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Love - Front cover Love - Rear Cover
Love - Front Cover Love - Rear Cover
Love - The Double Vinyl Issue
Love - The Double Vinyl Issue
Love - Rear of Vinyl Issue
Love - Rear of Vinyl Sleeve

             Details of a promo for this release can be found following the track list of the official release below.

Label Parlophone/Apple
Catalogue No. Vinyl  379 8081
C.D.   379 8082
DVD  379 8102
Release date 20th November 2006
Total time C.D. 78:43
DVD 80:32
U.K. Album Chart Detail :
Entry Date :26th November 2006
Highest Position :3
Weeks in Chart :15
Detail : The first Beatles album officially available in 5.1 sound.

In a very big week for new releases this album was one of FOUR big new releases competing for the number 1 slot in the charts.
In a strange coincidence "The Love Album" was the number 1 record, selling 219,662 units in the first week, but that was the title of Westlife's unoriginal covers album.
With Oasis coming in at number 2, LOVE had to settle for the third spot at the end of the first week.
           (U2 was the fourth entry at no.4 with yet another greatest hits issue).
03/12/2006 - On it's second week in the chart LOVE dropped from 3 to 5.
10/12/2006 - On it's third week in the chart LOVE dropped from 5 to 6.
17/12/2006 - Week four and LOVE is a non-mover at no. 6.
24/12/2006 - For Christmas week and it's 5th week in the top ten, LOVE drops two places to 8.
31/12/2006 - 6th week in the top ten and LOVE moves back up three places to number 5.
07/01/2007 - 7th week in the top ten and LOVE drops back another two places to number 7.
14/01/2007 - 8th week in the top ten and LOVE drops back one place to number 8.
21/01/2007 - 9th week in the top ten and LOVE drops two places to number 10.
28/01/2007 - 10th week in the chart and LOVE drops out of the top ten, down to number 15.
04/02/2007 - 11th week in the chart and LOVE takes a big drop, right out of the top 30 to number 32.
11/02/2007 - 12th week in the chart and LOVE goes back up a few places into the top 30 at number 27.
18/02/2007 - 13th week in the chart and LOVE goes back up for the second week in a row, to number 25.
25/02/2007 - 14th week in the chart and LOVE takes a big tumble down to number 47.
04/03/2007 - 15th week in the chart and LOVE takes another fall, down to number 54.
11/03/2007 - Love drops out of the Top 75.

                                          Chart progression 3-5-6-6-8-5-7-8-10-15-32-27-25-47-54-Out

"Love" is a fascinating re-working of numerous classic Beatles recordings by the band's original producer at EMI, Sir George Martin assisted by his son Giles.

The result is an astonishing album that reinforces the timeless quality of the group's recordings.
Older fans will have hours of fun enjoying the roller coaster experience of listening to the album whilst trying to spot where all the pieces of music come from (as an example, Strawberry Fields Forever (Love Version) includes samples from Sgt. Peppers, In My Life, Penny Lane, Piggies and Hello Goodbye !!). Plus, this album is also destined to open up a new legion of fans to The Beatles experience.

Love is also the title of the highly successful Cirque du Soleil/Apple co-production, featuring the music of The Beatles currently wowing audiences in Las Vegas.

There is a stereo CD, plus simultaneously released will be a special two disc edition that will include the CD and an audio only DVD containing a slightly extended version in amazing 5.1 surround sound.
The 5.1 disc is a DVD-Audio/DVD-Video hybrid. The audio is presented in high-resolution 96/24 5.1 surround on the DVD-Audio part of the disc. The DVD-Video part carries 5.1 surround in DTS and Dolby Digital as well as a PCM stereo mix. This DVD album is designed to be played on DVD video equipment but will carry no video component (except a DVD Menu).

A few weeks after the digital versions, a double vinyl album was issued with catalogue number 379 8081.
This was only available during the initial pressings stage.

All released versions contain an elaborate 28 page booklet with fantastic designs, layering and weaving the legacy of The Beatles into complex collages, featuring photographs and images from the show.

Sir George Martin:

"This music was designed for the LOVE show in Las Vegas, but in so doing we have created a new Beatles album.
The Beatles always looked for other ways of expressing themselves and this is another step forward for them."

Giles Martin:

"We took all the Beatles catalogue from tape, the original four tracks, eight tracks and two tracks and used this palette of sounds and music to create a sound bed. What people will be hearing on this album is a new experience, a new way of re-living the whole Beatles musical lifespan in a very condensed period."

Paul McCartney:

"This album puts The Beatles back together again. It's kind of magical"

Ringo Starr:

"George and Giles did such a great job combining these tracks. It's really powerful for me and I even heard things I'd forgotten we'd recorded."

