Ringo Starr And His All Starr Band Vol.2
Live From Montreux

Ringo Starr
Live From Montreux - Front cover Live From Montreux - Rear Cover
Live From Montreux - Front Cover Live From Montreux - Rear Cover

Label Rykodisc
Catalogue No. RCD 20264
RAC 0264 (cassette)
Release date 14th September 1993
Total time 65:13
U.K. L.P. Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail : Ringo Starr's second live "All Starr" band album release and fourteenth release overall.
Credited to Ringo Starr And His All Starr Band
Produced by Ringo Starr.
Personnel :
     Ringo - Drums
     Joe Walsh - Guitar
     Tomothy B. Schmit - Bass
     Dave Edmunds - Guitar
     Todd Rundgren - Guitar
     Nils Lofgren - Guitar
     Burton Cummings - Keyboards
     Tim Cappello - Saxophone
     Zak Starkey - Drums.

Recorded live 13th July 1992 at the Montreuz Jazz Festival in Switzerland.
Once again, the All-Starr band with Ringo features an ever-changing line-up of guest musicians,
this time around it includes the first credited appearance of Ringo's son, Zak.

Cover photography was by Katanzaro & Mahdessian and Henry Diltz.

Twelve of the tracks on this C.D. later appeared on the recommended The Anthology ... So Far C.D. boxset released in 2001.
In the detail of that release a summary of the personnel above can also be found.

The C.D.

No Track Composer Recording Information Time
1 The Really Serious Introduction * Dialogue * Quincy Jones and Ringo 2:00
2 Iím The Greatest Lennon Lead vocal - Ringo 3:29
3 Donít Go Where The Road Donít Go Starkey-Warman-Grainger Lead Vocal - Ringo 4:28
4 Yellow Submarine Lennon-McCartney Lead Vocal - Ringo 4:11
5 Desperado Henley-Frey Lead Vocal - Joe Walsh 2:58
6 I Can't Tell You Why Schmit-Henley-Frey Lead Vocal - Timothy B. Schmit 5:10
7 Girls Talk Costello Lead Vocal - Dave Edmunds 3:30
8 Weight Of The World O'Doherty-Velez Lead Vocal - Ringo 3:36
9 Bang The Drum All Day Rundgren Lead Vocal - Todd Rundgren 3:34
10 Walking Nerve Lofgren Lead Vocal - Nils Lofgren 4:28
11 Black Maria Rundgren Lead Vocal - Todd Rundgren 5:31
12 In The City Walsh-DeVorzon Lead Vocal - Joe Walsh 4:56
13 American Woman Bachman-Cummings-Peterson-Cale Lead Vocal - Burton Cummings 5:59
14 Boys Dixon-Farrell Lead Vocal - Ringo 3:51
15 With A Little Help From My Friends Lennon-McCartney Lead Vocal - Ringo 7:08

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