The U.K. Album Chart Number Ones

In 1963 the album charts were dominated like never before - nor since. Beatlemania exploded, and nowhere was it demonstrated more than in the album charts. On the 11th May 1963 "Please Please Me" stormed to number one and remained there for an astonishing 30 weeks. Incredibly it didn't stop there, it was knocked off the number one slot by their follow-up, "With The Beatles" which also remained for 21 weeks ... add that up and you see that the four lads held the top slot for 51 weeks consecutively ... just one week short of an entire year !!

1964 was dominated by "With The Beatles", "A Hard Day's Night" and "Beatles For Sale" and for just 12 weeks of the remainder of the year, the Rolling Stones with their debut number one.

1965 wasn't much different, with the Beatles at number 1 at the start of the year with "Beatles For Sale", and at the end of the year with "Rubber Soul", and most of the summer in-between they were still there with "Help !"

1966 belonged to "The Sound Of Music", but the Beatles still managed to start the year with "Rubber Soul", and add "Revolver" to their ever increasing tally of number one's.

1967, the year of "flower power", only featured three artistes at number one, The Cast of "The Sound Of Music" were still hitting the top slot, The Monkees enjoyed number one success ... but of course the album of the year of the "Summer of Love", belonged to "Sergeant Peppers" ... number one for six months.

1968 had the Beatles at number one only as Bookends ... at the start and end of the year. "Sergeant Peppers" was there as the year chimed in, and the "White Album" was at the top as the year chimed out.

1969 mirrored 1968, in that the Beatles reigned at the start and end of the year. The "White Album" in January, and "Abbey Road" at it's close.

1970, the break-up year, had the Beatles at number one for just 8 weeks, and yet oddly (perhaps with news of the split) the Beatles had their best ever year in the charts with albums in the chart for a total of 122 weeks.

Title From Date Weeks
Please Please Me 11th May 1963 30
With The Beatles 7th December 1963 21
A Hard Day's Night 25th July 1964 21
Beatles For Sale 19th December 1964 11
Help ! 14th August 1965 9
Rubber Soul 25th December 1965 9
Revolver 13th August 1966 7
Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 10th June 1967 27
The Beatles (a.k.a. "The White Album") 7th December 1968 8
Abbey Road 4th October 1969 17
Let It Be 23rd May 1970 3
The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl 18th June 1977 1
Live At The B.B.C. 10th December 1994 1
Anthology 2 30th March 1996 1
"1" 19th November 2000 9
Total Weeks at Number One : 175

Chart Information by The Guinness Book Of British Hit Albums

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