Can't Buy Me Love   b/w   You Can't Do That

The Beatles
Can't Buy Me Love - Front Can't Buy Me Love - Back
Can't Buy Me Love - Front Can't Buy Me Love - Back
Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. R 5114
Country of Origin England
Recording Details 4 Takes on 29th January 1964 ... recorded in Paris.
Release Date 20th March 1964
U.K. Chart Detail :
Entry Date :26th March 1964
Highest Position :1 ... for 3 weeks from 2nd April
Weeks in Chart :
14 Weeks
  1 Week from July '64
  2 Weeks from 31st March '84 (reached no. 53)
17 weeks in total
Detail : The sixth official EMI release.
Another label change for EMI ... In January 1964 on all their labels they now included the words, "Sold in U.K. Subject to resale price conditions. See Price Lists" in the push-out centre. This, of course, means ALL original pressings of this single have it. What this also means is, any earlier releases which carry this declaration MUST also have been pressed AFTER January 1964.
This statement was removed from EMI labels in July 1969.

The Parlophone sleeve was also redesigned in time for "Can't Buy Me Love", notice the wavy cut at the top of the sleeve and a new boxed Parlophone/EMI logo at the bottom.
I've taken the opportunity here to show the REAR of the paper sleeve too, which was actually like this on the previous style sleeve too, and therefore in this style all the way from the black "Please Please Me", right through to "Help".
Note the minimum price of EMI record tokens is 6/- (six shillings).
This paper sleeve now stayed the same, back and front, up to and including "Help!".

It is worth mentioning somewhere in the Beatles singles about pressings at other record company plants, not E.M.I. ... so I'll mention it here .... Once The Beatles were regularly selling millions of copies of a single and selling them very quickly, occasionally EMI were unable to cope with the demand for a particular pressing. On these occasions they turned to other pressing plants within the U.K. to ask for their assistance to keep up with the demand ! I believe that the easiest to spot are those pressed at Pye Records plant, for Pye plant pressings, look at the gap around the push-out centre piece, the Pye ones have a wider gap.
Here is an example of a "Can't Buy Me Love" Pye pressing :
Pye Pressing

And finally below is the picture disc version released in England as part of the,
"It Was Twenty Years Ago" series, on 19th March 1984.

Picture Disc(A) Picture Disc(B)
The Picture Disc A-side The Picture Disc B-side

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