Bad Boy

Ringo Starr
Bad Boy - Front cover Bad Boy - Rear Cover
Bad Boy - Front cover
Bad Boy - Front and Rear Covers Picture on Inner Sleeve
Label Polydor
Catalogue No. 2310 599
Release date 21st April 1978
Total time 34:29
U.K. L.P. Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart.
Detail : Ringo Starr's seventh studio album and eighth album overall (or was it ninth if Scouse The Mouse was included ?)
It was Ringo's final Polydor outing.
Credited to Ringo Starr
Produced by Vini Poncia
Engineered by Bob Schaper.
Personnel (Ringo's Roadside Attraction) :
Lead Vocals and drums - Ringo Starr
Lead Guitar - Push-a-lone
Rhythm guitar - Git-tar
Synthesisers - Hamisch Bisonette
Bass - Diesel
Keyboards - Morris Lane
... featuring Vini Poncia's Peaking Duck Orchestra and Chorus
with Horns arranged by Tom of the North.

Recorded at the Elite Recording Studios in the Bahamas and at the Can-Base Studios, Nimbus 9 in Canada in December 1977. As you will see by the personnel list above, Ringo took lead vocals and played drums but the remaining musicians remain anonymous.
As well as the ten tracks listed below, Ringo also recorded two short songs for some Japanese T.V. ads for "Simple Life" leisure suits, called "Simple Life" and "I Love My Suit".

Ringo then took a three year break, not returning to the recording studios until 1980.

The sleeve design was again by John Kosh, with the front cover and inner sleeve photographs by Nancy Andrews, with the rear cover photograph by Richard Starkey M.B.E.

I have a U.S. promo copy of this L.P. - It is on the Portrait label catalogue number JR 35378, the record labels are white with the tracklisting and the words "DEMONSTRATION NOT FOR SALE" upon them. Clearly seen written on the inside of the sleeve in large orangle felt-tip is the word "YANKOVIC" ... was my copy once in the possesion of Wierd Al ??
The rear cover has a gold leaf stamp on it which says :

Ownership Reserved By CBS
Sale Is Unlawful

Side 1

Track Composer Recording Information Time
Who Needs A Heart Poncia-Starkey An original song by Ringo and Vini. 3:48
Bad Boy Armstrong-Long Originally by The Jive Bombers in 1957. 3:14
Lipstick Traces
(On A Cigarette)
Neville Originally by Benny Spellman in 1962.
Intended as a first single release to promote the album, see Lipstick Traces
Heart On My Sleeve Gallagher-Lyle Originally a hit for the writers in 1976. 3:20
Where Did Our Love Go Holland-Dozier-Holland Originally by The Supremes in 1964 3:15

Side 2

Track Composer Recording Information Time
Hard Times Skellern Originally by Peter Skellern. 3:31
Tonight McLagan-Pidgeon Written in 1977.
Ringo's final single release of the 70's, see Tonight
Monkey See - Monkey Do Franks Originally by Melissa Manchester in 1977 3:36
Old Time Relovin' Poncia-Starkey An original song by Ringo and Vini. 4:16
A Man Like Me O'Lochlainn An adapted re-recording of "A Mouse Like Me" which had been originally sung by Ringo from "Scouse The Mouse". 3:00

Released Versions

First pressings (1978)
    2310 599 - With inner sleeve.


No C.D. has been issued in the U.K. of "Bad Boy".

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