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Act Naturally

Ringo Starr and Buck Owens
Act Naturally - Vinyl Label
Act Naturally - PROMO Vinyl Label

Label Capitol
Catalogue No. P-B-44409
Country of Origin U.S.A.
Release Date 5th July 1989
Detail : This single was released ONLY in the United States and this promo has ONLY the A-side on BOTH sides.
It's a song written by V.Morrison and J.Russell which Ringo first recorded for the Help! album.

It was recorded on 27th March 1989 at Abbey Road studios in London.
It was released on Buck's album "Act Naturally" (Capitol EST 2119) on 19th February 1990, which included no other part played by Ringo.

It can also be found on the recent bootleg C.D. Tea For Two, which is made up of a nice collection of solo Beatle outings.

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