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Hear The Beatles Tell All - Front cover Hear The Beatles Tell All - Rear Cover
Hear The Beatles Tell All - U.S. Import Front Cover Hear The Beatles Tell All - U.S. Import Rear Cover
Label Charly
Catalogue No. CRV 202
Release Date 20th February 1981
U.K. Album Chart Detail : Did NOT chart
Detail : In Los Angeles on 24th/25th August 1964, Jim Steck interviewed John, and Dave Hull interviewed all four Beatles.
It is these interviews that are heard here.

Originally issued in America by Vee Jay records as a promotional release during the Beatles 1964 summer tour.
It was legitimately released in the U.S. on 14th September 1964, but we had to wait until 20th February 1981 before the same L.P. was released here.
By that time of course, most interested U.K. Beatle fans already owned a U.S. import copy.

The copy I show above is the 1979 U.S. import, when it was re-promoted as "now being in stereo".

The chat through both sides is interspersed with some bizarre backing, consisting of sporadic drumming, random bongos, percussion and tubular bells.
The sleeve identifies the culprits as, edited and scored by Lou Adler, percussion by Hal Blaine.

Side 1


John talks to Jim Steck in Los Angeles on 24th August 1964.
John discusses :

Side 2


All four Beatles are interviewed by Dave Hull, who was already known to them as "the one who gave out our addresses".
The interviews are conducted on 25th August 1964.
Discussion points :
Incidentally, when each of the four lads are asked to say which part is their favourite bit of "A Hard Day's Night", all four say, "The field".

Released Versions - INCLUDING Imports from the U.S.

First Issue - U.S. 14th September 1964
    Original first editions did NOT have the "PRO" prefix on the label. Mint copies are worth 200.

Second pressings of first issue - U.S. 1964
    With the "PRO" prefix on the label. Mint copies are worth 100.

Second Issue - U.S. 12th December 1979
    Cover has "Stereo" on the front (as above), these are worth 10.

First U.K. issue - 20th February 1981
    On Charly records these are worth about 10.

Shaped picture disc - U.S. 1st August 1987
    This version was actually edited, with side 1 being 8:15 and
    side 2 lasting 7:45, these are worth 20.

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