Rare Photos & Interview C.D. Vol.1

The Beatles
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Rare Photos & Interviews - Booklet Pages
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Label Mastertone Multimedia
Catalogue No. JG 001-2
Release date August 1995
Total time 64:12
Detail : Picture disc C.D. interview set. Limited edition with each copy individually numbered.
Executive producers are Jeff Abrams and Gary Arnold.

Comes in a 3 part fold out digi-pack with a 24 page booklet of photos and notes.

The picture disc has the same photo of Ringo at his drum kit as used on the rear of the digi-pack (seen above).

The booklet has the same front as the digi-pack except for the individual numbering. Amongst the pages of the booklet is one page dedicated to each moptop, if you look at the scans above you will see that,
John is described as "The Smart One" (??)
Paul - "The Cute One"
George - "The Quiet One" ... and
Ringo - "The Sad One" (??)

The photos used in the booklet were acquired by MasterTone Multimedia in June 1994 and form part of the Tony Gale collection. Most have not been published before.

Although this is a U.K. issue from MasterTone Multimedia, I notice in the small print that it is actually distributed by "Best Buy" from Minneapolis U.S.A.

Sincere thanks to Chris Jarvis of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia for all of this detail.

The C.D.

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 Pre Royal Variety Performance London 16.10.63 00:51
2 Post Royal Variety Performance London Nov 1963 01:34
3 Christmas Messages London 23.12.63 00:37
4 Preparing For Their American Tour London 06.02.64 02:13
5 American Tour New York Feb. 1964 00:29
6 Accepting Silver Hearts London 19.03.64 01:06
7 Australian Tour June 1964 02:00
8 Day After "A Hard Days Night" Premiere London 07.07.64 01:10
9 Talking About The General Election Stockton 15.10.64 01:39
10 After Receiving M.B.E.'s Twickenham 12.06.65 01:52
11 Just After Shea Stadium Toronto 17.08.65 17:46
12 Press Conference In America U.S.A. August 1965 01:12
13 Press Conference In America U.S.A. August 1965 14:29
14 Jesus Affair Press Conference Chicago 11.08.66 06:02
15 Yellow Submarine / Maharishi London 08.07.68 00:37
16 The Beatles Tour Australia Australia June 1964 10:35

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