Living In The Material World

George Harrison
Living In The Material World - Front cover Living In The Material World - Rear Cover
Living In The Material World - Front Cover Living In The Material World - Rear Cover
Living In The Material World - Inside Gatefold
Living In The Material World - Inside Gatefold
(with apologies for reflected glare, I will redo this shot !)
Living In The Material World - Insert Front Living In The Material World - Insert Rear
Living In The Material World - Insert Front Living In The Material World - Insert Rear
Living In The Material World - Inner Sleeve
Living In The Material World - Inner Sleeve
(One side of vinyl label can be seen)
Label Apple
Catalogue No. PAS 10006
Release date 21st June 1973
Total time 43:57
U.K. Album Chart Detail :
Entry Date :7th July 1973
Highest Position :2
Weeks in Chart :12
Detail : George Harrison's fifth solo album release.
Personnel :
George - Vocals, guitar
Ringo - Drums
Klaus Voorman - Bass
Nicky Hopkins - Keyboards
Gary Wright - Keyboards
Jim Keltner - Drums
Jim Gordon - Drums (Try Some, Buy Some)
Jim Horn - Saxophone, flutes
Zakir Hussein - Tabla
John Barham - Strings

Recording sessions for most of the tracks were from October 1972 through to January 1973 at the Apple Studios in Saville Row,
although the backing track for "Try Some, Buy Some" was done two years earlier !

The album did very well for George in the U.K. album charts where it reached number 2.
It was kept off the top slot by the original soundtrack album to the film "That'll Be The Day" ... which ... has Ringo as one of it's stars !

The very glossy gatefold cover, also included some colourful and full packaging.
The front cover photography was by Kendall L. Johnson, with the picture inside the gatefold being by Ken Marcus.
The right-hand on the front cover is holding (what looks like to me) an Indian scene, whereas the left-hand is clearly holding money. A U.S. dollar at the top.
If you could see my messed up inner gatefold cover shot above, you'd see that George is hosting an expensive lunch on the lawns of his Henley-on-Thames home.
He is raising a glass to the musicians who are seated left to right;
Gary Wright, Jim Horn, Klaus Voorman, Nicky Hopkins, Jim Keltner and Ringo.
Talking of the cover and Jim Keltner, there is also an odd addition on the back, where Jim's name is
printed in-between what definitely looks like the "Wings" set of wings, and says :
Jim Keltner fan club - For all information send a stamped undressed elephant to 5112, Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, California.

The thick brown card inner sleeve, has a wrap around insert containing all the lyrics on the inside, with some Indian works on the outer.
The highly colourful picture is a Krishna and Arjuna painting from Bhagavad-Gita as it is by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.
The symbol shown on the rear of the insert makes it`s first major appearance on a George Harrison work.

What is this symbol ?
It is OM.
OM (or AUM) is the symbol of essence of Hinduism.
It means oneness with the Supreme, the merging of the physical being with the spiritual.
The most sacred syllable, the first sound of the Almighty - the sound from which emerges each and every other sound, whether of music or of language.

In the Upanishads (inner mystical thinking - meditation) this sacred syllable appears as
a mystic sound, regarded by scriptures as the very basis of every other sacred mantra (hymn).
It is the sound not only of origination but also of dissolution.
The past, present and future are all included in this one sound and even all that transcends this configuration of time is also implied in OM.


You will see "Om" very often when looking through the works of George Harrison.

On the run-out groove, the A-side has "HARE KRSNA", and the B-side has "HARE RAMA" stamped.

This L.P. sold over 3 million copies worldwide.

Side 1

Track Composer Recording Information Time
Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) Harrison The only single released from the album, see Give Me Love 3:32
Sue Me, Sue You Blues Harrison Written when Paul was suing the other three Beatles 4:38
The Light That Has Lighted The World Harrison Originally intended as a B-side to a Cilla Black single. 3:26
Don't Let Me Wait Too Long Harrison A McGuinness-Flint style love song 2:52
Who Can See It Harrison A wry comment within, of playing second fiddle in the Beatles. 3:48
Living In The Material World Harrison Includes references to John, Paul and Ringo 5:26

Side 2

Track Composer Recording Information Time
The Lord Loves The One
(That Loves The Lord)
Harrison Religious beliefs to the front. 4:30
Be Here Now Harrison Written in Nichols Canyon, L.A. in April 1971 4:04
Try Some, Buy Some Harrison Originally written for Ronnie Spector, and recorded in February 1971.
The single then flopped, but George still liked the song, so he slowed the
tempo on the original instrumental track and added his own vocals.
The Day The World Gets 'Round Harrison Written the day after the Bangla Desh concert. 2:48
That Is All Harrison A love song. 3:38

Released Versions

First pressings (1973)
    PAS 10006 - Gatefold sleeve with insert and brown card inner sleeve.
                          It is Deleted in 1978.

27th January 1992 - a first C.D. issue on Parlophone with catalogue number CDPAS 10006 with no bonus tracks.

25th September 2006 - Re-issued as a remastered, deluxe, limited edition `digi-pack in a box' set including:

Features original artwork and special 40 page booklet including:
Previously unseen photographs from the original photo shoot featuring George and his guest musicians including Ringo Starr.
Lyrics to all the songs including some in George's own hand.
New, informative sleevenotes.
(Total running time approx 15 mins.)

OR also available as a standard C.D.
OR LIMITED EDITION VINYL (vinyl release October 2006) : The original album with 2 bonus tracks, all newly re-mastered (denoted on front sticker).
Original artwork + expanded booklet (16 pages).
Catalogue number 366 8991
Living In The Material World - Vinyl Cover Rear Living In The Material World - Front Sticker
Living In The Material World - 2006 Vinyl Cover (Rear) Living In The Material World - Front Sticker

22nd September 2014 - Remastered and re-issued again as included in the boxset - The Apple Years 1968-75
An eight disc boxset which failed to find any chart interest.

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