The Beatles Singles Chart Facts and Feats

Total Weeks On Chart = 456
This total actually leaves The Beatles as the act in seventh place of "most in charts", with the top position taken by Elvis with 1168 weeks on the chart.
Number Ones = 17
This tops the list of "Most number Ones by any single act", although unfortunately it's as a tie with Elvis, who has also had 17 number ones. Elvis had a further no.1 in 2002 taking his total to 18, but this was not as "Elvis" but was in fact a D.J. remix with the name of Elvis sharing the track billing.
Consecutive Christmas Number One's = 3
Again, this is a record, but again jointly held with The Spice Girls.
Consecutive Top Ten Hits = 18
Top is Madonna with 35, then Cliff Richard with 21. Abba also had 18.
First British Act To Have U.S. Number One.
The first British No.1 in the U.S. was ... NOT the Beatles, it was The Tornados with "Telstar"
The Beatles were second with "I Want To Hold Your Hand" over a year later.
Largest single sale in one week = 970,000
This is the largest ever sale in one week by a non-charity single, and was by "I Want To Hold Your Hand".
Largest advance sale of a single in one week = 1,400,000
This is the largest ever advance sale by a non-charity single, and was for "Can't Buy Me Love".

Chart Information by The Guinness Book Of British Hit Singles

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