The Beatles Ballads

The Beatles
Beatles Ballads - Front cover Beatles Ballads - Rear Cover
Beatles Ballads - Front Cover Beatles Ballads - Rear Cover
Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. PCS 7214
Release date 13th October 1980
Total time
U.K. Album Chart Detail :
Entry Date :15th November 1980
Highest Position :17
Weeks in Chart :16
Detail : The first Beatles 20 track L.P. and the first Beatle album of the 1980's ... although yet again, nothing rare,
no special versions and ten of the twenty tracks had been issued just three years earlier on the Love Songs album !

Once again, E.M.I. had minimal advertising for this L.P. (why bother releasing it then ??) ... and consequently,
although it did enter the chart one month after release, it was only in the lowest part (below the top 30).
After John's murder the entire Beatles catalogue was back in demand,
and with this item being relatively new in the shops, sales escalated and it moved into the Top 20.

The cover art was taken from the excellent Alan Aldridge book The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics
(recently reissued as The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics) and is a painting by John Patrick Byrne which was used in the foreword on page 6.
"Patrick" had also done album covers for other artists in the early seventies.

As an aside, during the week of the release of this album in October 1980, E.M.I. auctioned off some of it's studio equipment which included :
The Studer J37 4-track recording machine on which the Beatles recorded Sgt. Pepper. (500)
The actual mellotron from the Sgt. Pepper sessions which still contained the Beatles last set-up. (1,000 to Mike Oldfield !)

Side 1

Track Composer Original Source Time
Yesterday Lennon-McCartney Help ! the album. 2:03
Norwegian Wood Lennon-McCartney Rubber Soul. 2:01
Do You Want To Know A Secret Lennon-McCartney Please Please Me. 1:56
For No One Lennon-McCartney Revolver. 1:58
Michelle Lennon-McCartney Rubber Soul. 2:40
Nowhere Man Lennon-McCartney Rubber Soul. 2:40
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away Lennon-McCartney Help ! the album. 2:07
Across The Universe Lennon-McCartney From "No-one's Gonna Change Our World" charity L.P. 3:45
All My Loving Lennon-McCartney With The Beatles. 2:06
Hey Jude Lennon-McCartney Hey Jude the single. 7:07

Side 2

Track Composer Original Source Time
Something Harrison Abbey Road. 2:59
The Fool On The Hill Lennon-McCartney Magical Mystery Tour E.P. 2:57
Till There Was You Harrison Abbey Road. 2:59
The Long And Winding Road Lennon-McCartney Let it Be 3:37
Here Comes The Sun Harrison Abbey Road 3:04
Blackbird Lennon-McCartney White Album. 2:18
And I Love Her Lennon-McCartney A Hard Day's Night. 2:28
She's Leaving Home Lennon-McCartney Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. 3:33
Here, There And Everywhere Lennon-McCartney Revolver. 2:22
Let It Be Lennon-McCartney Let It Be the single. 3:49

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