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Lady Madonna
Lady Madonna
Lady Madonna Fan Club Insert - Front Lady Madonna Fan Club Insert - Rear
Lady Madonna Fan Club Insert - Front Lady Madonna Fan Club Insert - Rear

Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. R 5675
Recording Details Takes 1-3 on 3rd February 1968
Takes 4-5 on 6th February 1968
Release Date 15th March 1968
U.K. Chart Detail :
Entry Date :20th March 1968
Highest Position :1 ... for 2 weeks from 27th March
Weeks in Chart :
8 Weeks
1 Week from 26th March '88 (reached no. 67)
9 weeks in total
Detail : The seventeenth official EMI release.
No significant variations of the label that I know about.

Lady Madonna entered the U.K. chart on 20th March 1968 at number 5 ... (No. 1 at the time was "Cinderalla Rockefella") ... the following week it took over the top slot.

I do have the original paper sleeve for this one, but above, you can see the type of sleeve that was used for issues of earlier Beatles records repressings. This of course, is the rear, showing another "Miner's Make-up" ad.

Some original copies came with an insert from the Beatles fan club offering a free poster on application of the club. I have just such a copy, and am pleased to show the insert with it's perforated application form. It is very rare to have one of these examples INTACT.

And below, the picture disc version released in England as part of the,
"It Was Twenty Years Ago" series, on 14th March 1988.

Picture Disc(A) Picture Disc(B)
The Picture Disc A-side The Picture Disc B-side

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