Wonderwall Music

George Harrison
Wonderwall - C.D. Front cover Wonderwall - C.D. Rear Cover
Wonderwall Music - Front Cover Wonderwall Music - Rear Cover
Wonderwall - Page 8 of C.D. Booklet Wonderwall - The C.D.
Wonderwall Music - Page 8 of C.D. Booklet
George, Jane Birkin, Ringo and the
cast of Wonderwall at the Cannes premiere
Wonderwall Music - The C.D.
Label Apple
Catalogue No. APCOR 1        (mono)
SAPCOR 1      (stereo)
TCSAPCOR 1 (cassette)
Release date 1st November 1968
Total time 45:45
U.K. L.P. Chart Detail : Did NOT chart
Detail : George Harrison's first solo album release and the FIRST SOLO release by a Beatle, and the first Apple album release ... but also the first Beatle solo release to be deleted !
Credited to George Harrison, although bizarrely George did NOT play on the album.
Personnel :
    English Titles,
        John Barham - Piano and flugelhorn
        Tommy Reilly - Harmonica
        Colin Manley - Guitar and Steel guitar
        Tony Ashton - Jangle piano and Organ
        Philip Rogers - Bass
        Roy Dyke - Drums
        Ringo and Eric Clapton are also rumoured to have played.
           Note: Manley, Ashton, Dyke and Rogers were the Liverpool group "The Remo Four".
    Indian Titles,
        Ashish Khan - Sarod
        Mahapurush Misra - Tabla and pakavaj
        Sharad Jadev - Shanhai
        Hanuman Jadev - Shanhai
        Shambu-Das - Sitar
        Indril Bhattacharya - Sitar
        Shankar Ghosh - Sitar
        Chandra Shakhet - Surbahar
        Shiv Kumar Shermar - Santoor
        S.R. Kenkare - Flute
        Vinaik Vora - Thar-shanhai
        Rij Ram Desad - Harmonium nad tablatarang

This album was the soundtrack to the 1968 film Wonderwall, which starred Jack MacGowran, Jane Birkin, Irene Handl, and Richard Wattis.
The film received it's World premiere at the Cannes film festival 17th May 1968, at which George and Ringo both attended.
The director was Joe Mussot, who was a personal friend of George's, and invited him to compose the music for the film.
George was shown an unfinished version of the film, and made home recordings of each theme which he used as an outline in the actual recordings.
But, many were just basic outlines, and George relied on the experience of the musicians to expand and develop the themes in the studio.

All the English titles were recorded in London in December 1967, and the Indian titles were recorded in E.M.I.'s studios in
Bombay between 9th and 17th January 1968 (incidentally, the same sessions produced the backing track for "The Inner Light").

The album sleeve was designed by Bob Gill, John Kelly and Alan Aldridge, with the front cover painting by Bob Gill.
With a plain black inner sleeve, the album also included a printed insert sheet containing the album credits.

The catalogue number was originally going to be STAP 1, as can be seen in the run-out groove where it appears crossed out.


Side 1

Track Composer Time
Microbes Harrison 3:42
Red Lady Too Harrison 1:55
Table And Pakavaj Harrison 1:05
In The Park Harrison 4:08
Drilling A Home Harrison 3:07
Guru Vandana Harrison 1:04
Greasy Legs Harrison 1:27
Ski-ing Harrison 1:50
Gat Kirwani Harrison 1:15
Dream Scene Harrison 5:26

Side 2

Track Composer Time
Party Seacombe Harrison 4:33
Love Scene Harrison 4:17
Crying Harrison 1:14
Cowboy Music Harrison 1:28
Fantasy Sequins Harrison 1:50
On The Bed Harrison 2:21
Glass Box Harrison 1:04
Wonderwall To Be Here Harrison 1:25
Singing Om Harrison 1:54

Released Versions (Rarities)

First pressings (1968)
    APCOR 1 (Mono) - with black inner sleeve and printed insert.
    SAPCOR 1 (Stereo) - with black inner sleeve and printed insert.

1983 - For many years in the U.K. in the 80's, the only listing of this album was as an E.M.I. import from E.M.I. France on catalogue number 2C 066 90490

Re-Issue (1992).
    SAPCOR 1 - A stereo only version in a gatefold cover, plus inner sleeve.


June 1992 a C.D. was first issued on catalogue number CD SAPCOR 1 with no bonus tracks (International number CDP 7 98706 2).
It is digitally remastered by Ron Furmanek from the original two-track stereo master mix tapes.
It comes with a terrific 12 page booklet containing many shots of the time and the story of "Wonderwall" by Derek Taylor.
The re-issue package is by Phil Smee at Waldo's design.

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