Christmas Time (Is Here Again)

The Beatles
Christmas Time - Front Cover Christmas Time - Rear Cover
Christmas Time - Front Cover Christmas Time - Rear Cover
Christmas Time - The Label
Christmas Time - The Label
Label Lyntone
Catalogue No. LYN 1360
Time : 6:06
Release Date 15th December 1967
Detail : The Beatles fifth Christmas record distributed free to their fans through the fan club.
with special guest appearance by the feet and voice of
VICTOR U. SPINETTI and Something Else by

Another little bite of the Apple: Produced by George (Is Here Again) Martin.

Recorded on Tuesday 28th November 1967 in Abbey Road studios.
Augmented applause recorded on location in Dublin using f8 filter at 33 1/3 a.s.a.

As in the previous Christmas fan club outing, the Beatles themselves wrote this offering which took the form of a send-up of current radio and television programmes. It also included a brief snatch of a Christmas song which was registered as being written by Lennon-McCartney-Harrison-Starkey and in it's original un-cut form runs for 6 minutes 37 seconds (!), and appeared on the single of Free As A Bird, and of course, a number of bootlegs.
Just one take of the song was recorded which featured John on Timpani, Paul on piano, George on acoustic guitar, Ringo on drums and double-tracked vocals from the four Beatles plus George Martin and Victor Spinetti.

The accompanying sketches included, messages, jokes, tap-dancing by Ringo and Victor, the voices of Mal Evans and George Martin, and a snatch of an old song called "Plenty Of Jam Jars".

This was the last Christmas fan club recording where all four Beatles were in the studio together.

Sleeve design by Julian Lennon, John Lennon and Ringo Starr.

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