1980's Press Conferences

George Harrison and Ringo Starr
1980's Press Conferences - Front cover 1980's Press Conferences - Rear Cover
1980's Press Conferences - Front Cover 1980's Press Conferences - Rear Cover
1980's Press Conferences - Picture Disc 1980's Press Conferences - Picture Disc
1980's Press Conferences - A-Side Picture Disc 1980's Press Conferences - B-Side Picture Disc

Label Wax
Catalogue No. YOU RE 16
Release date 11th March 1991
U.K. L.P. Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart.
Detail : George's first interview album release.
Credited to George Harrison, Ringo Starr

This release came in three formats, the copy shown here is a 12" picture disc.
There was also a coloured vinyl version and a C.D. boxed set with two colour postcards.

A side contains a press conference with George in New Zealand in 1985.

At least that's what the vinyl says, but, on 28th November 1984 George joined Derek Taylor in Auckland, New Zealand,
to help Derek promote his limited edition book "Fifty Years Adrift".
And on that date George and Derek gave a 45 minute press conference at the Hyatt Kingsgate Hotel in front of 300 journalists to launch the book.
George did in fact give over 80 antipodean interviews, so it is not clear which actual event is on this release,
but the theme of it is NOT about George, the purpose of the interview is clearly heard to be in promoting the book.

B side contains a press conference with Ringo in Atlanta, U.S.A. in 1986

On 6th October 1986 Ringo attended a press conference in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. to promote a new restaurant in which he had co-ownership.
The restaurant is called "The Brasserie", and as is stated in the interview, is planned to be midway between an expensive restaurant and McDonalds.
This is the conference heard here, which therefore is NOT about Ringo, but the purpose is to promote The Brasserie.
The "London Brasserie" didn't open until almost a year later, on 26th September 1987.
At the grand opening Ringo joins in an impromptu jam session with Isaac Hayes, Jermaine Jackson and Jerry Lee Lewis.

The cover is a very glossy stark production with no information whatsoever, except the title, and the words "Made in England".
In the run-out groove on the A-side one can read :
The run-out groove of the B-side says :

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