The Beatles Lyrics

Here you can download the Complete Beatles Lyrics in one "Windows Style" Help! file.
(Although, this was created in an older version of Windows and may well not work on your current system).

Not only the lyrics to EVERY tune, but also a magnificent search facility whereby you can
enter one word and it will give you EVERY song containing that word !
e.g. Entering "mail" ... returns the results of:
  • Please Mr. Postman
  • Roll Over Beethoven
  • Too Much Monkey Business
  • ... and of course ...
  • Paperback Writer.
  • And each result can then be clicked on immediately, to see the lyrics ...
    All on YOUR OWN P.C. ...

    Click Here to download the zipped file (170K) Zipped Beatles Lyrics

    Or, if you are not confident of un-zipping, the whole thing is 390k UnZipped Beatles Lyrics
    Either way, when you get the dialog box asking "Open It", or "Save to disk" ... check the "Save to disk" box !
    Once you have the .hlp file ready on your PC, just click on it and ... singalong !!

    Dedication to Author
    We believe that The Beatles Lyrics in Windows "Help" style was written by Phillip Perkmann.

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