Complete Lost Lennon Tapes - Vol. 15 & 16

John Lennon
Complete Lost Lennon Tapes - Vol. 15 & 16 - CD cover Complete Lost Lennon Tapes - Vol. 15 & 16 - Selected Picture From Booklet
Complete Lost Lennon Tapes - Vol. 15 & 16
Front Cover
Complete Lost Lennon Tapes - Vol. 15 & 16
Selected Picture From Booklet

Label Walrus
Catalogue No. WALRUS 026/027
Country Of Origin   Holland
Release Date March 1998
Total Time C.D. 1 - 73:53
C.D. 2 - 72:44
(from the sleeve)
This double C.D. brings together tracks from the original vinyl bootlegs of the Lost Lennon Tapes, volumes 25, 26, 27 and 28.
Superb Quality and carefully mastered.

All of the tracks remain in the exact order of the original vinyl releases.
Lost Lennon Tapes - Volume Twenty-Five - tracks 1 to 11 (continued from previous volume).

Lost Lennon Tapes - Volume Twenty-Six covers tracks 12 to 18 (although bizarrely, one track is held over to Vol.17)

Lost Lennon Tapes - Volume Twenty-Seven - tracks 19-21 of disc 1, then 1 to 14 of disc 2.

Lost Lennon Tapes - Volume Twenty-Eight - tracks 15-24 of disc 2 (continues on next volume).

For a complete cross reference index of the tracks featured on the Complete Lost Lennon Tapes
and the offical release Anthology click here John Lennon Outtakes Index.

Volume 15

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 Steel And Glass 8-track version with extended fade-out 5:05
2 Beef Jerky 8-track version 3:13
3 You Saved My Soul November 1980 - Electric guitar demo 1:27
4 Serve Yourself Early 1980 piano demo
At start John says, "This here is dedicated to all you phallic worshippers out there in good old Splanker.
5 Memory Take 1 - Piano demo version of song that became "Tennessee" 3:11
6 Real Life Piano demo #2 from 1977
Early incarnation of "I'm Stepping Out" and "Real Love".
The verse became the first, the chorus the other.
7 Watching The Wheels Piano version from mid-1980 3:12
8 Don't Be Crazy Early piano version of song that evolved into "Starting Over" 3:03
9 Woman Bermuda demo - June 1980 - Acoustic and drum machine
I believe this to be the first demo (see index)
10 (Just Like) Starting Over Acoustic demo with drum machine.
At end John says, "Something like that"
11 I Don't Want To Face It Early acoustic demo from 1977 0:42
12 Nobody Told Me Demo #3 - Acoustic and drum machine.
See CLLT 20 for slightly different, longer version of this take.
At start John says, "This one's gotta be for Ringo."
13 Real Love Piano demo (the first Piano demo ?) 3:06
14 I'm Losing You Take 1 - Abandoned early studio version featuring Cheap Trick members 4:15
15 Beautiful Boy At start John says, "Give me a guitar and a mike and I don't care where I am. Just lead me on little skates to the mike."
First John plays the Bermuda demo as an example.
Then it's - Take 1 from the vocal booth, August 1980
16 Nobody Told Me Take 1 from the vocal booth 3:56
17 Clean Up Time Take 7 - Rough mix of the backing track 4:30
18 (Just Like) Starting Over Rough mix, without many of the (annoying) overdubs that detract from the final version 3:53
19 If I Fell John's 1963 composing tape, sold by Beatles chauffeur Alf Bicknell at Sotheby's 3:55
20 I Sat Belonely John reads his poem. 0:41
21 Foyle's Speech 23rd April 1964 - John cut short his day's filming of Hard Days Night in order to attend a Foyle's Literary Luncheon, given in his honour, at the Dorchester Hotel. Other guests included Arthur Askey, Harry Secombe, Millicent Martin, Joan Littlewood, Helen Shapiro, Marty Wilde, Yehudi Menuhin, Victor Silvester, Mary Quant and cartoonist Giles. Brian Epstein was in attendance but, no other Beatles. Christina Foyle was put out when the severely hungover John restricted his speech to the words, "Thank you very much and God bless you." 0:03

Volume 16

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 National Health Cow John reads from his first book "In His Own Write" (0:23) 2:58
Strawberry Fields Forever Acoustic demo (Kenwood Take 8) (2:33)
Fuller version on Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Vol. 2
2 Get It Together Peace message from John and Yoko in London 1969.
Includes Come Together and Hare Krishna.
3 Happy Xmas (Was Is Over) Different mix with overdubbed Harlem choir 3:18
4 Power To The People Reggae jam version
At start John says, "What shall we do ?"
(Same as on CLLT 11)
5 Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog Jamming with Elephants Memory at One-to-One
Same as on Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Vol. 7,
but CLLT 7 version is better quality.
6 I'm The Greatest Rough mix of Ringo's version found in the Lennon archives 3:06
7 I Know Demo 1 - Acoustic demo (split over three tracks)
   (Also on CLLT 16)
8 I Know Acoustic demo (continues) 1:11
9 I Know Acoustic demo (contimues) 1:04
10 Rock And Roll People Piano demo 3:26
11 Meat City Electric guitar demo #1 (2:32) 6:05
Meat City Electric guitar demo #2 (3:30)
12 Meat City Alternate mix 2:27
13 One Day At A Time Alternate mix 3:15
14 Only People Alternate mix #1 2:51
15 Tight A$ Alternate mix 4:14
16 You Are Here Alternate mix 4:37
17 Going Down On Love Acoustic demo from 1974 (continues below) 3:06
18 Going Down On Love Acoustic demo from 1974 (continued) 0:58
19 #9 Dream Monitor mix of an early version 4:40
20 Whatever Gets You Thru The Night Quadraphonic 8-track mix 3:17
21 Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox) Quadraphonic 8-track mix 2:29
22 John on KHJ-AM Los Angeles John appears as a DJ to promote Walls And Bridges (1:04) 4:11
Do You Wanna Dance Monitor mix of alternate take (3:04)
23 You Can't Catch Me Alternate take
Same take is on CLLT 4 but is very slightly shorter.
(This track has a very "Come Together" feel about it)
24 Free As A Bird Piano demo #1 2:39


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