Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest

The Fireman
Strawberries - Vinyl Set
Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest - Vinyl Set
Strawberries - The Vinyl
Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest - The Vinyl
Strawberries - Vinyl Label Strawberries - Vinyl Label
Strawberries - Vinyl Label Disc One Strawberries - Vinyl Label Disc Two

Strawberries - Front cover Strawberries - Rear of Sleeve Insert
Strawberries - Front Cover Strawberries - Rear of Sleeve Insert
Strawberries - Rear cover Strawberries - The C.D.
Strawberries - Rear Cover Strawberries - The C.D.

Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. PCSD 145
Release date 15th November 1993
Total time 77:03
U.K. Album Chart Detail : Did NOT chart
Detail : Paul's twenty-fourth "solo" album release, but credited to "The Fireman".

This was a limited edition double album on clear vinyl (promo versions are numbered on the reverse of the sleeve).
The Two clear vinyl L.P.'s come with custom 'Fireman' Record Labels (one with a Red Fireman Label and the other with a Green Fireman label).
The C.D. version is very red.
(also see below scans of rare version, thought to be American import ?)

In October 1992 Paul spent four days playing in the studio using latest digital sampling techniques to create these nine mixes of the SAME song. He samples two tracks from Back to the Egg, "The Broadcast" and "Reception", himself whispering, playing banjos and flutes and also the original bass that Linda bought him for a present that had been used by Bill Black on Elvis's "Heartbreak Hotel" !
Some vocal sections from "Cosmically Conscious" were used, as was a bass riff from "Off The Ground".

The main influence on Paul at the controls is the producer "Youth".
Youth, born Martin Glover, had his first taste of fame as the bass guitarist in Killing Joke. Now well-known as a producer and remixer, he has his own studio operation in London known as "Butterfly".
Paul and Youth were originally planning a special dance mix of "Off The Ground" material as a 12" single. Youth produced NINE versions but Paul liked the result so much he wanted ALL the mixes put on on this one C.D. Youth was not so enthusiastic at that idea and is quoted as saying,
"If I had known the mixes would appear as an album I would have done them differently. As a bunch of 12" mixes they are excellent and spontaneous, they have a charming naivetie, but as an album they fall short".

I must agree, when the first track came on, I enjoyed the ambient dance sound (I like that stuff anyway !) ... but when you first realise all the tracks are basically the same, you are rather disappointed.

The release went mostly unnoticed as Paul`s name was not used anywhere, but, the clues were all there.
"The Fireman" rushes in.
"Juggler" music held the copyright to the music.

Although recorded some months before "Paul Is Live" this L.P. is released on the same day.

The C.D.

No. Track Time
1 Transpiritual Stomp 9:01
2 Trans Lunar Rising 9:09
3 Transcrystaline 8:39
4 Pure Trance 8:40
5 Arizona Light 8:39
6 Celtic Stomp 8:34
7 Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest 8:07
8 4 4 4 7:35
9 Sunrise Mix 8:16

Sleeve Scans of Rare C.D.

This version is thought to be of American origin.
The pictures are all taken from a Mexican anti-drugs and anti-smoking campaign.

Strawberries - Front cover Strawberries - Rear of Sleeve Insert
Rare Strawberries - Front Cover Rare Strawberries - Rear of Sleeve Insert
Strawberries - Rear cover Strawberries - The C.D.
Rare Strawberries - Rear Cover Rare Strawberries - The C.D.

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