The Ballad Of John And Yoko   b/w   Old Brown Shoe

The Beatles
Ballad Of John And Yoko
The Ballad Of John And Yoko (Detail Only)

Label Apple
Catalogue No. R 5786
Recording Details The Ballad Of John And Yoko
Takes 1-11 on 14th April 1969 (Take 10 being the released version with many overdubs)
Interestingly ALL done by just John and Paul as Ringo was away filming
for The Magic Christian and George was "out of the country".
Old Brown Shoe
Takes 1-4 on 16th April 1969 included all four Beatles with overdubs onto Take 4 and mixed for stereo.
Further overdubs were made on 18th April and new final stereo mixes completed on that date.
Release Date 30th May 1969
U.K. Chart Detail :  
Entry Date :4th June 1969
Highest Position :1 ... for 3 weeks from 11th June
Weeks in Chart :14 Weeks
Detail : The twentieth official EMI release.
The first Beatles stereo single, and therefore, the first NOT to be mixed for mono.
Incidentally the stereo mix was completed in the last two hours of the booked recording session all on 14th April making it a very fast completion. It was also a very fast release, released just 42 days after recording had finished even though Get Back was still at number one !

No change to the Apple design of label or sleeve that we first saw on the previous release.

Below is the picture disc version released in England as part of the,
"It Was Twenty Years Ago" series, on 30th May 1989.

In some countries the line "Christ, you know it ain't easy" was considered unnecessary and there are some bizarre edits around that either omit the word "Christ" completely or in a New Zealand example, have it replaced with two drum beats from another part of the record.
Seemingly legitimate Apple pressings have surfaced stickered with "NZBC" that feature that edit as pictured at the bottom of this webpage.

Picture Disc(A) Picture Disc(B)
The Picture Disc A-side The Picture Disc B-side

New Zealand Edit Issue
New Zealand Edit Issue

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