Ram (Paul McCartney Archive Collection)

Paul McCartney
Ram - Archive Collection
Ram - The Archive Collection
Label Hearmusic (Concord)
Catalogue No. HRM 33450   (Barcode: 8 88072 33450 2)
Release date 21st May 2012
Total time 3 hours 1 minute and 13 seconds
U.K. Album Chart Detail :
Entry Date :27th May 2012
Highest Position :41
Weeks in Chart :1
Detail : Originally in 1971 Paul's 2nd solo album release - this version was part of the Paul McCartney Archive Collection
For detail of the original 1971 album see here: Ram

The May 2012 archive re-issue was released in multiple formats:
Standard edition 1-CD - the original 12-track album.
Special edition 2-CD - the original 12-track album on disc one, just eight bonus tracks on a second disc.
Deluxe Edition 4-CD/1-DVD;
                          the original 12-track album,
                          a bonus tracks disc,
                          original mono version disc,
                          Thrillington disc,
                          a DVD with unseen footage,
                          a 112-page hardcover book,
                          8 facsimilies of Paul's handwritten lyric sheets, and 5 prints of Ram-era photographs.
Remastered vinyl 2-LP version containing the contents of the special edition and a download link to the material.
Remastered mono vinyl Limited edition LP of the original mono mix.

27th May 2012 - Due to this collection Ram reappeared in the album chart at no. 41.
3rd June 2012 - Dropped out the Top 100 already.

Disc One - The Original Album - Remastered


Track Composer Time
Too Many People McCartney 4:09
3 Legs McCartney 2:43
Ram On McCartney 2:27
Dear Boy P.McCartney & L.McCartney 2:11
Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey P.McCartney & L.McCartney 4:48
Smile Away McCartney 3:56
Heart Of The Country P.McCartney & L.McCartney 2:23
Monkberry Moon Delight P.McCartney & L.McCartney 5:23
Eat At Home P.McCartney & L.McCartney 3:20
Long Haired Lady P.McCartney & L.McCartney 6:04
Ram On McCartney 0:53
The Back Seat Of My Car McCartney 4:27

Disc Two - Bonus Tracks


No. Track Recording Information Time
1 Another Day The 1971 single 3:42
2 Oh Woman Oh Why B-side of the above 4:35
3 Little Woman Love B-side of Mary Had A Little Lamb 2:08
4 A Love For You Jon Kelly Mix 4:08
5 Hey Diddle Dixon Van Winkle Mix 3:49
6 Great Cock And Seagull Race Dixon Van Winkle Mix 2:35
7 Rode All Night Previously unreleased 8:44
8 Sunshine Sometime Earliest Mix - Previously unreleased 3:20

Disc Three - Ram in Mono


Disc Four - Thrillington


Disc Five - DVD - Bonus Film


No. Track Recording Information Time
1 Ramming The making of the album 11:15
2 Heart Of The Country Music video 2:41
3 3 Legs Music Video 3:03
4 Hey Diddle Previously unreleased 2:48
5 Eat At Home On tour 4:31
6 Menu Music   3:38

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