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As I add detail to each release, the title will appear in Red as a "Link" (e.g. underlined).
Click on the linked title to see scan's, and some (hopefully) unique information.

This detail will be added to constantly as I get time.
I did NOT buy EVERY import release in the U.K., just those that were unique (not released in the U.K. ?) or in some way interesting, ie. Tracks never released in these formats or amazing sleeves, or .... well, you'll see ...

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EMI European codings mean the country of release can been readily identified from the first two characters, eg :
     1C = Germany
     2C = France
     3C = Italy
     4C = Belguim
     5C = Holland
     7C = Sweden
    10C = Spain
    11C = Portugal
    14C = Greece
Special note for Spain - "1J" instead of "10C" was used for several years (1969 to 1977, as from the "Get Back" single) to refer to records manufactured by EMI-Odeon in Spain, before the international "European codification". All references with "1J" were replaced by "10C" as from 1977.
(My thanks to Spanish correspondent "Bel" for correcting my European codings !)

The Beatles

Import Singles

16/09/63 Swan        S 4152       She Loves You                           I'll Get You
03/05/64 Odeon       C006-04204   Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand                Sie Liebt Dich                          
 6/07/64 Atco        45-6308      Ain't She Sweet                         Nobody's Child
10/08/64 Oldies 45   OL 151       Love Me Do                              P.S. I Love You
15/02/65 Apple       5371         Eight Day's A Week                      I Don't Want To Spoil The Party
13/09/65 Apple       5498         Yesterday                               Act Naturally
10/06/66 Parlophone  R 5452 NI    Paperback Writer                        Rain
 5/06/68 Apple       DPR 108      Una Sensazionale Intervista Con The Beatles
11/05/70 Apple       2832         Long And Winding Road                   For You Blue
31/05/76 Capitol     4274         Got To Get You Into My Life             Helter Skelter
 8/11/76 Capitol     4347         Ob-la-di Ob-la-da                       Julia
    1976 Odeon       2C-010 04474 Girl                                    Nowhere Man
    1976 Apple       2C-010 04982 All Together Now                        Hey Bulldog
    1976 Parlophone  3C-006 04455 I Need You                              Dizzy Miss Lizzy
 5/06/77 Apple       EAR 20251    Ob-la-di Ob-la-da                       While My Guitar Gently Weeps
    1982 Collectable COL 1503     Lend Me Your Comb                       Your Feets Too Big

Import E.P.s

   01/64 Meet The Beatles                             Capitol      SXA 2047  
    1968 Die Grossen Vier von Tony Sheridan           Polydor      2606 013  
    1971 I Need You                                   Apple        EPEM 10539
14/08/78 Sgt.Peppers/With A Little Help               Capitol      3C 006 06843
    1979 More Requests                                Parlophone   GEPO 70014
    1979 Yesterday                                    Parlophone   GEPO 70026

Import L.P.s

 26/06/64 A Hard Day's Night                          United ArtistUAS 6366
 13/08/65 Help !                                      Capitol      SMAS 2386
     1969 Beatles Greatest                            Odeon        1C 062-04 207        
 18/05/70 Let it Be                                   Apple        AR 34001
 20/11/77 Love Songs                                  Capitol      SEBX-11844
 22/08/78 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band       Capitol      SEAV 11840
 05/12/78 Abbey Road                                  Apple        5C P062-04243
 12/12/79 Hear The Beatles Tell All                   Vee Jay      PRO-202
 30/04/87 Movie Mania                                 Cicadelic    CIC 1960 
          Sgt. Pepper's  / Revolver                   Anton        N91 00117/120
 26/02/70 Hey Jude                                    Parlophone   PCSJ 149     

Solo Import Singles

John Lennon

28/12/70 Apple      APPLE 1827  Mother                                  Why
 1/12/71 Apple      APPLE 1842  Happy Xmas (War Is Over)                Listen The Snow Is Falling
24/04/72 Apple      APPLE 1848  Woman Is The Nigger Of The World        Sisters O Sisters

Paul McCartney

 2/08/71 Apple      APPLE 1837  Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey             Too Many People
28/02/72 Apple      APPLE 1847  Give Ireland Back To The Irish          Version
28/06/74 Apple      1C 006 05635Band On The Run                         Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five
23/05/75 Capitol    4091        Listen To What The Man Said             Love In Song
28/07/79 Odeon      1C 006 62945Getting Closer                          Spin It On
 4/04/80 Capitol    AE7 1204    Coming Up  (One-sided Promo !!)
 1/05/80 Tanpress   R 1054      Coming Up  (One-sided cardboard postcard !)
19/04/93 Capitol    DPRO 79783  Off The Ground  (One-track ONLY - CD Promo !!)
19/04/93 Capitol    ST 17318    Off The Ground                          Cosmically Conscious

George Harrison

15/02/71 Capitol    1828        What Is Life                            Apple Scruffs

Ringo Starr

20/03/72 Apple      APPLE 1849  Back Off Boogaloo                       Blindman
18/02/74 Apple      1872        Oh My My                                Step Lightly
 5/07/89 Capitol    PB 44409    Act Naturally                           Act Naturally

Solo Import E.P.'s

Paul McCartney

 28/06/76 Let 'em in                                  Pathe Marconi2C 052 98062
 13/11/89 Ou est le Soleil ?                          Capitol      V 15499  

Solo Import L.P.'s

John Lennon

 11/11/68 Unfinished Music No.1 - Two Virgins         Apple        T 5001

Paul McCartney

 05/12/73 Band On The Run                             Apple        SO 3415 
 05/12/78 Band On The Run                             Capitol      SEAX-11901
 04/12/80 Interview, The McCartney                    Columbia     PC 36987
 24/12/88 Choba B CCCP                                Melodiya     A60 00415 006

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