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ISBN Number 0-600-55784-7
Printing Year 1989 First edition in Paperback
U.K. Cost 9:95

The Complete BEATLES Recording Sessions
     by Mark Lewisohn

One of the most important documentaries on rock music ever published, this is EMI Records' official diary-format history of every Beatles recording session.

Introduced by a rare and exclusive interview with Paul McCartney.

Researched from hundreds of unreleased Abbey Road archive tapes, thousands of previously unpublished studio documents and interviews with scores of the key recording personnel.

Over 350 colour and black-and-white photographs and illustrations, including rare photos by Linda McCartney and the first facsimile reproductions of Abbey Road recording sheets, tape boxes, album sleeve roughs, memos, contracts, press releases and much more.

"A staggeringly detailed document of the Beatles at work." Creative Review

"The ultimate word on the subject ... one of the most important rock books of all time. Absolutely essential purchase for everyone interested in the Beatles" Record Collector

Review :

Simply my favourite book about The Beatles, and of all aspects it has to be, because it simply describes the music.
Not in any flowery prose, dissecting the "hidden meanings" ... but instead, concentrates in detail in the recording process of every Beatle studio session at Abbey Road.
I must confess, I have read through it fully at least three times, and referred to it on countless times .... it is the one book I would take with me on a desert island.
If you only have even a passing interest in the lads, then I guarantee you will enjoy this truly remarkable historical document.

Sadly, Out of Print !!

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