Cheer Down    b/w    Poor Little Girl
12" adds Crackerbox Palace

George Harrison
Label Dark Horse
Catalogue No. W 2696
W 2696 T (12" single)
W 2696 CD (CD single)
W 2696 C (cassette single)
Release Date 27th November 1989
U.K. Chart Detail : Failed to enter the U.K. Chart
Detail : George's twentieth solo single.
Four weeks after the release of The Best of Dark Horse: 1976-1989, this single was issued to help to promote the album.

On the same day of release three other formats appeared, a 12", a C.D. single, and a cassette all of which added the track "Crackerbox Palace".

The title song was originally written in 1988 for Clapton's "Journeyman" L.P., but Eric chose not to include it. George then recorded the song in March 1989 for the soundtrack of the film "Lethal Weapon 2"

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