All Things Must Pass

George Harrison
All Things Must Pass - Front cover All Things Must Pass - Inside Box Lid
All Things Must Pass - Front Cover All Things Must Pass - Inside Box Lid
All Things Must Pass - Inner Sleeve All Things Must Pass - Vinyl Label
All Things Must Pass - Inner Sleeve All Things Must Pass - Vinyl Label

Label Apple
Catalogue No. STCH 639
Country of origin England
Release date 30th November 1970
Total time 1 hour 46 minutes
U.K. Album Chart Detail :
Entry Date :26th December 1970
Highest Position :4 ..... or maybe No.1 ... see story below in the detail !
Weeks in Chart :24
Detail : George's third album release, and first triple L.P. box set, and most importantly, first album chart entry.
Credited to George Harrison.
Personnel :
    Guitar :
        Dave Mason
    Drums and percussion :
        Jim Gordon
        Alan White
    Bass Guitar :
        Klaus Voorman
        Carl Radle
    Keyboards :
        Gary Wright
        Bobby Whitlock
        Billy Preston
        Gary Brooker
    Pedal Steel Guitar :
        Pete Drake
    Tenor Saxophone :
        Bobby Keys
    Trumpet :
        Jim Price
    Rhythm Guitars and percussion :
    Tea, sympathy, and tambourine :
        Mal Evans

Produced by George Harrison and Phil Spector
Engineered by Ken Scott and Phil McDonald, and
featured orchestral arrangements by John Barham.
As well as singing all lead vocals, George multi-tracked his own voice to create all the backing vocals,
comicly naming the resultant "choir" on the album as "The George O'Hara-Smith Singers".

The album was a monumental work for George that attracted some legendary players to the sessions that officially began on May 26th 1970.
Beatles drummer Ringo Starr was George's only former bandmate to attend,
along with Apple artist Billy Preston on organ, long-time Beatles collaborator Klaus Voorman on bass,
Apple group Badfinger, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and an uncredited appearance by a teenaged Phil Collins.

Although Clapton's work went uncredited on U.K. editions of the boxed set for contractual reasons,
his name did appear on the U.S. version and is rightfully restored worldwide on the anniversary edition C.D.
The other point of interest with Eric is that "All Things Must Pass" has the recording debut of "Derek and the Dominoes",
as all the group appear together (Clapton, Whitlock, Radle and Gordon).

Phil Collins, who would unofficially join the band Genesis in September 1970, allegedly plays congas on
"The Art Of Dying" according to Harrison's recollections thirty years later.

"All Things Must Pass" is also unique for the all-star "Apple Jam" that occupied both sides of the third LP in the boxed set.
Consisting of five tracks that were recorded during the course of the album sessions, they were sequenced to accommodate the time-lengths of the vinyl sides.

This original release is a triple L.P. which sold for 4:19s:6d which was double the normal single L.P. price.
It comes with a huge poster of George (36" x 24"), and each inner sleeve is in a different colour, each containing the lyrics.
Record 1 is lilac, record 2 is tawny, and record 3 is mustard.

On 26th December 1970 the album entered the chart at number 13, eventually peaking at no.4 on 30th January where it stayed for five weeks.
It's full chart run: 13-13-5-5-13-4-4-4-4-4-9-9-9-9-18-19-24-35-out-28-21-out-36-32 (on 19th June), then not seen in charts after that.

But .... Allegedly in 2006 the official chart company found data that showed the album hit number 1 for 8 weeks.
The error was said to be due to a postal strike in Britain during February and March of 1971,
when the national chart compiler of the time failed to receive any sales data from retailers.
So in July 2006, the Official UK Charts Company changed its records to show that All Things Must Pass was the top-selling album throughout that time.
BUT . the charts .. AT THE TIME did not ever show the album at number one and that's what we were living through in 1971.
Much as JPGR would love to record All Things Must Pass as a number 1 album .... JPGR is sticking to the facts as they were at the time.
Bridge Over Troubled Water kept a LOT of great albums off of the number one slot from January to April.

"All Things Must Pass" has sold more than three million copies worldwide.

