Interview Disc And Fully Illustrated Book

The Beatles
Interview Disc - Front cover Interview Disc - Rear Cover
Interview Disc - Front Cover Interview Disc - Rear Cover
Label Sound And Media
Catalogue No. SAM 7001
Release date July 1995
Total time 47:50
Detail : The C.D. is an exact copy of The Conversation Disc Series released December 1988 on ABCD.

This C.D. was limited to just 1,500 copies.
It contains interviews first released in the U.S. on the album, "Round The World". Plus the "Help !" open-ended interview released to radio stations on promo in august 1965.
23rd August 1964 Larry Kane interviews John and Ringo.
4th September 1964 interviews for WFUN Miami.
22nd February 1965 in the Bahamas with Gene Loving.
Beatles interviewed in Doncaster 10th December 1963, during which John reads "The Neville Club".

... but it does include an excellent full colour 120 page book about the Beatles.
It is a "Carlton" book by John Ewing.

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