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Christmas Record - Front Cover Christmas Record - Rear Cover
Christmas Record - Front Cover Christmas Record - rear Cover
Christmas Record - The Label
Christmas Record - The Label
Label Lyntone
Catalogue No. LYN 757
Time : 3:58
Release Date 18th December 1964
Detail : The Beatles second Christmas 7" flexi distributed free to their fans through the fan club.

By the time of the release of this flexi the Fan Club membership had risen to 65,000 and Christmas flexi disks were made for every member. It came with a special sleeve and with a Fan Club newsletter.
Notice on the label that the 1964 fan club flexi plays at 45 rpm, all the others play at 33 1/3.

It was recorded 26th October 1964 on the same day as they recorded "Honey Don't" for "Beatles For Sale". The cheeky Beatle humour was again written by The Beatles press officer Tony Barrow which is interspersed with crazy versions of Christmas tunes.

Paul talks first, thanking everyone for buying their records.
John (clearly reading) then thanks everyone for buying his book.
George thanks the fans for going to see their film, and describes the next film as being "one in colour".
Ringo conveys his thanks, and describes the Beatle year of travelling abroad.

An old piano favourite is heard, "Your Fathers Shirt", which is followed by a clapped "Happy Xmas" group chant to the fade.

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