Yoko Ono Lennon:

"The album has the feeling of LOVE. They have let everything that is beautiful and daring come out."

Olivia Harrison:

"The music is stunning. I think the most amazing thing about it is that you can pull it apart and all the elements carry with it the essence of the entire song"

Love is an astonishing album that pushes back the boundaries of recorded music and can only add to the enduring legacy of The Beatles.

Note that a TV special on the making of the album is currently being made and will be broadcast on the BBC before Christmas.
A GMTV special, filmed in Las Vegas, is already in the can and due to air on the release date.

Digital Disc

No. Track DVD Timing and Recording Information C.D.
1 Because (Love Version) 2:13 (actual running: 0:06 - 2:19)
Outdoor countryside sounds throughout, including:
    Bird sounds from first issue Across The Universe (World Wildlife Edition)
    Woodpigeon sound effects
From 2:19 to 2:43 The final Day In The Life chord is played backwards
2 Get Back (Love Version) 1:51 (actual running: 2:58 - 4:49)
From the building backward chord above,
some backing vocals from I Am The Walrus, plus
the opening chord of A Hard Day's Night takes us into Get Back.
The End drum solo and guitar sequences can be heard over the Get Back intro.
Includes Shea Stadium crowd noise, Sgt. Pepper percussion and
A Day In The Life (orchestral crescendo).
Link into next track includes Glass Onion strings and Hello Goodbye vocals,
plus "Shoot" from Come Together.
3 Glass Onion (Love Version) 1:19 (actual running: 4:49 - 6:08)
Includes guitar sample from Things We Said Today
John can be heard singing the words, "Hello" (Hello Goodbye) and "Nothing is real",
in amongst Penny Lane piccolo, more A Day In The Life orchestral crescendo,
and I Am The Walrus backing vocals.
Also heard are horns from Magical Mystery Tour and
sound effects from Only A Northern Song.
4 Eleanor Rigby/Julia (Love Version) E.R. - 2:26 (actual running: 6:09 - 8:35)
Julia - 0:35 (actual running: 8:39 - 9:14)
Intro is new created from Julia guitars.
Includes Strawberry Fields Forever samples,
A Day In The Life strings and "Aaaaaaah", then
fades into police siren.
5 I Am The Walrus (Love Version) 4:25 (actual running: 9:14 - 13:39)
Has John's original count-in intro.
Includes some allegedly unreleased material,
and a portion of the King Lear broadcast is brought to the fore.
6 I Want To Hold Your Hand (Love Version) 1:22 (actual running: 13:43 - 15:05)
Preceded by Hollywood Bowl introduction of "Here they are .. The Beatles"
Screams overdub'd throughout as the live and studio versions are mixed.
7 Drive My Car/The Word/What You're Doing (Love Version) 1:54 (actual running: 15:05 - 17:00)
Drums from Drive My Car and The Word are heard together and later ALL three titles.
Savoy Truffle saxophones heard over Drive My Car.
Taxman guitar solo next to drop in.
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds organ is used over the top.
Helter Skelter backing vocals.
Handclaps are from And Your Bird Can Sing.
8 gniK nuS (Love Version) 0:54 (actual running: 17:01 - 17:54)
Sun King backwards, includes some Within You Without You drone.
9 Something/Blue Jay Way (Love Version) Something: 2:52 (actual running: 17:54 - 20:46)
Blue Jay Way: 0:37 (actual running: 20:46 - 21:23)
Guitars removed from start of Something
Nowhere Man and a Sea Shanty can be heard over Blue Jay Way instrumentation.
10 Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite/
I Want You (She's So Heavy)/Helter Skelter (Love Version)
Kite: 1:49 (actual running: 21:23 - 23:12)
Cry Baby Cry accordion and Good Morning horses
Laughter heard is said to be from the Piggies session.
I Want You: 1:27 (actual running: 23:12 - 24:39)
Helter Skelter vocal with heavy delay can be heard over I Want You
Wind noise takes us into the next track ...
11 Help ! (Love Version) 2:17 (actual running: 24:45 - 27:02)
There is a longer "ooooh" vocal during the outro.
12 Blackbird/Yesterday (Love Version) Blackbird: 0:27 (actual running: 27:04 - 27:31)
Yesterday: 2:02 (actual running: 27:31 - 29:33)
Includes sample from Girl intro.
13 Strawberry Fields Forever (Love Version) 4:23 (actual running: 29:36 - 33:59)
This is an edit of four versions: Demo, Take 1, Take 7 and final master.
Overdubs can be heard of samples from:
Hey Bulldog
Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (orchestra/horns)
In My Life (piano solo)
Penny Lane (brass)
I'm Only Sleeping (backwards guitar)
Piggies (harpsichord)
Baby You're A Rich Man
