird
4/12/95CDLaserlight15968Rockumentary - In Their Own Words (5 CD Boxset)
4/12/95CDLaserlight12591Rockumentary No.1 - The Lost Beatles Interviews
4/12/95CDLaserlight12592Rockumentary No.2 - Things We Said Today
4/03/967"AppleR 6425Real Love
4/03/96CDLaserlight15981Inside Interviews
4/03/96CDLaserlight12676In My Life
4/03/96CDLaserlight12677All Together Now
4/03/96CDLaserlight12679Beatles Talk Downunder Vol.1
4/03/96CDLaserlight12680Beatles Talk Downunder Vol.2
18/03/96LPApplePCSP 728Anthology 2
20/05/96CDWaxBEAT 1Interview Disc 1
20/05/96CDWaxBEAT 2Interview Disc 2
20/05/96CDWaxBEAT 3Interview Disc 3
20/05/96CDWaxBEAT 4Interview Disc 4
28/10/96LPApplePCSP 729Anthology 3
13/09/99LPApple521 4811Yellow Submarine - Songtrack
13/09/99CDApple521 4812Yellow Submarine - Songtrack
13/11/00CDApple529 97021
17/11/03LPApple595 4380Let It Be... Naked
15/11/04CDE.M.I.875 3482Capitol Albums Vol.1, The
20/11/06CDParlophone/Apple379 8082Love
09/09/09BoxParlophone/Apple699 4490The Beatles In Stereo
09/09/09BoxParlophone/Apple699 4512The Beatles In Mono
18/10/10CDE.M.I.RED 62661962-1966 (The "Red" Album)
18/10/10CDE.M.I.BLUE 67701967-1970 (The "Blue" Album)
11/11/13CDx2Apple374 9153Live at the BBC (Remastered)
11/11/13CDx2Apple374 9169Live at the BBC Vol.2 - "On Air"
11/11/13CDx4Apple375 8447Live at the BBC - "The Collection"
17/12/13CDx2Apple* none *Bootleg Recordings 1963
6/11/15BoxApple475 67811+
9/09/16CDApple570 5497Live At The Hollywood Bowl
26/05/17BoxApple574 5532Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition
9/11/18BoxApple675 7195The Beatles (a.k.a. The White Album) - 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition
27/09/19BoxApple779 2112Abbey Road - 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition
15/10/21BoxApple071 3869Let It Be - 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition
28/10/22BoxApple455 9941Revolver - Super Deluxe Edition
3/11/237"AppleR 4814586Now And Then
10/11/23LPApple455 92051962-1966 ("The Red Album")
10/11/23LPApple455 92081967-1970 ("The Blue Album")

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