Electric Arguments

The Fireman    (Paul McCartney   &   Youth)

Electric Arguments - Front cover Electric Arguments - Rear Cover
Electric Arguments - Front Cover Electric Arguments - Rear Cover
The Fireman
The Fireman

Label One Little Indian
Catalogue No. TPLP1003CD (C.D. - barcode: 5 016958 104023)
Release date 24th November 2008
Total time 77:03
U.K. Album Chart Detail :
Entry Date :30th November 2008
Highest Position :79 ... so far
Weeks in Chart :0
Detail : Paul's third collaborative album release credited to "The Fireman", but 37th album in total.
Under the MPL Communications banner this release is manufactured and distributed by One Little Indian.
Produced by Paul McCartney and Youth
Recorded and Mixed by Clive Goddard at Hog Hill Mill
Programming by Tim Bran and David Nock
Mastered by Steve Rooke at Abbey Road Studios
Sound Assistance: Keith Smith, John Hammel, Eddie Klein, Jamie Kirkham
Design by Norman Hathaway
Photography by Ruth Ward

The Fireman are back after a ten-year break and this time they have something to sing about.
For the first time the The Fireman have found their voice, Electric Arguments is their first release to feature vocals.

None of the heavy on electronics ambient dance waves of the earlier Fireman product, this has real punchy rock music and gentle ballads.
In fact a "studio source" was quoted in The Times as describing their new sound "like Arcade Fire meets Led Zeppelin" ... and ... they are not wrong. There are some decidely heavy guitars and some raunchy vocals.
Electric Arguments is an eclectic and varied album consisting of thirteen tracks recorded in thirteen days over the period of nearly a year. The Fireman went into the studio with no plan or clear direction of how they wanted the album to sound. Each track was "made up" (not "written", said Paul) and recorded in the space of one day.

The albumís opener "Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight" is classic rock and an instant attention grabber. A heavy guitar riff with loud drums and souring vocals, itís like nothing The Fireman have ever done before and one can understand the previous allusion to Led Zep.
The second track, the acoustic driven "Two Magpies" immediately takes you in a different direction, calming things right down.
Then we reach the third song "Sing The Changes", a euphoric upbeat song with an instantly memorable melody.

Electric Arguments continues in this fashion, keeping the listener intrigued as to where The Fireman will take them next.
Each album track has an entirely different personality, yet somehow this collection sits together perfectly.
Electric Arguments demonstrates that Paul McCartney is still interested in pure musical possibilities.
This is an album set to both surprise and delight the listener. Made with no record company restraints or a set release date to work to, Electric Arguments was made with complete artistic and creative freedom.

The c.d. is packaged in a thick digi-pack box which has a booklet tucked inside the front leaf.
The booklet is quite thick card comprising 50 pages, but contains nothing but pictures of Paul and Youth painting.
It doesn't help deciding who did what though with no credits, no sleeve notes and no personnel listed.
I appreciate Youth must have made a considerable input to this album, but it is astonishing how much this issue sounds like a classic McCartney solo effort.

The track "Sing The Changes" was issued as a download single on 17th November 2008.
Earlier in 2008, The Fireman donated the track "Lifelong Passion" from this set to the charity Adopt-A-Minefield.

Youth, born Martin Glover, had his first taste of fame as the bass guitarist in Killing Joke.
Now well-known as a producer and remixer, he has his own studio operation in London known as "Butterfly".

A Vinyl + Digital package is expected 15th December 2008 containing:
     The standard c.d. with simple c.d. wallet.
     Full digital package (13 tracks for immediate download - Quality 320kbps MP3s DRM free)
     13 track direct metal mastered double vinyl 200gm audiophile quality.

A special issue Tin Box Deluxe Edition is expected 31st January 2009, containing:
     The standard c.d. with simple c.d. wallet.
     Full digital package (13 tracks for immediate download - Quality 320kbps MP3s DRM free)
     13 track direct metal mastered double vinyl 200gm audiophile quality.
     7 track CD containing bonus mixes and alternate versions
     DVD containing hi-definition audio recordings 24bit 96Khz
     DVD containing multi-track session files for a selection of the album tracks allowing you to remix your own !
     Exclusive Art Print
     Extensive Booklet
     Immediate download of files

The album entered the U.K. album charts on 30th November at No. 79 (no. 3 in the "Indie" chart)
Unfortunately this doesn't count for record purposes as the official chart is a Top 75.
The following week The Fireman disappeared from the chart.

Check out The Fireman's own web site.

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The C.D.

No. Track Time
1 Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight 4:54
2 Two Magpies 2:10
3 Sing The Changes 3:42
4 Travelling Light 5:05
5 Highway 4:15
6 Light From Your Lighthouse 2:31
7 Sun Is Shining 5:12
8 Dance 'Til We're High 3:37
9 Lifelong Passion 4:47
10 Is This Love 5:50
11 Lovers In A Dream 5:21
12 Universal Here, Everlasting Now 5:05
13 Don't Stop Running 10:28

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