Early Takes: Volume 1

George Harrison
Early Takes: Volume 1 - Front Cover Early Takes: Volume 1 - Rear Cover
Early Takes: Volume 1 - Front Cover Early Takes: Volume 1 - Rear Cover

Label Universal
Catalogue No. 279 9042 (Barcode: 6 02527 99042 2)
Release date 1st May 2012
Total time 30:29
U.K. Album Chart Detail :
Entry Date :6th May 2012
Highest Position :66
Weeks in Chart :1
Detail : Press Release
For the making of Martin Scorsese’s GEORGE HARRISON: LIVING IN THE MATERIAL WORLD much of George's history was uncovered.
Sifting through layers of rare media clips, private home videos, letters from a young Harrison to his parents, and much more,
the filmmaking team dug deep over a period of years. The result was a complex picture of a remarkable artist and man.
But amidst the archival treasure, nothing captured George Harrison’s human warmth, poetic grace and humor, and individual style as did the music unearthed.
Some of the best of it is gathered here.
It could be described in many ways – raw, unadorned, intimate.
Regardless of what word one chooses to convey its magic, there’s a profound sense that a voice we know and love is coming to us from across time…
and is suddenly closer than ever before. There is a true presence to these recordings.
Lovingly selected, mixed and mastered, these tracks put us in the room. Several were included in the film, some not.

Giles Martin :
In 2009 I was privileged to be invited by Olivia to listen to tapes that George had stored in his library at Friar Park.
In the beautiful setting of George’s studio, overlooking the meticulous gardens that he had created,
engineer Paul Hicks and I unboxed forgotten reels to hear the music George had left behind.
This first collection provides a glimpse of what we found.
From early multi-tracks of live takes of My Sweet Lord and All Things Must Pass to more recent tracks like Mama You’ve Been on My Mind,
we hear an intimacy to George’s voice and guitar that can only be achieved with live performance devoid of production.
I’d like to thank Olivia and Dhani for the honour of being invited onto their home to share the work that George gave us all.

Compilation by Giles Martin
Engineered by Paul Hicks at Abbey Road Studios
Mastered by Steve Rooke at Abbey Road
Executive Producer: Olivia Harrison

A lot of the hype above leads us to believe there us so much valuable and interesting outtake material, and then ...
this release turns up with just ten tracks lasting barely half-an-hour.

Not surprisingly this under-whelming set failed to excite the U.K. album chart and appeared on 6th May 2012 at no. 66
Before disappearing the following week.

"There never was a time when you or I did not exist.
Nor will there be any future when we shall cease to be.

The C.D.

No. Track Recording Information Time
1 My Sweet Lord Demo 3:33
2 Run Of The Mill Demo 1:56
3 I'd Have You Anytime Early Take 3:06
4 Mama You've Been on My Mind Demo 3:04
5 Let It Be Me Demo
Recorded 24th September 1983
The night following an Everly Brothers concert at Royal Albert Hall
6 Woman Don't You Cry for Me Early Take 2:44
7 Awaiting on You All Early Take 2:40
8 Behind That Locked Door Demo 3:29
9 All Things Must Pass Demo 4:38
10 The Light That Has Lighted the World   Demo 2:23

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