My Sweet Lord    b/w    What Is Life

George Harrison
My Sweet Lord - A-side
My Sweet Lord - Cover
Label Apple
Catalogue No. R 5884
Country of Origin England
Release Date 15th January 1971
U.K. Chart Detail :
Entry Date :23rd January 1971
Highest Position :1 ... for five weeks
        + one week in 2002 from 20th January 2002.
Total 6 weeks at number 1.
Weeks in Chart :  17 Weeks
+10 weeks from 20th January 2002 when it entered at number 1.
  27 weeks in total.
Detail : George's first solo single, and incredibly, George is the first to have a number 1 as a solo Beatle.
This record is the third ever best-selling single by an ex-Beatle, selling over 5 million copies.
The release of this single was originally announced by George to be in October 1970, but this idea was dropped. George claimed he didn't want the single to affect sales of the album it was taken from, "All Things Must Pass". But, it didn't take disc jockeys long to home in on this track as the obvious single track from the album and play it continuously, quickly followed by public demand forcing a release early in 1971.

In March 1971, the American publisher of the Chiffons 1963 hit "He's So Fine" launched legal action against George and Apple, claiming that "My Sweet Lord" bore more than a passing resemblance to their song. In fact George always claimed that he had the Edwin Hawkins Singers 1969 hit, "Oh Happy Day" in mind when he wrote it.
The case wound on for 5 years, eventually resulting in George being found guilty of subconscious plagiarism, and damages against him are awarded at the sum of $587,000. These damages then take another 5 years to be paid, and the debt is eventually cleared in 1981.

"My Sweet Lord" is re-released in December 1976 to help promote the album, "Best of George Harrison". It has a new picture sleeve (known as the "gnome sleeve"). It fails to re-enter the U.K. charts.

I only show the front of the picture sleeve above, as the rear is the same (except, without the Apple). And yes, I now know that writing on the sleeve wasn't a good idea ... but hey ... I was younger then.
The design of the label is exactly the same as recent Beatles releases on Apple.

Commemorative C.D.

My Sweet Lord - C.D. Cover My Sweet Lord - C.D. Inside
My Sweet Lord - C.D. Cover My Sweet Lord - C.D. Inside
My Sweet Lord - The C.D.
My Sweet Lord - The C.D.

For chart information of this re-release see above !
20th January 2002 - Entered at No. 1
27th January 2002 - Dropped to number 4
3rd February 2002 - Dropped to number 8
10th February 2002 - Dropped to number 15
17th February 2002 - Dropped to number 30
24th February 2002 - Dropped to number 43
3rd March 2002 - Dropped to number 51
10th March 2002 - Dropped to number 65
17th March 2002 - CLIMBED to number 58
24th March 2002 - Dropped to number 70.
31st March 2002 - OUT the U.K. chart.

14th January 2002 - After George's death on 29th November 2001, there had been a feeling that "My Sweet Lord" should be released to honour the memory of George. Seven weeks after his passing (and 31 years after it`s original release) E.M.I. have duly obliged, and all profits will go to the Material World Charitable Foundation which George founded in 1973 to support charities working with children and the poor.

Details of the original single can be seen above, but this new C.D. has a new Parlophone catalogue number of CDR 6571 and is coupled with different tracks from the original single issue.
This C.D. has a running time of 13:37 as it includes these tracks :
Track Composer Time
My Sweet Lord Harrison 4:39
Let It Down Harrison 3:54
My Sweet Lord (2000) Harrison 4:55

The bonus tracks are all as appear on the commemorative re-issue of All Things Must Pass

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