George Harrison
Brainwashed - Front cover
Brainwashed - CD Case Opened Out, Showing Rear And Front
Brainwashed - Rear Cover
Brainwashed - George on Centre Page of Booklet
Brainwashed - The Vinyl Set Brainwashed - The CD/DVD Set
Brainwashed - The Vinyl Set Brainwashed - The CD/DVD Set
Brainwashed - The CD/DVD Box
Brainwashed - The CD/DVD Box
Label Dark Horse/Parlophone
Catalogue No. 541 9691
543 2462 (C.D.)
580 3450 (CD/DVD Box set)
Release date 18th November 2002
Total time 47:49
U.K. Album Chart Detail :
Entry Date :24th November 2002
Highest Position :29
Weeks in Chart :9
Detail : George's final album, but the first to be credited to Dark Horse AND Parlophone.
Credited to George Harrison, and produced by George Harrison, Jeff Lynne and Dhani Harrison
Personnel :
George - Vocals, slide guitar, acoustic guitar, bass
Dhani Harrison - Acoustic Guitar, backing vocals
Jeff Lynne - Electric guitar, 12-string guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Bikram Ghosh - Tabla
Jon Lord - Piano
Jools Holland - Piano
Sam Brown - Backing vocals
Jim Keltner - Drums
Jane Lister - Harp
Isabela Borzymowska - Reading from "How To Know God" (The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali)
plus, Namah Parvati - Performed by George and Dhani Harrison.

"Give me plenty of that guitar" ...
An album that as the stylus hits the vinyl immediately strikes you as being vibrant and upbeat. All the more remarkable when it was recorded in the last couple of months before George's passing.

Art direction and photography by thenewno2    ("I'm not a number ...")
Photographs of George by Brian Roylance.

The vinyl L.P. comes in a gatefold sleeve, with a stiff card inner sleeve. Plus a LARGE 12-page booklet featuring the lyrics and photographs.
The C.D. comes in a gatefold sleeve with the same pictures as on the L.P. (but smaller !), and the C.D. hides a picture of what is the label on the vinyl (as above). It includes a 16-page booklet featuring the lyrics and photographs.
The CD/DVD comes in a 6" x 5" clamshell box, containing - the C.D. as listed above, A picture DVD containing footage relating to the making of the album, a 21" x 14" double-sided poster with a great black and white picture of George on one side, and the Brainwashed art on the other.

The album entered the U.K. album chart on 24th November 2002 at no.52.

With the release of the Any Road single, the album was "repackaged" on 12th May 2003 and re-promoted.
What this in fact entailed, was one cardboard slipcover matching the picture on the single wrapped around the standard album. No track changes and scant evidence of any advertising to be seen.

"There never was a time when you or I did not exist.
Nor will there be any future when we shall cease to be.

The C.D.

No. Track Composer Time
1 Any Road Harrison 3:49
2 P2 Vatican Blues (Last Saturday Night) Harrison 2:36
3 Pisces Fish Harrison 4:51
4 Looking For My Life Harrison 3:48
5 Rising Sun Harrison 5:25
6 Marwa Blues Harrison 3:40
7 Stuck Inside A Cloud Harrison 4:02
8 Run So Far Harrison 4:04
9 Never Get Over You Harrison 3:24
10 Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea Arlen-Koehler 2:34
11 Rocking Chair In Hawaii Harrison 3:06
12 Brainwashed Harrison 4:00
13 Namah Parvati Traditional Prayer 2:04

Namah Parvati Pataye Hara Hara Mahadeva
(Salutations to Parvati (The Divine Consort) of the God of Gods, who removes all afflictions)

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