Pipes Of Peace

Paul McCartney
Pipes Of Peace - Front cover Pipes Of Peace - Rear Cover
Pipes Of Peace - Front Cover Pipes Of Peace - Rear Cover
Pipes Of Peace - Gatefold Interior
Pipes Of Peace - Gatefold Interior
Pipes Of Peace - Front cover Pipes Of Peace - Rear Cover
Pipes Of Peace - Inner Sleeve Front Pipes Of Peace - Inner Sleeve Rear
Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. PCTC 1652301
Release date 17th October 1983
Total time 39:08
U.K. Album Chart Detail :
Entry Date :12th November 1983
Highest Position :4
Weeks in Chart :23
Detail : Paul's fourteenth solo album release, and the first Beatles related release on C.D. by E.M.I.

Much of this album is recorded during the sessions for "Tug Of War", so check there for recording dates.
The remaining five tracks recorded after the release of Tug Of War are :
"Pipes Of Peace", "The Other Me", "So Bad", "Tug Of Peace" and "Through Our Love".
These are all recorded in Paul's Sussex farmhouse studio in September/October 1982, so therefore this album was ready almost a year before release.
Unfortunately Paul got involved in so many other projects during 1982 and 1983, that this release kept getting delayed.

The cover photography is by Linda, with on the inner sleeve, "Chair and Pipe" by Vincent Van Gogh and "Van Gogh's Chair" a chrome sculpture by Clive Barker 1966.
The label on the vinyl is VERY interesting, as on Side 1 it has a 1950's style Parlophone label, and side 2 has a more modern label featuring the chrome chair.

Side 1

Track Composer Time
Pipes Of Peace McCartney 3:55
Say Say Say McCartney-Jackson 3:56
The Other Me McCartney 3:58
Keep Under Cover McCartney 3:07
So Bad McCartney 3:23

Side 2

Track Composer Time
The Man McCartney-Jackson 3:57
Sweetest Little Show McCartney 2:53
Average Person McCartney 4:32
Hey Hey McCartney-Clarke 2:53
Tug Of Peace McCartney 2:52
Through Our Love McCartney 3:28

Further Issues of "Pipes Of Peace"

There is also a cassette version released on the initial release date, TCPCTC 1652304,
Now, you may have noticed the very odd catalogue number on "Pipes Of Peace" which does not follow the numbering of any other release ?
... "PCTC 1652301" appears on the disc, the labelling, and all over the cover and is the only number visible.
BUT, in the catalogue it is also listed as being PCTC 1 ... which although also makes little sense, as "Tug Of War" was PCTC 259,
it does go someway to explain the next release, "Give My Regards To Broad Street", having the catalogue number PCTC 2.

29th February 1984, the first Beatles related C.D. release from E.M.I. (on Parlophone) uses the international number of,
CDP 7 46018 2. This has the same tracks and running time as the standard album release.

March 1991, the album is re-issued on Parlophone with the catalogue number ATAK 164, with a cassette TCATAK 164,
but the C.D. at this time is issued as CZ 394, once again with no bonus tracks.

June 1993, a "Re-master" re-issue C.D. has catalogue number CDPMCOL 13 (+ TCPMCOL 13),
(international number CDP 7 89267 2).
This release runs for 50:56 as it includes three bonus tracks :
Track Composer Time
Twice In A Lifetime McCartney 2:59
We All Stand Together McCartney 4:22
Simple As That McCartney 4:17
The bonus tracks are ;
"Twice In A Lifetime" heard in the 1985 movie of the same name, but unreleased.
"We All Stand Together" a hit single of 1984, and
"Simple As That" recorded in 1986, and only released on a charity album.

2nd October 2015 - Pipes Of Peace - The Paul McCartney Archive Collection is released (2 CD/1 DVD + book + extras)

17th November 2017 - Silver Vinyl version (578 3678) - Nothing new, no bonus tracks.

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