Ain't She Sweet   b/w   If You Love Me, Baby

The Beatles
Ain't She Sweet
Ain't She Sweet
Label Polydor
Catalogue No. NH 52317
Recording Details Probably around the 22nd June 1961
Release Date 29th May 1964
U.K. Chart Detail :
Entry Date :11th June 1964
Highest Position :29
Weeks in Chart :6 Weeks
Detail : Polydor "scroll" type label.
A-side by, "The Beatles vocal:John Lennon", recorded in Hamburg 1961
B-side by, "The Beatles with Tony Sheridan, vocal"

I also have a German import version as shown below (this has same B-side)

And beneath that, see pictured a U.S. import on "Atco" which has "Nobody's Child" on the B-side. This U.S. version was released 6th July 1964.

German Import Copy

Ain't She Sweet - German Import
German Import

U.S. Import Copy

The copy shown below is a 1964 "first edition" worth about $15 (a mint copy would be $50).
A first edition can be ascertained by the "VOCAL BY JOHN LENNON" on the left of the label.
For the second pressings the same statement came under "The Beatles".

Ain't She Sweet - U.S. Import A-side Ain't She Sweet - U.S. Import B-side
U.S. Import A-side U.S. Import B-side

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