Wings At The Speed Of Sound

Wings At The Speed Of Sound - Front cover Wings At The Speed Of Sound - Rear Cover
Wings At The Speed Of Sound - Front Cover Wings At The Speed Of Sound - Rear Cover
Wings At The Speed Of Sound - Inner Sleeve Front Wings At The Speed Of Sound - Inner Sleeve Rear
Wings At The Speed Of Sound - Inner Sleeve Front Wings At The Speed Of Sound - Inner Sleeve Rear
Wings At The Speed Of Sound - Vinyl Label
Wings At The Speed Of Sound - Vinyl Label
Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. PAS 10010
Release date 9th April 1976
Total time 46:42
U.K. Album Chart Detail :
Entry Date :17th April 1976
Highest Position :2
Weeks in Chart :35
Detail : Paul's seventh "solo" album release, credited to "Wings".
Wings V (1975) - Paul, Linda, Denny Laine, Jimmy McCulloch (guitars) and Joe English (drums).

Although widely regarded as Wings weakest solo album due to Paul NOT singing lead on FIVE tracks, this release was the 4th best-selling album in Britain in 1976, remained in the chart for 8 months, and narrowly missed out on the top slot on a couple of occasions during it's yo-yo like chart existence.
It's chart life was definately assisted by the release of two VERY strong singles lifted from the album, Silly Love Songs and Let 'Em In, both of which boosted the album up the charts.
For this release the "Capitol" labelling is dispensed with, and other than a Parlophone catalogue number no other label identity is evident.

Speed Of Sound - Recording Sessions
The sessions for "Speed Of Sound" took place at Abbey Road in January/February 1976, but on this occasion there are no unreleased tracks omitted from the final release. Although, a reggae version of "Silly Love Songs", and "Must Do Something About It" with Paul on lead vocals were recorded.

The cover presentation is not as slick as previous output, with no lyrics, no gatefold sleeve, and no poster or stickers. Once again the design is by Hipgnosis and George Hardie. The photographs on the rear are by Clive Arrowsmith, with Linda providing one side of the inner sleeve and the label pics. The concert picture on the inner sleeve was taken by Robert Ellis and is surrounded by a drawing by Humphrey Ocean .... now then, go and take a close look at your copy of that inner sleeve, because .... by an amazing coincidence, the man at the left of the open door to the club scene is none other than the late (and great) Ian Dury.
In 2001, Paul sings an Ian Dury track on the tribute L.P.

Incidentally, I have a U.K. "white label" copy of this release, given to me in the month BEFORE the U.K. release.
The matrix numbers are identical, meaning the tracks are the same, but it doesn't have the extra lettering on each side's inner groove .... PLUS ....
I have a U.S. promo of this album too, this version does have a label which looks like this ...
Wings At The Speed Of Sound - U.S. Promo Label

Side 1

Track Composer Recording Information Time
Let 'Em In McCartney Many references to famous people, and Paul's relatives.
"Let 'Em In" was the first Wings track to have a cover version (by Billy Paul) enter the chart.
See Let 'Em In.
(Plus, checkout an excellent Lulu (& Paul) follow-up version.)
The Note You Never Wrote McCartney Lead vocal by Denny Laine. 4:21
She's My Baby McCartney Quite frankly, my least favoutite McCartney track (sorry, Paul) 3:05
Beware My Love McCartney Issued as the B-side of Let 'Em In. 6:28
Wino Junko McCulloch-Allen Lead vocal by Jimmy McCulloch 5:20

Side 2

Track Composer Recording Information Time
Silly Love Songs McCartney 1976 smash hit single.
See Silly Love Songs.
Cook Of The House McCartney Lead vocal by Linda. 2:38
Time To Hide Laine Lead vocal by Denny Laine. 4:33
Must Do Something About It McCartney Lead vocal by Joe English. 3:40
San Ferry Anne McCartney The title is of course a pun on the French phrase for "It doesn't matter". 2:07
Warm And Beautiful McCartney Terrific piano into into this lovely ballad which is reminiscent of earlier times, 3:16

Further Issues of "Wings At The Speed Of Sound"

There is also a cassette version released on the initial release date, TCPAS 10010.

January 1985, the next listing is on the Parlophone label, ATAK 13 (+ TCATAK 13) ... deleted 1988.

10th July 1989, the first C.D. release, it's on Parlophone catalogue number CDPAS 10010
(the International number is CDP 7 48199 2), ... but ... it's deleted after just three months, and replaced by the "Fame" release.
This has a running time of 56:52 as it adds the bonus tracks of :
Track Composer Time
Walking In The Park With Eloise James McCartney 3:11
Bridge Over The River Suite P.McCartney-L.McCartney 3:09
Sally G. McCartney 3:40
The bonus tracks are ;
"Walking In The Park With Eloise", a track issued as a single under the alias "The Country Hams" and written by Paul's father ! (see the link for the full story),
"Bridge Over The River Suite", the B-side of the above, started in Paris in 1973, and completed in Nashville in 1974,
"Sally G", the B-side of Juniors Farm.

17th October 1989 - Fame re-issues, L.P. FA 3229, Cassette TCFA 3229 ... and ...
a re-issue of the above C.D. release on the Fame label, catalogue number CDFA 3229

April 1993, a "Re-master" re-issue C.D. has catalogue number CDPMCOL 7 (+ TCPMCOL 7),
(international number CDP 7 89140 2),
This has a running time of 56:52, and although (alledgedly) remastered it has the same tracks as the C.D. release above.

3rd November 2014 - Wings At The Speed Of Sound - The Paul McCartney Archive Collection is released (2 CD/1 DVD + book + extras)

17th November 2017 - Orange Vinyl version (578 3674) - Nothing new, no bonus tracks.

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