Other tracks recorded at these sessions which run through to August 1970 include :
"Everybody, Nobody", "Window Window", "Beautiful Girl", "Tell Me What Has Happened To You", "Nowhere To Go", "Cosmic Empire",
"Mother Divine", "I Don't Want To Do It", "Gopala Krishna", "Going Down To Golders Green", "I live For You", and "Dehra Dun"
"Beautiful Girl" was saved until 1976 for his "33 1/3" album.
"I Don't Want To Do It" saved for 15 years, and used on the film soundtrack for "Porkys Revenge".
"Dehra Dun", written in India in 1968, and saved for 25 years after this album !

Bootlegs of "All Things Must Pass" Sessions.

Some of the best bootlegs of the "All Things Must Pass" sessions are :
A True Legend - Many outstanding outtakes.
Beware Of ABKCO! - Acoustic outtakes.
Songs For Patti - Another good quality outtake selection.

Side 1.

Track Composer Comments Time
I'd Have You Anytime Harrison-Dylan Based on a lyric Bob Dylan gave to George to set to music at his home in Woodstock in November 1968 02:57
My Sweet Lord Harrison George's first solo single, and the first number 1 by a solo ex-Fab.
See My Sweet Lord for full detail.
Wah-Wah Harrison Written in January 1969, during the "Let It Be" filming when George had walked out 05:35
Isn't It A Pity
(Version 1)
Harrison George likened this to "Hey Jude", and it is only a few seconds shorter. 07:08

Side 2.

Track Composer Comments Time
What Is Life Harrison Actually written for Billy Preston whilst on his way to Olympic Studios, London where George was producing his album "Encouraging Words". But Billy never recorded the song.
George's second solo single in the States, but not released here.
See What Is Life for full detail of George's release.
Later a third big hit for Olivia Newton-John, March 1972.
If Not For You Dylan Dylan's song from his "New Morning" album.
A debut big hit in the U.K. for Olivia Newton-John, March 1971.
Behind That Locked Door Harrison An uplifting song, banishing tears 03:05
Let It Down Harrison A religious experience 04:57
Run Of The Mill Harrison An essay on karma 02:51

Side 3.

Track Composer Comments Time
Beware Of Darkness Harrison "Beware Of Darkness" warns against maya, the material world's wonderwall of illusion. 03:48
Apple Scruffs Harrison George's tribute to those fanatical Beatlemaniacs who literally lived on the steps of Apple's London headquarters. 03:04
Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp
(Let It Roll)
Harrison An olde English ballad dedicated to the architect and lawyer who built George's castle in Henley. 03:46
Awaiting On You All Harrison In this song George seems to agree with his friends in the Krishna movement that the best way to avoid distraction is by "chanting the names of the Lord" 02:45
All Things Must Pass Harrison "All Things Must Pass" advises a resigned attitude toward external events and was originally written in 1968, and recorded by The Beatles during the "Let It Be" sessions. 03:44

Side 4.

Track Composer Comments Time
I Dig Love Harrison Extolling love 04:54
Art Of Dying Harrison A comment on reincarnation, this was actually written way back in 1966, but George never considered it for The Beatles as the theme was too "way-out". 03:37
Isn't It A Pity
(Version 2)
Harrison A different and shorter version than that of side 1. 04:45
Hear Me Lord Harrison A prayer 05:48

Side 5.

Track Composer Comments Time
Original Jam :
Out Of The Blue Harrison George and Dave Mason with "Derek and the Dominoes" and many others. 11:13
It's Johnny's Birthday Harrison Recorded by George and Ringo in August 1970, this was "presented" to John on his 30th Birthday on October 9th 1970.
It incorporates a snatch of "Congratulations"
Plug Me In Harrison Features three electric guitars played by George, Eric and Dave Mason ! 03:18

Side 6.

Track Composer Comments Time
I Remember Jeep Harrison "Jeep" was a dog owned by Eric Clapton, which had been stolen. 08:05
Thanks For The Pepperoni Harrison George and Dave Mason with "Derek and the Dominoes". 05:32

Released Versions (Rarities)

First pressings (1970)
    STCH 639 - with poster and inner sleeves including lyrics.


18th May 1987 a double C.D. was first issued on catalogue number CDS 7 46688 8 with no bonus tracks.
Their are two versions of this issue, and the one with the Applo logo included, is worth double the other.

22nd January 2001 a new re-mastered, re-mixed double C.D. AND a new triple album box set is released.
For full details of this release see All Things Must Pass - Remastered Edition

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