Beaucoups Of Blues

Ringo Starr
Beaucoups Of Blues - Front cover Beaucoups Of Blues - Rear Cover
Beaucoups Of Blues - Front Cover Beaucoups Of Blues - Rear Cover
Beaucoups Of Blues - Inner Gatefold
Beaucoups Of Blues - Inner Gatefold (right side)
(The other side of the gatefold contains the lyrics)
Label Apple
Catalogue No. PAS 10002
TC-PAS 10002 (cassette)
Release date 25th September 1970
Total time 33:28
U.K. Album Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail : Ringo Starr's second solo album release.
Credited to Ringo Starr.
Produced by Pete Drake.
Personnel :
Ringo - Lead Vocals, drums and acoustic guitar
Charlie Daniels - Guitar
Chuck Howard - Guitar
Sorrels Pickard - Guitar
Jerry Reed - Guitar
Dave Kirby - Guitar
Jerry Kennedy - Guitar
Jerry Shook - Guitar
Buddy Harman - Bass
Roy Huskey Jr. - Bass
Charlie McCoy - Harmonica
George Richey - Fiddle
Grover Lavender - Fiddle
Jim Buchanan - Fiddle
Pete Drake - Pedal steel guitar
Ben Keith - Steel guitar
D.J. Fontana - Drums
Jeannie Kendall - Duet vocal on "I Wouldn't Have You Any Other Way"
The Jordanaires - Backing vocals.

In 1970 Ringo worked with George on his "All Things Must Pass", during these sessions Peter Drake the steel-guitar player from Nashville was brought in. When Ringo sent his car to pick him up from the airport, Pete was amazed that Ringo had so many country music tapes in the car along with the rock'n'roll, and Ringo and Pete discussed making a country album. Ringo wanted to make the album in London but Pete persuaded Ringo to record the album in Nashville as he knew it could be made much quicker. Pete also arranged for a wide selection of C&W writers to compose songs especially for Ringo, to which end they came up with dozens, and Ringo chose 14 to record (plus a jam session).

Eleven of the twelve on the album came from the specially written songs, just one being written two years previously which was "Wine, Women And Loud Happy Songs". Eight of the published recordings were written by contributing musicians.
Two songs recorded but not included on the album were:
"Early 1970" - Which ends up on the B-side of "It Don't Come Easy" ... and ...
"Coochy-Coochy" - With an original running time of 28 minutes, it eventually appears on the C.D. issue.

Plus the lengthy jam session mentioned above, which also turned up on the C.D. and titled "Nashville Jam".

Plus, the Vigotone bootleg "Through Many Years" (Vigotone 181), made up of unreleased material by George and Ringo, quotes this following detail as being a track recorded by Ringo and intended for this album ...
Track 15 : "The Wishing Book" (1:17) - An unissued song from sessions for the "Beaucoups Of Blues" LP. It was recorded in late June of 1970 at Music City Recorders in Nashville, during the sessions produced by Pete Drake.

No single was taken from the album, although the title track was announced in the music press that it was to be released in 1970.

Recording took place in just two days, on 30th June and 1st July 1970 in Nashville at the Music City Recorders Studio. Scotty Moore (of Elvis fame) engineered the sessions.
Basically all Ringo had to do was learn the songs, turn up and sing. And when singing he sang along to pre-recorded backing vocals by the Jordanaires which helped to keep him in tune ! Of course, Ringo has a natural voice for Country and Western and the resultant output is a good example of that particular genre.

Cover photographs are by Marshall Fallwell Jr. and includes most of the musicians on the album. The sleeve design was by John Kosh.

Side 1

Track Composer Time
Beaucoups Of Blues Rabin 2:33
Love Don't Last Long Howard 2:44
Fastest Growing Heartache In The West Kingston-Dycus 2:34
Without Her Pickard 2:34
Woman Of The Night Pickard 2:21
I'd Be Talking All The Time Howard-Kingston 2:10

Side 2

Track Composer Time
$15 Draw Pickard 3:28
Wine, Women And Loud Happy Songs Kingston 2:18
I Wouldn't Have You Any Other Way Howard 2:57
Loser's Lounge Pierce 2:23
Waiting Howard 2:55
Silent Homecoming Pickard 3:54

Released Versions

First pressings (1970)
    PAS 10002 - Gatefold sleeve is worth about 20.
                          It is Deleted in 1975.


May 1995, a first C.D. issue on Apple with catalogue number CDPAS 10002.
It comes with a 12 page booklet, 9 pages of which are the lyrics, plus some pictures and a summary by Staffan Olander.
Having two bonus tracks, this took the running time up to 44:59.

Track Composer Time
Coochy Coochy Starkey 4:44
Nashville Jam Daniels-Kirby-Howard-Pickard-Reed-Shook-Kennedy-Drake-Keith-Huskey Jr.-Harman-McCoy- Richey-Lavender-Buchanan-Fontana-Starkey 6:38

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