Strawberry Fields Forever   b/w   Penny Lane

... or is it ...

Penny Lane   b/w   Strawberry Fields Forever

The Beatles
Strawberry Fields Forever - Front Strawberry Fields Forever - Rear
Strawberry Fields Forever - Front Strawberry Fields Forever - Rear

Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. R 5570
Recording Details
Strawberry Fields Forever :Take 1 on 24th November 1966
Takes 2-4 on 28th November 1966
Takes 5-7 on 29th November 1966 (No Take numbered "8")
Takes 9-24 on 8th December 1966 (No Take numbered "19")
Take 25 on 9th December 1966 (Takes 15 and 24 mixed down and numbered "25")
Take 26 on 15th December 1966
Take 7 and Take 26 edited together on 22nd December 1966
Penny Lane :Takes 1-6 on 29th December 1966
Take 7 on 30th December 1966
Takes 8-9 on 6th January 1967
Release Date 17th February 1967
U.K. Chart Detail :
Entry Date :23rd February 1967
Highest Position :2 (!!!) .... Amazing that the greatest single record
          EVER released, by ANY band ... NEVER made No.1
          (and the reason ? ... Engelbert Humperdinck !)
Weeks in Chart :
11 Weeks
  3 Weeks from 3rd April '76 (reached no. 32)
  2 Weeks from 28th Feb. '87 (reached no. 65)
16 weeks in total
Detail : The fourteenth official EMI release.
No changes to the label from previous release:
The manufacturers rights in Upper case starting with "THE GRAMOPHONE CO. LTD.",
The "Sold in U.K." statement is still in the centre.
But, the push-out centre became a solid centre with this release. In November 1966 EMI changed from a push-out centre to solid centre's as a default, although one could still order a push-out centre if desired. Obviously, unless the discs were required for juke boxes, hardly anyone took up this offer, and therefore almost all Beatle releases from this one will have a solid centre. And logically therefore, any previous releases you have WITH a solid centre must be re-pressings from AFTER November 1966.

The biggest new event in Beatledom was, only two Beatles singles were released in picture sleeves, and this is the first of them.
I have heard it said that there were only 250,000 of these singles issued in picture sleeves.
If yours is in mint condition it could be worth quite a bit, but I am sure that you like me, took your Strawberry Fields everywhere you went, every party, every get together around your mates houses ... and consequently the sleeve looks a tad "lived in" ... never mind ... hindsight is a wonderful thing !

Also see following, the picture disc version released in England as part of the,
"It Was Twenty Years Ago" series, on 16th February 1987.

Picture Disc(A) Picture Disc(B)
The Picture Disc A-side The Picture Disc B-side

Irish Issue
Finally here is an example of an Irish issue of 'Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane' which was released in Ireland in 1967.
It is on the Black & Silver Parlophone Label with "Parlophone Co Ltd" label rim, which is unusual to see as by this time here in the UK, The Parlophone Co Ltd label rim changed to the Gramophone Co Ltd label rim.
Both sides of the record labels display the wording 'Made in Ireland' and an extra "I" in the catalogue number.
The side 1 matrix is: 7XCE 18415-1, and the side 2 matrix: 7XCE 18416-2.

Strawberry Fields Forever - Irish Edition

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