It Don't Come Easy    b/w    Early 1970

Ringo Starr
It Don't Come Easy - Front Cover
It Don't Come Easy - Front Cover
Label Apple
Catalogue No. R 5898
Release Date 9th April 1971
U.K. Chart Detail :
Entry Date :17th April 1971
Highest Position :4
Weeks in Chart :11 Weeks
Detail : Ringo's FIRST solo single.

NOT from any album, this was Ringo's first solo single release. Ringo composed the song in 1970 and allegedly recorded three versions. Two versions of these three versions are said to have George on guitar and the other with Eric Clapton on guitar. The released version was recorded 8th March 1970 and featured George on guitar, with Klaus Voorman, Steven Stills, Ron Cattermole(brass) and Ringo on drums.

The B-side had Ringo on acoustic guitar, piano AND drums, with George on guitar and backing vocals.

Both tracks were produced by George Harrison and published under "Startling Music".

The single was released in a picture sleeve (the rear being the same as the front, except the track name) and in the run-out grooves, on the A-side one sees "Pecko", and the B-side "Porky". As per the Beatles releases at Apple, this is in reference to George Peckham who mastered the disc.

On 12th March 1984 as part of their "Golden 45's" series, E.M.I. released a double A-side of "It don't Come Easy"/ "Back Off Boogaloo" (Catalogue number G45 13). This series was a mixture of E.M.I. artists and the only other Beatle contribution was a John Lennon double A-side of "Give Peace A Chance"/"Cold Turkey" (G45 2).

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