Got My Mind Set On You    b/w    Lay His Head
12" adds Extended Version.

George Harrison
Got My Mind Set On You - Front Cover Got My Mind Set On You - Rear Cover
Got My Mind Set On You - Front Cover Got My Mind Set On You - Rear Cover
Label Dark Horse
Catalogue No. W 8178
W 8178 T (12" single)
W 8178 TP (picture disc version)
Release Date 12th October 1987
U.K. Chart Detail :
Entry Date :24th October 1987
Highest Position :2
Weeks in Chart :14 Weeks
Detail : George's seventeenth solo single.
This track was released to promote the forthcoming Album, "Cloud Nine". It became the biggest hit by a solo Beatle since Paul's "No More Lonely Nights" three years earlier. A terrific worthy number 2 in the chart, kept off the top spot first by The Bee Gee's and then T'Pau.

The record came in a picture sleeve with the label containing a single 'Dark Horse' instead of the three horses that had appeared on all previous Dark Horse labels (I have pictured what it looks like on the "When We Was Fab" presentation.)

On the same day of release a picture disc and a 12" single are also issued, which adds an extended version of "Got My Mind Set On You".

The "149.5" label I regretably stuck on the front that you see above, indicates the B.P.M. of the A-side (BPM = Beats Per Minute). I label all 12" singles and 'dance' tracks with their relevant BPM's to enable smooth mixing whilst in my studio. I would never have done that to a Beatles release (although I do know all the BPM's of course), but at the time this track was so popular. I did actually manage a rather respectable mix of this track, coupling it with Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing In The Dark".

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