Twin Freaks

Paul McCartney

Twin Freaks - Vinyl Set

Twin Freaks - Front cover Twin Freaks - Rear Cover
Twin Freaks - Front Cover Twin Freaks - Rear Cover
(Top left detail as cover almost all plain black)
Twin Freaks - Front cover Twin Freaks - Rear Cover
Twin Freaks - Inside Gatefold (Left side) Twin Freaks - Inside Gatefold (Right side)
Twin Freaks - Front cover Twin Freaks - Rear Cover
Twin Freaks - Label Disc 1 Twin Freaks - Label Disc 2

Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. 311 3001 (Full barcode no: 0946 311300 1 4)
Label on disc 1 has cat. no. - 0946 311 3261 2
Label on disc 2 has cat. no. - 0946 311 3271 1
Matrix No.'s Side 1 - 58494 1A 3113001
Side 2 - 58494 1B 3113001
Side 3 - 58494 1C 3113001
Side 4 - 58494 1D 3113001
Release date 14th June 2005
Total time 53:53
U.K. L.P. Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail : This album is actually "by" Twin Freaks and is called Twin Freaks (see Twin Freaks Net)
But musically this could be classed as a collaboration between DJ Freelance Hellraiser and the music of McCartney.
Executive Producer - Paul McCartney
Produced by - Freelance Hellraiser
Mixed by - Clive Goddard at Hog Hill Mill Studio
Mastered by - Peter Mew at Abbey Road Studios
Artwork by - Paul McCartney

This U.K. release was manufactured to order only and shipped out on 13th June 2005, BUT, was not allowed to be sold until the following day. Once initial orders of this album are sold out, E.M.I. have (allegedly) confirmed that no more will be pressed !

This double vinyl LP set has been issued by Parlophone/EMI on VINYL ONLY and is the debut album featuring the studio wizardry of London based DJ and Producer The Freelance Hellraiser AKA Roy Kerry, best known for his unforgettable mash-up the 2002 bootleg ‘A Stroke Of Genius’.
In the Summer of 2004 Roy Kerry toured Europe with Paul McCartney, opening each show with a 25 minute set of re-mixed McCartney tracks, which culminated in the famous headline performance at Glastonbury.
"Those of you who were there for the European Tour will have heard our DJ, Freelance Hellraiser, cooking up some mixes before we came on and people have been enquiring about these mixes ever since. Well the good news is he’s put together an album called ‘Twin Freaks’ using fragments from my original multi-tracks which we hope will rock your little cotton socks!"
Paul McCartney.

The official heavyweight double vinyl L.P. Set contains twelve re-mixed McCartney tracks all re-mixed in a totally unique dance style.

Both albums have Twin Freak record labels and the 2 LP set is protected by soft polythene lined inner bags and housed in a gatefold sleeve. The cover features Paul's own art entitled ‘Twin Freaks’. The subject Twin Freaks was painted by Paul a few years ago, and is featured on Page 69 of his book entitled ‘Paintings’.

One week before the album release it was preceded by a limited edition 12" release of two tracks from this set,
Really Love Love b/w Lalula on Graze Records Really Love You (GRAZE 012).
The pressing run for this was just 2,500 copies, with both tracks on side 1. Side 2 was etched.
And ...
Issued prior to the official 12" was a ONE-TRACK single-sided 12" promo containing just "Really Love You".
This was limited to just 500 copies worldwide and had a catalogue number of Really Love You (GRAZE 010).

Some of the samples listed in the tracklisting below were spotted by JPGR correspondent Herve Marchetti.

Side 1

Track Composer Origin Time
Really Love You McCartney-Starkey From Flaming Pie
Features drums from "What's that you're doing".
Long Haired Lady (Reprise) P.McCartney-L.McCartney From Ram
Incorporates guitar from Oo You
Rinse The Raindrops McCartney From Driving Rain 3:14

Side 2

Track Composer Origin Time
Darkroom McCartney From McCartney II 2:30
Live And Let Die P.McCartney-L.McCartney See Live And Let Die
Features some guitars from "Goodnight tonight".
Temporary Secretary McCartney From McCartney II 4:12

Side 3

Track Composer Origin Time
What's That You're Doing Wonder-McCartney From Tug of War
Features some synth from "Old Siam Sir".
Oh Woman, Oh Why McCartney B-side to Another Day
Incorporating Venus and Mars vocals,
Band On The Run guitar,
Bass from "Loup (1st Indian On The Moon)"
Mumbo P.McCartney-L.McCartney From Wild Life
Bass and rhythm from "Front parlour" on McCartney II.

Side 4

Track Composer Origin Time
Lalula McCartney New
But features guitars from "Oh Woman Oh Why" and the main riff of "Old Siam Sir".
Coming Up McCartney See Coming Up - incorporates music from Morse Moose And The Grey Goose 4:42
Maybe I'm Amazed McCartney From McCartney 6:12

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