Hello Goodbye (finale)
14 Within You Without You/Tomorrow Never Knows (Love Version) 2:50 (actual running: 34:00 - 36:50)
Mainly Within You Without You over Tomorrow Never Knows drum beat
Includes samples from:
Sea Of Time (tamboura)
Old Brown Show (bass organ)
Strawberry Fields Forever (backward cymbal)
Rain (backwards lyrics "When The Sun Shines")
Sea Of Monsters (backwards effect from the ending)
15 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Love Version) 4:06 (actual running: 36:50 - 40:56)
Drum roll from Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite
Samples from:
She's Leaving Home
Baby You're A Rich Man
Sgt. Pepper (horns)
Tomorrow Never Knows (sound effect at end)
Your Mother Should Know (harmony vocal)
Magical Mystery Tour (vocal from bridge)
16 Octopus's Garden (Love Version) 3:17 (actual running: 40:56 - 44:13)
Goodnight instumentation
Yellow Submarine sound effects and samples.
Lovely Rita drums
Polythene Pam drum break
John's voice clearly saying: "Oh, Great, Great that, Beautiful, Sensational".
Helter Skelter (guitar)
Fixing A Hole
Penny Lane
Then fades into Sun King - 0:30 (actual running: 44:13 - 44:43)
17 Lady Madonna (Love Version) 2:54 (actual running: 44:43 - 47:37)
Why Don't We do It In The Road drums at start
Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da percussion
I Want You (Billy Preston organ)
Hey Bulldog samples of percussion and guitar
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (guitar solo)
Don't Let Me Down ("hee-ee")
Ronnie Scott's saxophone brought right out, especially at the end.
18 Here Comes The Sun/The Inner Light (Love Version) 4:19 (actual running: 47:38 - 51:57)
Within You Without You (tabla indian instrumentation)
Oh Darling backing vocals.
I Want You (She's So Heavy) bass line.
19 Come Together/Dear Prudence/Cry Baby Cry (Love Version) 3:43 (actual running: 51:57 - 55:40)
Come Together has a more raw vocal track.
Eleanor Rigby (strings)
A Day In The Life (orchestral crescendo - again)
Can You Take Me Back: 0:44 (actual running: 55:45 - 56:29)
Also some Let It Be drums
20 Revolution (Love Version) 3:18 (actual running: 56:42 - 60:00)
Some Revolution drums used as link from last track, then the single mix
There is a small spoken sample at the end I've yet to put my finger on.
21 Back In The U.S.S.R. (Love Version) 2:40 (actual running: 60:00 - 62:40)
This mix includes vocals not found on original.
22 While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Love Version) 3:19 (actual running: 62:41 - 66:00)
Take 1 demo vocals with a new string score by George Martin.
23 A Day In The Life (Love Version) 5:05 (actual running: 66:29 - 71:34)
Preceded by studio chatter before the take, plus John's Take 1 count-in (Sugar Plum Fairy)
Includes additional sound effects, and you can hear the alarm clock too (from take 1).
24 Hey Jude (Love Version) 3:57 (actual running: 71:34 - 75:31)
Magical Mystery Tour sample
Acapella section halfway through
Reggae bassline in the fade from Hey Jude outtake,
Hey Jude brass section used to link to next track ....
25 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) (Love Version) 1:21 (actual running: 75:34 - 76:55)
Goodnight (strings finale)
Hey Jude (crowd sound and orchestra)
26 All You Need Is Love (Love Version) 3:14 (actual running: 76:55 - 80:09)
Various samples heard in the fade:
Ticket To Ride
Baby You're A rich Man (79:45)
Sgt. Pepper
Goodnight follows at 80:09 with studio chat from John ("Johnny Rhythm") to sign off ...
(taken from Beatles Third Fan Club Christmas Record (1965)).
DVD ends at 80:32 (1:20:32)

LOVE Promo

Love - Promo Front cover Love - Promo Rear Cover
Love - Promo Front Cover Love - Promo Rear Cover

A "Love" promo (pictured above) was distributed on Monday 30th October 2006, three weeks prior to release of the official album.
The PROMOTIONAL CD features the following tracks:

  1. Strawberry Fields Forever' (Love Version)           (4:24)
  2. Octopus's Garden (Love Version)                        (2:56)
  3. Lady Madonna' (Love Version)                            (3:00)
  4. While My Guitar Gently Weeps' (Love Version)   (3:21)
The promo has a catalogue number of 0946 3 81732 2 9
Included with this PROMOTIONAL CD I received a copy of the OFFICIAL three page PARLOPHONE UK PRE-SELL notes issued in ADVANCE of the 'LOVE' release, detailing the FULL track listing for the 'LOVE' album, details of how the album was put together, plus other interesting media information.

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