VH1 Storytellers

Ringo Starr
VH1 Storytellers - Front cover VH1 Storytellers - Rear Cover
VH1 Storytellers - Front Cover VH1 Storytellers - Rear Cover
Label Mercury
Catalogue No. 538 118-2
Release date 19th October 1998
Total time 52:01
U.K. L.P. Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail : Ringo Starr's second album release for Mercury is not counted as an official studio album or as an "All-Starr" release as it was recorded live for a TV program and featured either old songs or promotion for his forthcoming album Vertical Man.
Credited to Ringo Starr
Produced by Mark Hudson

VH1 Storytellers is a popular show that places performers in an intimate environment, where the artist concerned would also be expected to chat about most songs and give a brief interesting anecdote as well - hence the "blisters on my fingers".

According to Keith Badman's essential book After The Break-Up, after rehearsals on 12th May, Ringo and his current band, dubbed "The Roundheads", recorded an edition of "VH1 Storytellers" live on 13th May 1998 at the Bottom Line Club, New York. BUT, the C.D. itself says that it was recorded at the Sony Studios (are they the "Bottom Line" ?) ... and Keith only lists half the tracks. Having not seen the show (I missed it ?!) ... I can`t confirm the continuity.
The C.D. was mixed at Westlake studios and at Blue House studios in L.A. by Scott Gordon and Mark Hudson.
"The Roundheads" were :
     Ringo - Lead Vocals, drums, keyboards
     Joe Walsh - Electric guitar
     Mark Hudson - Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica, backing vocals
     Gary Burr - Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, backing vocals
     Steve Dudas - Electric guitar
     Jack Blades - Bass, backing vocals
     Jim Cox - B3 organ, keyboards, backing vocals
     Simon Kirk - drums
     Scott Gordon - Harmonica.

Sleeve art direction was by Margery Greenspan, design and layout was by Sandra Monteparo with the cover photograph by Marc Bryan-Brown.

The C.D.

No. Track Composer Time
1 With A Little Help From My Friends Lennpn-McCartney 4:18
2 It Don't Come Easy Starkey 3:18
3 I Was Walkin' Starkey-Hudson-Grakal 4:21
4 Don't Pass Me By Starkey 5:40
5 Back Off Boogaloo Starkey 3:40
6 King Of Broken Hearts Starkey-Hudson-Grakal-Dudas 7:43
7 Octopus's Garden Starkey 2:50
8 Photograph Starkey-Harrison 4:11
9 La De Da Starkey-Hudson-Grakal-Dudas 5:04
10 What In The... World Starkey-Hudson-Grakal-Dudas 5:32
11 Love Me Do Lennon-McCartney 3:41
12 With A Little Help From My Friends
Lennon-McCartney 1:20
13 "I've Got Blisters... * dialogue * 0:18
14 The End   0:04

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