The Latest Beatle News From The U.K. Press !

December 5th 2000 Dhani Harrison In Car Crash (with pictures)
November 14th 2000 Beatles "1" - Initial Sales Reports
September 27th 2000 "Top of the Pops" Lennon tribute - The Broadcast
September 18th 2000 "Top of the Pops" Lennon tribute
July 12th 2000 Paul's Fab Favourites.
July 9th 2000 Harold Phillips dies in fire.
July 8th 2000 Paul at the Ivor Novello awards.
July 7th 2000 Melbourne "Southern Cross" Hotel - Doomed.
July 6th 2000 George at the Canadian Grand Prix.
June 27th 2000 Paul attends family wedding (great pictures).
June 26th 2000 Paul and Heather's trip to New York.
June 25th 2000 Paul supports a credit card for vegetarians.

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