Real Love    b/w    Baby's In Black

The Beatles
Real Love - Front Real Love - Rear
Real Love - Front Real Love - Rear
Label Apple
Catalogue No. R 6425
RP 6425 (7" picture disc)
TCR 6425 (Cassette single)
Release Date 4th March 1996
U.K. Chart Detail :
Entry Date :16th March 1996
Highest Position :4
Weeks in Chart :7 Weeks
Detail : The twenty-ninth official EMI release
This single doesnt sell as well as "Free As A Bird", but manages a respectable 50,000 copies in it's first week.
The Beatles join a long line of sixties groups who suddenly have their records kept off the playlist at Radio 1. In fact it IS played on the station a few times, but is not included on the daytime peak playlists. An English radio station that has really lost it's way in recent years, the Threetles are not depressed at the "ban", in fact, Paul writes a lo-o-o-ong article for the Daily Mirror in which he too laments the fact that Radio 1 is not what it was.

Like "Free ..." it's on the Apple label, but again a silver pressed label ... yeeeuuck.

Also available is a 7" picture disc version, which oddly seems to have the same catalogue number, as the front and rear pictures are the same as the cover shown above, and therefore that number is the only one that can be seen. I would expect though that officially it has a number that follows the pattern of earlier releases and is therefore actually RP 6425.

At the same time a two track cassette single was also issued. This had a catno of TCR 6425.

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