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The Beatles Official Web Site
The Beatles very own web-site.
Paul McCartney's Official Web Site
Paul's very own web-site.
George Harrison's Official Web Site
George's very own web-site.
A Hard Day's Night - The Movie
An official site for the film "A Hard Day's Night".
Harald Gernhardts Beatle Pages
An excellent established site for Bootleg Information (Requires membership, but worth it)
and for Paul McCartney - Unofficial information and latest news.
Abbeyrd's Beatle Page
Up to the minute Beatle information.
The Beatles Reference Library
A treasure trove of useful and odd information.
The Beatleg Project
An incredible store of Bootleg information.
Steve Cliffords Beatle Site
From Canada, a great site full of Beatles info ... check it out !
Beatles London News
Richard Porter's excellent London based site, covering latest Beatle news,
details of London Beatle walks, and the opportunity to meet the creator of,
"The Official Abbey Road Cafe Guide To The Beatles London".
Rare Beatles
Once again, loadsafacts.
Paul McCartney
The website of MPL Communications Ltd.
Linda McCartney tribute site, incorporating Paul info.
The Bootleg Beatles
The most fab gear Beatles tribute band on the planet.
I see them every time they are at The Cliffs Pavilion, Westcliff-on-Sea. GREAT Stuff.
Banned On The Run
Excellent U.K. based Paul McCartney tribute band.
Beatles Beatles Beatles
An interesting Beatle site.
Beatles For Sale (Awards UK)
Willing to spend to feed your habit ?
Beatles For Sale (Tracks)
Part with your hard-earned cash ?
Beatles For Sale (More Than Music)
... here is one of the very best and informative sites selling Beatle material.
The Beatles
I don't know who the owner of this one is, but it is a very complete site.
It has official release info, bootlegs, and solo info ... very nicely done.
The Beatles - A Chronicle In Vinyl
Contains a graphic chronicle of every original U.S. and U.K. commercially released Beatles record.
Also includes a history of vinyl records, unusual formats, lyrics, U.S. counterfeits, and more.
Frasers Autographs
Stanley Gibbons autograph house, often has Beatle items for sale.
Beatle Links Banner - Beatles Internet Resource Guide

Samuel Coomans Beatles Site
This is a nice site showing French and European Beatles releases.
Jackie Lomax Site
The world's best site on former Apple recording artist Jackie Lomax.
Skeet's Beatles Lists
Skeet's Beatles Lists
Mary Hopkin
A Welsh fan's own site dedicated to Mary Hopkin.
Fab Four in Vinyl
A site that concentrates on German issues.
One of the web's biggest on-line music retailers with a wide selection of material.

General Music

Sixties City
Sixties City Banner
Hundreds of pages and pictures on all aspects of the swingin' 60s.
If you're looking for nostalgia, good times and great music, this is the right place!
VIP 24 Music Portal
VIP 24 Music Banner
From the VIP Music Events people
This site has everything about music
Buy, Sell, Discover - The Ultimate Music Portal
Ultimate Band List
Gives biographies, record catalogues, fan site links, of EVERY recording artiste.
This is the biggest and the best.
Rock Encyclopaedia
A fantastic source of information of every aspect of music.
The U.K. Music Charts
The official U.K. singles and album weekly charts.
Disco Mix Club (D.M.C.)
The world's leading D.J. club, and purveyors of exclusive mixes and re-mixes.
D.J. Music Catalogue
A fantastic catalogue of D.J. dance music,
with a variety of indexes (Artist, Title, etc), and also including those vital B.P.M.'s !
Record Collector
Record Collector monthly magazine, is without doubt the best collectors mag on the market.
An essential monthly purchase.
Mojo magazine, the best monthly music magazine by far.
Mature informed opinion, great articles, fab format, great crossword.
45rpm Records
Original oldies website dedicated to the 7" single.
Eureka Records
Excellent oldies record and memorabilia shop in Brentwood, Essex. (Now no more, I believe)
Annie's Lyrics and Links
A cute and very nicely laid out lyric central.
Lyrics World
A great lyrics web-site.
The Doors of Perception
Jim Morrison and The Doors.

My Favourite Sport Sites

Chelsea F.C.
England's Premier Football Side.
Football 365
THE informed football site.
Excellent serious, and fun football website.
Contains current statistics, league tables, results, news ... and everything football !
Motorsport, in all it's glory.
An annual Formula 1 global competiton.
(My highest position so far (yes, alright, mid-year) was, 34th out of 10,664 .. so beat that !)


Prisoner Webring
Where am I ?
You're in The Prisoner webring !
Prisoner Links
The Prisoner links.
T.V. Episode Guide
An encyclopaedia of television.
Almost every T.V. show you can think of has information here.
Seinfeld Quotes
A great site that lists all the best quotes of each Seinfeld episode.
Reading them is like watching the shows all over again !

Comedy and Oddities

Urban Legends
Find the truth about ALL those urban legends right here !
Riddles And More Riddles
An interesting riddles and puzzles web-site.
The web-site of the cartoon strip "Dilbert".

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