Blow Away    b/w    Soft Touch

George Harrison
Blow Away
Blow Away
Label Dark Horse
Catalogue No. K 17327
Country of Origin England
Release Date 16th February 1979
U.K. Chart Detail :
Entry Date :10th March 1979
Highest Position :51
Weeks in Chart :5 Weeks
Detail : George's eleventh solo single.
This was the first single released to help promote the "George Harrison" album released just one week earlier.
George finally found himself back in the charts again after almost a four year absence, albeit in the lower reaches.
Part of the reason for the long gap, was that George felt he had needed a break from the music business. So in 1977 he followed his great passion of motor racing by travelling the world enjoying the World Formula One Grand Prix circuit. Ironically it was these motor racing friends who persuaded George to write again, by asking him to write a song about this noble sport. "Blow Away" was the song that George wrote for them.

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